LIVE: 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans: Part 1

Audi R18 e-tron quattto, 2014 (Credit: Audi Motorsport)

For the 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans will be live blogging throughout the race as well as providing hour-by-hour reports for the entire 24 hours. This part of the live blog will be update during the build up to and the first six hours of the race.

Updates by James Broomhead, Tom Errington, Paul Hensby, Joe Hudson, James Singleton and Nick Smith.

James Broomhead June 14, 201413:02

And we’re off!!

James Broomhead June 14, 201413:03

The start of the biggest race of the year is just an hour away at the Circuit de la Sarthe!

James Broomhead June 14, 201413:26

There will be 54 cars on the grid after the withdrawal of the #99 Aston after Fernando Rees’ qualifying crash.

James Broomhead June 14, 201413:27

All the other cars that have been in walls and wars have been repaired and will take the start at 2pm UK time.

James Broomhead June 14, 201413:33

Just half an hour to until Fernando Alonso will flag the start of the race

James Broomhead June 14, 201413:43

James Broomhead June 14, 201413:46

15 minutes to go. We have something a bit fun for the parade lap.

James Broomhead June 14, 201413:48

A reminder that the #7 Toyota TS040 Hybrid will lead the 54 car field to the start of the race.

James Broomhead June 14, 201413:48

The Thiriet by TDS Racing Ligier will lead LMP2

James Broomhead June 14, 201413:49

And AF Corse Ferraris will lead both LMGTE Pro and Am with Gimmi Bruni and Sam Bird at the respective wheels.

James Broomhead June 14, 201413:52

Here we go. Formation lap ready for the off.

James Broomhead June 14, 201413:53

So. Here is this year’s Le Mans in numbers.

James Broomhead June 14, 201413:53

18: The number of former F1 drivers in the field. That’s 10.9% of the field!

James Broomhead June 14, 201413:53

36: The number of combined wins in the Audi driver line-up.

James Broomhead June 14, 201413:54

3: The number of times Audi have been beaten at Le Mans.

James Broomhead June 14, 201413:54

5057: The number of laps completed by cars in which Tom Kristensen has raced.

James Broomhead June 14, 201413:59

27850: The estimated horsepower under 55 right feet at about 15:00.001 CET this afternoon.

James Broomhead June 14, 201413:59

240.5l: The total engine displacement of all fifty-five starters.

James Broomhead June 14, 201414:00


James Broomhead June 14, 201414:02

Alex Wurz leads the way in the #7 Toyota from the #14 Porsche

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:05

So after lap one it’s the #7 Toyota of Alex Wurz who leads from the #14 Porche of Neel Jani and the #8 of Nicolas Lapierre.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:06

Meanwhile Lotterer has got ahead of Bernhard for P4.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:07

Harry Tincknell in the #38 Jota Zytek is beginning to pull away from the rest of the LMP2 runners after getting ahead of the pole sitting TDS Ligier JS P2. .

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:08

Wurz now has a 2.375 lead over his team mate Nicolas Lapierre, who has now moved ahead of Jani.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:09

Gimi Bruni in the #51 Ferrari 458 Italia leads LMGTE Pro, with Sam Bird in the #81 leading LMGTE Am, also in a Ferrari 458.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:11

Boost problem for Timo Bernhard in the #20, who has now dropped to seventh ahead of both Rebellion’s.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:12

#27 SMP Racing Oreca 03R of Mika Salo pits.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:15

The #2 Audi moves ahead of the #14 Porsche going into the Dunlop Chicane for P3.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:17

Lotterer and Jani are still battling away for P3, with the Porsche visibly faster down the straights, but slower in the corners than the R18.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:18

And now we see Lotterer stretch his legs through the corners, with Jani now defending from the #3.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:19

As a side note, the Nissan ZEOD RC is currently running 26th, behind all of the LMP2’s.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:22

The #1 Audi of Tom Kristensen has moved ahead of the #3 for P5.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:23

Lotterer has now passed Lapierre for P2 in the #2 Audi as they go through traffic.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:25

The #0 Nissan ZEOD RC has stopped at Arnage.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:26

The #8 had a spin at the second chicane down Mulsanne, which is why the #2 Audi is now ahead.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:28

A slow zone has now been initiated on Mulsanne down to the second chicane, with the #1 now pitting.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:31

Alex Imperatori is on the charge and has taken the lead in LMP2 in the #47 KCMG Oreca.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:32

Porsche #14 slow.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:35

Both Rebellion’s in LMP1-L have now pitted, with the #12 of Nick Heidfeld P6 and the #13 of Andrea Belicchi P8.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:35

Slow Zone has now been removed.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:38

Matt McMurry is now in the #42 Greaves Zytek, becoming the youngest drive in Le Mans history.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:39

Every car in LMP2 has pitted.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:40

The #27 SMP Oreca with Mika Salo at the wheel is now back in the race but 7 laps down.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:42

The Nissan ZEOD RC lost drive with a suspected gearbox issue.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:43

The top two cars pit. Wurz still leads from Lotterer.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:44

More on the ZEOD’s retirement:

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:46

The #7 Toyota gets very close to the #2 Audi in the pitlane as it gets released. Possible unsafe release.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:48

We now have a fight for second, with the #8 Toyota less than a second behind the #2 Audi.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:49

Audi #1, however, is having its own fight with the #20 Porsche for fifth, trading places at every corner!

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:51

#14 Porsche rejoins in 51st, five laps down.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:51

GTE pit cycle is beginning.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:53

Lapierre goes into P2 as he passes the #2 Audi, who has its sister car, the #3, just behind. Fantastic racing!

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:54

But Lotterer fights back! The #2 takes P2 once again from the #8.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:55

Now it’s Marco Bonanomi’s turn in the #3 Audi to pass the #8 Toyota.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:56

Car #7 under investigation for the unsafe release.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:57

Talking of the pits, the #79 Weather Tech Porsche is shown with a left rear puncture.

Jake Handley June 14, 201414:59

The #61 Ferrari clips the #35 OAK Ligier and goes off into the gravel at Mulsanne Corner with Marco Cicoi at the wheel.

Jake Handley June 14, 201415:00

Sam Bird now has a 10 second lead over the #72 SMP Ferrari in GTE Am.

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:02

Ferrari looks like to should be ready to get going again, he is four laps down on the rest of LMGTE Pro

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:03

Reports that the #37 SMP Racing LMP2 has retired

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:06

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:07

Wurz leads by 36 seconds from Marco Bonanomi in the #3 Audi

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:09

KCMG leads LMP2, Oak is second and Thiriet by TDS Racing is in third position

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:11

Prospeed Porsche is back out, seven laps down and with only two drivers to complete the remaining 22 hours and 48 minutes

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:12

#2 and #3 Audis are storming down the Mulsanne going into the second chicane, going in neck and neck with #2 ahead

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:16

#1 Audi is in the pits now, Tom Kristensen has just stopped for fuels and keeps on the same tyres.

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:17

There could be some trouble brewing for the #77 Dempsey Racing Porsche:

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:19

A lot of the LMP2 cars are in the pits now, lasting about 40 minutes to a stint

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:20

Remember to keep updating the excellent Spotter Guide by Andy Blackmore as more cars retire from the race.

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:21

#3 Audi in the pits now

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:23

Toyota are first and third, sandwiched by the #2 Audi

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:26

Radio Le Mans is reporting that there is rain at Tertre Rouge and out of the Dunlop curve

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:27

It is safe to say that it is very wet now, expect a number of teams to debate putting on inters now

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:28

Although it is now dry towards Indianapolis so it is a definitive mixed bag

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:29

#42 Caterham Racing car of Matt McMurry has spun just before Tertre Rouge – caught out by the rain

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:29

#20 Porsche is pitting

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:30

It is now bombing it down in the pit lane, #7 Toyota out brakes itself going into the first chicane on the Mulsanne

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:31

#3 Audi has had a heavy impact with the barriers at the first chicane. It’s facing the wrong way with heavy rear damage.

Safety Car is now out on track

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:33

Audi, AF Corse Ferrari, Toyota all tangled going into the chicane and they have all hit the barriers

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:33

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:34

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:37

No tv pictures but RLM reporting that LMP2 race leader is the reason the barriers at the first chicane is damaged, he is now limping back to the pits

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:37

Listen to Radio Le Mans live online here: or on TuneIn for mobile viewers

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:38

Lapierre has got the #8 moving again but the #3 is still stuck where it is

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:40

#3 appears terminal, Ferrari is definitely terminal, Toyota could race on if it can get back to the pits and the damage isn’t too extensive

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:41

Rebellion #12 and #13 could make something out of this situation

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:44

#3 Audi is going onto the low loader, the three pronged attack has been stunted somewhat as the Toyota makes its way in the pits

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:44

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:45

Toyota mechanics are now a whirlwind of spanners as they try and assess the damage to the #8

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:47

Replays show that one of the factory Porsche GT cars was scraping its way down the barriers as the Toyota span and a speeding Ferrari tore its way up the middle and into a collision with the Audi

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:48

It was the #81 Ferrari that has had to retire

Joe Hudson June 14, 201415:56

If you’ve missed anything from the first hour of the race, catch up here:

James Broomhead June 14, 201416:07

Still under safety car following the downpour and associated crashes.

James Broomhead June 14, 201416:11

Under safety car its Toyota, Audi, Porsche – #7 from #2 and #20

James Broomhead June 14, 201416:13

After the dramas for the KCMG team during the rains Frank Mailleux leads LMP2 for Race Performance

James Broomhead June 14, 201416:13

Safety Cars getting ready to come in an return us to racing once more

James Broomhead June 14, 201416:15

Ram Racing’s LMGTE Pro car into the gravel. Looks like at the For Chicane

James Broomhead June 14, 201416:20

It was Matt Griffin in the Ram Ferrari

James Broomhead June 14, 201416:21

Porsche #91 911 RSR leads the LMGTE Pro class with Patrick Pilet on board.

James Singleton June 14, 201416:23

The track may be drying following that rain shower, but apparently more rain could be on its way…

James Singleton June 14, 201416:27

Told you. More heavy rain again. Safety car out on circuit once more.

James Singleton June 14, 201416:30

#48 Murphy Prototypes LMP2 in the wall, Karun Chandhok onboard. He’s not the only one as well. #41 car also there.

James Singleton June 14, 201416:32

Chandhok looked like he was abandoning ship, but it now looks like both cars will attempt to return to the pits. Extensive damage to both cars.

James Singleton June 14, 201416:33

Meanwhile, the #8 Toyota has just joined the queue at the end of the pit lane. It has been in its garage for a long time following the first rain storm.

James Singleton June 14, 201416:37

Sebastien Buemi is now behind the wheel of the #8 Toyota.

James Singleton June 14, 201416:46

The race leader, the #7 Toyota driven by Alexander Wurz, will be taking on wet tyres at its next stop.

James Singleton June 14, 201416:47

Safety car in the end of this lap.

James Singleton June 14, 201416:49

Timo Bernhard is the new race leader.

James Singleton June 14, 201416:53

Alex Wurz describes his first stint as “character building” and says he’s glad he’s survived it.

James Singleton June 14, 201416:55

Seven seconds is the gap between Bernhard and the #7 Toyota, now driven by Stephane Sarrazin.

James Singleton June 14, 201416:59

Sarrazin had been catching Bernhard quite rapidly, but now the Porsche is pulling away. First time Porsche has led outright at Le Mans since 1998.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:01

Turvey and Bradley having a great battle for ninth, with Bradely ahead in the LMP2 class.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:01

Turvey and Bradley having a great battle for ninth, with Bradley ahead in the LMP2 class.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:04

Race positions after three hours

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:05

Still a damp circuit, some areas drying out quicker than others under the bright sun.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:07

We have the #33 Ligier of Adderly Fong off track into the gravel. The car is currently being retrieved.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:09

Fong’s car went off at Indianapolis.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:10

Long is no longer leading the LM GTE AM, as Pedro Lamy in the #98 Aston Martin takes the class lead.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:12

#20 Porsche and #7 Toyota gap at the top is at around 8 seconds, but the gap is in constant flux. Warnings of more bad weather too.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:12

GTE-Pro now has a leader change too, with Jorg Bergmeister taking the lead ahead of Marco Holzer.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:14

Tyre changes may be incoming, with Mulsanne and the esses virtually dry now.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:16

#1 Audi R18 has pitted with Kristensen in the car. Driver change sees Lucas Di Grassi into the car.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:17

One of the GTE cars has flown straight off into the gravel. One of the Ferraris.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:18

#20 Porsche is pitting from the race lead, Sarrazin now concedes the lead to the #7 Toyota.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:18

#60 Ferrari, driven by Lorenzo Case, narrowly avoided a collision to an Aston Martin when it went into the gravel.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:19

Porsche still in the pits means it drops into third behind Treluyer in the #2 Audi.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:20

Brendon Hartley is now in the #20 Porsche.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:21

#14 Porsche is still chasing the leading pack of LMP1, and has pitted from 15th.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:23

The #14 Porsche leaves the pit with Marc Lieb behind the wheel.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:25

Sebastian Buemi just set the fastest lap in the #8 Toyota down in 43rd position.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:26

Frev and Brundle battling for the LMP2 lead, Frey is currently in the class lead.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:27

Treluyer has just pitted the #2 Audi. The #20 Porsche now moves ahead in the order.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:28

Confirmation that the #41 Zytek Nissan has retired.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:29

Alex Brundle has now taken the class lead in the LMP2.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:29

The race leading #7 Toyota has pitted.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:30

Now the lead returns to the #20 Porsche, nipping ahead of the #7 Toyota as it leaves the pitlane.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:31

#71 Ferrari is now officially retired.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:32

Interestingly, the #20 Porsche lead means that Porsche lead LMP1, GTE Pro and GTE AM, through the #20, #77 and #91 respectively.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:34

How long that will last, who knows as the #74 Corvette with Milner is closing fast on Bergmeister’s #91 Porsche.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:36

0.2 second gap between Milner and Bergmeister now. Milner then overtakes!

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:39

GTE Am leader Long hands over to Patrick Dempsey in the #77 Porsche.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:43

Dempsey now driving, finds himself behind the #98 Aston Martin of Nygaard.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:44

Lieb making progress in his attempts to close down the LMP1 pack. Finds himself now running in 13th in the #14 Porsche.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:46

Now 50 laps in, and Hartley’s #20 Porsche leads the #7 Toyota of Treluyer by 20 seconds.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:48

Battle for 4th in LMP2 with the #46 Ligier of Badey losing out to the #43 Morgan – Nissan of Hirsch.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:50

Alex Brundle pits from second in LMP2.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:51

Lieb is now up to 11th in the #14 Porsche.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:57

Hartley has a 13 second lead over Sarrazin. Track is now dry.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:58

Milner’s lead is now up to seven seconds after dispatching the two Porsches for the class lead in GTE Pro.

Tom Errington June 14, 201417:59

LMP2 has a new leader, Chatin moving the #36 Alpine into the lead.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:02

Four hours in and it’s time to look at another race going on, the Michelin Race Performance award. Here’s how things are looking so far.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:04

Meanwhile the gap between the #20 Porsche and #7 is now just 9.9 seconds. Stéphane Sarrazin is at the wheel of the #7 at the moment.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:05

And into the pits comes Hartley in the #20.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:07

The #36 Signatec Alpine currently leads LMP2, with the #74 Corvette leading LMGTE Pro and the #98 Aston Martin leading LMGTE Am.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:09

Alex Brundle (#35 OAK Racing), who took fresh tyres at his last stop, is eating into Michel Frey’s (#34 Race Performance) lead in LMP2.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:10

#43 Morand Morgan is in the gravel at the first Mulsanne chicane.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:11

Meanwhile the #52 RAM Racing Ferrari has also pulled off, but unrelated.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:13

Parante, who was in the #52, has pulled it off at Arnage and looks to have a small fire.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:18

Sarrazin in leading Toyota #7 pits, takes fuel, and rejoins in the lead by five seconds.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:21

The #75 Porsche is fighting for position with the #57 Krohn Racing Ferrari, with the ProSpeed car getting pass on the Mulsanne Straight.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:23

3.4 seconds separate Sarrazin in the #7 Toyota from Hartley in the #20 Porsche.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:26

Sebastien Buemi in the #8 Toyota TS040 HYBRID is now up to 33rd place after the cars earlier shunt.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:27

Alex Brundle in the OAK Ligier takes the LMP2 lead from Michele Frey, who misses the first Mulsanne Chicane.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:28

Meanwhile the OAK Racing Team Asia Ligier – HPD has gone off but rejoined.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:30

Brundle now has a five-second lead in LMP2.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:32

#29 Pegasus Racing smoking down Mulsanne.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:33

We’ve had word that it was the telemetry unit in #52 RAM Ferrari that caught fire.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:34

Patrick Dempsey in the #77 Porsche retakes 2nd in GTE Am as Hamilton in #53 pits.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:35

Unscheduled stop for Hartley in the #20 Porsche from P2.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:38

#50 Larbre Morgan gets 15s stop and go for pit lane speeding.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:40

Mark Webber confirms the #20 had puncture forcing an early stop.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:41

Bruno Senna in the #97 is now right behind both factory Porsche’s on the Mulsanne.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:42

And Senna now moves ahead of the #91 Jörg Bergmeister.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:44

And now Senna is ahead of Marco Holzer’s #91 Porsche as well.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:45

Senna is now P3 in GTE Pro behind the #74 Corvette who leads and the #51 AF Corse Ferrari which sits second.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:46

Lucas Di Grassi passes the #20 Porsche to move the #1 Audi into P3.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:48

And that was the easiest move Di Grassi will make all weekend! He just breezed past the Porsche into the first corner.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:50

Di Grassi pits the #1 Audi from third, whilst Mark Webber is kitted up to take over the #20 Porsche.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:52

The #91 GTE Factory Porsche passes the sister #92 for P4 in class.

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:53

The #13 Rebellion R-One will have to change its race number panel on the left side during its next stop

Jake Handley June 14, 201418:59

Hartley locks up and misses the first chicane on Mulsanne.

Jake Handley June 14, 201419:00

Very close between the #2 Audi and #8 Toyota exiting pit lane. Not in terms of position but contact!

James Broomhead June 14, 201419:13

Sarrazin continues to hold lead in the #7 Toyota

Paul Hensby June 14, 201419:22

#61 AF Corse has just had a spin as the shadows begin to drift across the track.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201419:24

The #20 Porsche hits the pit lane, and falls behind the #1 Audi into fourth

Paul Hensby June 14, 201419:29

Sarazzin in the #7 Toyota leads by one minute from the #2 Audi

Paul Hensby June 14, 201419:31

The #13 Rebellion pits as they try and recover from its earlier problems

Paul Hensby June 14, 201419:33

It is currently a Ligier 1-2 in LMP2

Paul Hensby June 14, 201419:35

The #74 Corvette leads GTE Pro; Richard Westbrook currently behind the wheel.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201419:36

The #98 Aston Martin currently leads GTE Am

Paul Hensby June 14, 201419:39

Benoit Treluyer (#2 Audi) was 0.026s faster than Stephane Sarazzin (#7 Toyota) on that last lap!

Paul Hensby June 14, 201419:42

Treluyer then took 2.5 seconds out of Sarazzin on the following lap!

Paul Hensby June 14, 201419:44

The #14 Porsche is in the pits from sixth. Lieb has handed over to Dumas!

Paul Hensby June 14, 201419:45

The #13 Rebellion back in the garage with more issues.

Paul Hensby June 14, 201419:47

the #2 Audi pits from second; Treluyer stays onboard for another stint

Paul Hensby June 14, 201419:48

The #8 Toyota down in 16th overall pits; Davidson on board

Paul Hensby June 14, 201419:49

As it stands Oak Racing are leading LMP2 – they won this category in 2013

Paul Hensby June 14, 201419:50

The leading #7 Toyota has pitted. Nakajima has taken over from Sarazzin behind the wheel

Paul Hensby June 14, 201419:52

After the pit stop cycle, #7 Toyota leads #2 Audi and #20 Porsche

Paul Hensby June 14, 201419:54

The #66 Ferrari of Pumpelly has spun but recovered on track

Paul Hensby June 14, 201419:55

The darkness is approaching, and Anthony Davidson is flying in the recovering #8 Toyota

Paul Hensby June 14, 201419:56

The #66 being pushed into the garage after its spin for a bit of repair work

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:06

Kazuki Nakajima continues to build a lead for the #7 Toyota TS040 Hybrid. He now leads Benoit Treluyer by 50 seconds.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:07

#20 Porsche 919 Hybrid is off at Arnage. Brendon Hartley is facing down the escape road.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:08

Hartley has power but doesn’t appear to have drive, the marshals are with the stricken LMP1-H.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:09

OK, Hartley has found reverse and now has the #20 heading back to the pits. He has lost third to the #1 Audi Sport Team Joest R18 e-tron Quattro of Lucas di Grassi though.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:11

The #20 Porsche gets fuel, tyres and a driver change. Looks like Mark Webber has just climbed aboard. The car now heads back out onto the circuit.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:14

Puncture for the WeatherTech Porsche #79. Jeroen Bleekemolen struggles down the Mulsanne Straight, limping the car back for a fresh set of rubber.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:15

Meanwhile the recovery drive for the #8 Toyota continues. Anthony Davidson is now in 12th and chasing the #26 G-Drive Morgan for 11th.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:17

Bleekemolen is now at Indianapolis and Arnage. His careful driving is paying off because the tyre is still intact.

James Broomhead June 14, 201421:36

W’re onto part two as we shift into the hours of darkness.