LIVE: 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans: Part 2

2014 24 Hours of Le Mans (Credit: Gabi Tomescu/Adrenal Media)

For the 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans will be live blogging throughout the race as well as providing hour-by-hour reports for the entire 24 hours. This part of the live blog will be updated during the hours of the race between 8pm and 2am UK time running across the midnight hour

Updates by James Broomhead, Tom Errington, Paul Hensby, Joe Hudson, James Singleton and Nick Smith.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:20

Welcome to our live blog part 2. Here is some good news to kick us off. Jeroen Bleekemolen has got the car back to the pits, though there is some fire there now.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:21

The extinguishers have sorted the fire problem for the #79 WeatherTech Porsche. Cooper MacNeil was waiting to get on board but it’s going into the garage for some remedial work now.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:22

di Grassi pits the #1 Audi R18 e-tron Quattro from third place. He has a lap over the Porsche of Mark Webber so should hold onto the final podium spot.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:23

Fuel, tyres and a Marc Gene are fitted to the #1 Audi.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:25

In LMP2 we have OAK Racing leading with their Ligier and Mark Shulzhitskiy. LM GTE Pro is headed by Richard Westbrook and the Chevrolet Corvette C7.R #74. Paul Dalla Lana heads LM GTE Am for Aston Martin Racing.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:26

Cooper MacNeil takes the #79 Porsche back out of the garage with new tyres and a fair bit of gaffer tape.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:28

Audi Sport Team Joest stand ready to receive the #2 Audi of Benoit Treluyer.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:29

Treluyer is busy however as Davidson looks to take back one of the eight laps he is behind the #2 Audi.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:31

We have an off in the Porsche Curves for the #47 KCMG Oreca. Looks like the suspension has failed. There is significant damage to the car at the front end.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:31

The car appears to be stranded in the middle of the road. Race control sends out the Safety Cars.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:33

Oh dear, the #2 Audi is held at the end of pit lane. They didn’t have a choice in the matter. They are going to lose a lap to the leader.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:33

Toyota are ready for the #7 to come in though. This could be lucky for the #2 car.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:34

Its fuel only for Kazuki Nakajima. The Audi gets out of the pits but Nakajima will be held at the end of pit lane.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:35

Alexander Imperatori gets back into the stricken KCMG car which is being pushed by marshals.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:37

The sixth hour update is now online. Check it out here:

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:38

Kazuki Nakajima gets to rejoin the track now.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:41

The #1 car is in the safety car queue that Nakajima joined when he left the pits. Thats Marc Gene now very nearly a lap down.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:43

Imperatori has walked away from the #47 KCMG Car. The Oreca 03R-Nissan is now out of the race.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:44

The #13 Rebellion Racing Rebellion R-One has also been confirmed as a retirement after engine problems.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:45

Safety car is in this lap.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:45

This was the scene in the Porsche Curves/Ford Chicane: Alex Imperatori is OK after his crash in the #47 @KCMotorgroup Oreca: #LM24 #LeMans— Peter Leung (@BaronVonClutch) June 14, 2014

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:47

We are green again, with 17 hours 13 minutes left on the clock.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:48

The JMW Ferrari was slow away at the restart but has now continued. Spencer Pumpelly is driving that one.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:49

Kazuki Nakajima is hunting his way through traffic, aiming to put a lap on the #1 Audi.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:52

Just the #46 Thiriet by TDS Racing Ligier for Anthony Davidson to best now and he is back in the top ten. He is a minute behind Tristan Gommendy.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:54

Khalid Al Qubaisi straight lines the Forza Chicane and continues.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:54

In LM GTE Pro however there is a battle for the lead through Indianapolis and Arnage. Darren Turner is gunning for the Corvette of Richard Westbrook.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:47

This was the scene in the Porsche Curves/Ford Chicane:

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:57

The Corvette still leads heading to Tetre Rouge. The Aston Martin is drawing alongside at Forza Chicane. Aston Martin lead both GTE classes at Le Mans.

Nick Smith June 14, 201420:59

Hello, the Ferrari 458 Italia of AF Corse and Giancarlo Fisichella has joined the now three way scrap for the lead of LM GTE Pro.

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:02

We now have less than 17 hours to go and the darkness is setting in! Will the claws come out now that the sun has gone in?

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:04

Turner now has a 1.1 second gap to the Corvette behind, the Aston leads… for now

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:06

Sunset is well and truly turning into night

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:09

#20 in and out of the pits now, Toyota still leads

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:13

#13 Rebellion still in the pits, potentially the second retirement from the LMP1 class

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:15

Aston and Porsche LMP1 got very close to each other at the first chicane

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:15

#73 Corvette is in the pits, bonnet and front wings are off – seems to be a big issue for the yellow peril

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:17

#1 into the pits now for fuel only

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:18

Fisichella leads now in GTE Pro, but Darren Turner being Darren Turner isn’t taking it lightly

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:22

Turner has now got back into the lead, eurosport telemetry gives the Aston a bit more speed down the straight

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:26

Teams will be hoping this weather stays away from La Sarthe for the remainder of the race

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:28

#7 into the pits from the lead, should be safe to come back out in the lead

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:29

Romain Dumas on the radio saying he can’t brake

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:31

Jann Mardenborough in the Ligier still leads for OAK Racing

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:33

Nakajima still has a one lap lead over the Audi of Marcel Fassler

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:35

Nakajima is really attacking the curbs at the Ford Chicane, taking nothing for granted whilst trying to maintain his lead

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:37

Aston Martin still has a 1-2 in GTE Am, the #98 of Dalla Lana leads the #95 of Nicki Thiim

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:40

Good spots by TCF’s own Jake Handley

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:41

#42 is Matt McMurry in the Caterham, #77 is the Dempsey Racing Porsche and the #67 is the IMSA Performance Matmut Porsche

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:43

Jan Magnussen had a delay because a part related to the air jacks had broken

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:44

Class leading Aston, #98, appears to have span at the Mulsanne Corner

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:45

It doesn’t appear to have dropped Dalla Lana down the order, but Thiim will be a lot closer

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:46

Signatech Alpine pits, Webb is out the car and Panciatici gets in

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:47

AF Corse is now 8.1 seconds back from the leading Aston in GTE Pro

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:52

Fassler is now less than 2 minutes behind Nakajima in the Toyota, still more than half a laps gap though

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:55

#20 pits for fuel only, another stint on the same tyres

Joe Hudson June 14, 201421:59

#74 Corvette is up to second in GTE Pro, #51 AF Corse Ferrari has made a comfort break in the pits

James Singleton June 14, 201422:01

The #98 Aston Martin, leading GTE-Am, makes a scheduled pit stop and driver change.

James Singleton June 14, 201422:02

The other GTE-Am Aston, #95, now takes the lead of class. Pedro Lamy takes over the driving duties in the #98 from Paul Dalla Lana.

James Singleton June 14, 201422:07

The #7 Toyota is having a seemingly easy run of it at the front. The same can’t be said of the #8. Anthony Davidson has brought the car back into the pits.

James Singleton June 14, 201422:08

And it has been pushed back in its garage. Davidson is not a happy man.

James Singleton June 14, 201422:09

The car is up on jacks, with lots of mechanics swarming over it. One is prodding around in the cockpit. No word on what the problem is at yet, but it looks serious.

James Singleton June 14, 201422:11

Replays show an LMP1 Porsche having a drama at Arnage. No ID on which of the two that was.

James Singleton June 14, 201422:14

The leading Toyota makes a scheduled pit stop. Kazuki Nakajima climbs out, Alexander Wurz climbs in.

James Singleton June 14, 201422:15

The #14 also pitted. Romain Dumas hands the driving duties over to Neel Jani.

James Singleton June 14, 201422:16

Oh, and the #8 returns to the circuit as well. Not as long a delay as it had earlier in the day.

James Singleton June 14, 201422:17

Problems now for the remaining #12 Rebellion R-One. Nick Heidfeld onboard, looks like the car has lost a wheel on its out lap.

James Singleton June 14, 201422:18

The car makes it back to the pits and is pushed into its garage.

James Singleton June 14, 201422:21

Fair to say Rebellion has had a difficult race so far. The #13 retired some time ago with an engine problem.

James Singleton June 14, 201422:27

After spending 9:15 in the pits, the #12 Rebellion returns to the circuit.

James Singleton June 14, 201422:38

The #2 Audi is closing on the lead #7 Toyota by a rate of two seconds per lap. The bad news is that the Audi is still a minute and a half behind.

James Singleton June 14, 201422:40

Neel Jani has a moment at Arnage in the #14. That’s not the first time an LMP1 Porsche has been off there.

James Singleton June 14, 201422:49

Murphy Prototypes just confirmed via Twitter that the #48 has been retired.

James Singleton June 14, 201422:53

The #91 Porsche remains in the pits. It has been there for almost fifteen minutes now.

James Singleton June 14, 201423:00

Sounds like a fuel cell linkage issue for the #91, still in its garage. Patrick Pilet is still in the car.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:04

The #77 car is taking its 3 minute stop-go penalty.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:04

#60 Ferrari off at Arnage with Mann behind the wheel. Arnage is proving tricky for the drivers so far tonight.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:05

#77 Dempsey Racing car sees Long finish the penalty and return to the track.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:07

#8 Toyota’s Lapierre, running down in 11th, catching the LMP1 pack, has told his team he will do another stint.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:08

Porsche Motorsport have just tweeted to explain the #91 is still in the pits repairing a fuel pressure problem.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:12

#50 Morgan has returned to the track. It spent a whole 19 minutes in the pits.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:13

#48 Oreca has retired from the race.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:14

Top three in LMP1 are closer now. The #7 Toyota, #2 Audi and #1 Audi are split by three minutes.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:17

Audi #2 driver Fassler is complaining about vibrations, but is unsure where the location is. Claims the problem is worse at high speeds. Possibly to do with tyres.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:19

41 minutes later and the #91 Porsche has returned to the race.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:21

Wurz in the #7 Toyota is starting to pull away from the second placed #2 Audi of Fassler.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:27

Reminder of positions. In LMP1, #7 Toyota leads. In LMP2, the #35 Ligier. LM GTE Pro, #97 Aston Martin. Finally, GTE Am, is #98 Aston Martin.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:29

Webber pits the #20 Porsche in fourth after an extended stint. Not bad for someone who hasn’t raced at night in Le Mans for over 10 years.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:31

The hard working #8 is continuing to chase back the LMP1 class. Now up to 10th, with the #12 Rebellion in Nick Heidfeld’s hands the aim in 6th.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:33

Lapierre in the #8 is still at it, now up to 8th. Only the #35 Ligier in LMP2 between him and the LMP1 pack now.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:37

#1 Audi pits. Kristensen was held back on the last pit, but this time takes the wheel from Gene.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:42

Leading GTE Am car, the #98 Aston driven by Lamy, pits and is overtaken by the #95 car driven by Poulsen.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:43

Lapierre and the #8 Toyota have done it, moving into 7th, the Toyota is now back in the LMP1 pack behind Nick Heidfeld’s #12 Rebellion.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:45

The #98 Aston Martin that just pitted seems to be having issues. Smoke coming out of the bonnet.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:53

According to the Le Mans Live account, the #98 Aston Martin that is still in the pits is suffering from power steering failure.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:54

#60 Ferrari has now retired.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:57

#91 Porsche has had a difficult night so far, back in the garage with the bonnet off and the team looking at more issues.

Tom Errington June 14, 201423:58

Car #46 taking its 35 second stop go penalty.

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:00

It’s midnight in the UK. Welcome to Sunday!!

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:02

Stefan Mucke handing the LMGTE Pro leading Aston Martin over to Bruno Senna

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:06

Senna has kept the lead, but he is only a headlight’s throw of illumination ahead of the #51 Ferrari

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:10

Despite the problems for the #98 Astons still lead both LMGTE classes with the all-Danish #95 car leading the Am ranks

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:12

Tommy Milner buying into the LMGTE Pro battle now in third in class in the #74 Corvette.

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:13

Toni Vilander in the Ferrari tries round the outside entering the second Mulsanne chicane.

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:14

He does’t get the lead and instead allows Milner into second in class around the outside at Mulsanne Corner

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:14

So now what can Milner do about Senna and the #97 for the class lead

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:17

Porsche #20 in and out of the pits from 4th place

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:22

Still only a handful of seconds between the LMGTE Pro leaders

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:23

Pictures of the #91 team in the garage show mechanics looking at the front of car, rather than the engine at the back

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:30

The surviving Rebellion R-One – the #12 – is wheeled back into the garage

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:32

Lotterer brings the #2 car into the pits from 2nd place. Staying in the car for another stint.

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:33

Neel Jani also in the pits aboard the #14 Porsche 919. Another man staying behind the wheel for another stint.

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:37

Alex Wurz has been in and out of the pits in the race leading #7 car. He should keep his 3 minute advantage over the #2 Audi

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:39

Bruno Senna and Tommy Milner trading fastest laps with a second between them on track. Vilander has dropped 6 seconds back in 3rd.

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:44

Occasional actor Patrick Dempsey climbs into the Porsche placed 6th in LMGTE Am

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:49

The #12 Rebellion has slipped back to 8th behind the LMP2 leading OAK Racing Morgan

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:53

the #8 Toyota is in the pits. The team run out with the dolly wheels and turn the car into the garage.

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:54

And as quick as that the #8 is back out of the pits and ready to go again

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:56

Tommy Milner has given up the chase for the LMGTE Pro lead (for now) to come into the pits

James Broomhead June 15, 201400:59

Senna now in the pits in the #97 Aston. He stays in the car for another stint. Battle to be rejoined shortly no doubt.

James Broomhead June 15, 201401:00

Sebastien Buemi complaining of a vibration in the #8 Toyota

James Broomhead June 15, 201401:05

LMGTE Pro udpate. Senna heads Milner by a whopping five seconds

James Singleton June 15, 201401:08

Plenty of drivers standing ready with crash helmets on. No rest for the wicked and all that!

James Singleton June 15, 201401:09

#1 Audi and #92 Porsche in the pits at the same time. Driver changes for both.

James Singleton June 15, 201401:11

Bruno Senna has a lead of five seconds to the good in GTE Pro over Tommy Milner’s Corvette.

James Singleton June 15, 201401:14

Meanwhile, Paul-Loup Chatin is lapping quickly. He’s closing on Alex Bundle, the current leader in LMP2.

James Singleton June 15, 201401:19

The #2 Audi driven by Lotterer comes in for a fuel stop. The team also make an adjustment to the car’s nose.

James Singleton June 15, 201401:20

At the same time, the leading #7 Toyota is in for a driver change. Alexander Wurz climbs out, and Stephane Sarrazin takes over the driving duties.

James Singleton June 15, 201401:23

Marc Lieb relieves Neel Jani of driving duties in the #14 Porsche.

James Singleton June 15, 201401:25

Alex Wurz with the typical racing driver comment. The car is only “okay” despite his big leading margin.

James Singleton June 15, 201401:28

The battle for second and third in GTE Pro is hotting up. Vilander has caught Milner and is right on the Corvette’s rear wing. Senna has extended his class lead to almost ten seconds.

James Singleton June 15, 201401:29

More problems for the Rebellion team. The #12 is back in the pits with an engine issue.

James Singleton June 15, 201401:31

Vilander in Milner’s slipstream and now flashing his headlights at the Yellow ‘Vette. Not sure that will help that much…

James Singleton June 15, 201401:34

This is definitely the hottest battle on track right now. Vilander looks quicker, but doesn’t seem to have the horsepower to find a way past.

James Singleton June 15, 201401:36

Milner gets baulked by the Dempsey GTE-Am Porsche in the Porsche Curves. Vilander gets closer than ever, and has a look into the Ford chicane. They cross the line millimetres apart, but Milner remains ahead.

James Singleton June 15, 201401:40

Good news for Rebellion fans. The #12 is back on the circuit.

James Singleton June 15, 201401:42

LMP1 cars split the Milner/Vilander battle, a shame as the Finn was using every trick in the book. A real treat to see those two battling it out.

James Singleton June 15, 201401:45

Vilander pits, giving the #51 Ferrari over to Gianmaria Bruni. Will the Italian find a way past Milner? We’ll have to wait to find out.

James Singleton June 15, 201401:47

Correction. It was Giancarlo Fisichella who took over the #51, not Bruni.

James Singleton June 15, 201401:51

The #73 Corvette pits. Antonio Garcia hands over to the man with the mullet, Jordan Taylor.

James Singleton June 15, 201401:52

Milner brings the #74 in next. Richard Westbrook takes over. Will it stay ahead of the #51? I suspect so.

James Singleton June 15, 201401:53

Actually, I was wrong. It didn’t.

James Singleton June 15, 201401:54

Apparently Taylor spun the #73 on his out lap.

James Singleton June 15, 201401:58

#1 Audi reported slow on circuit.

James Broomhead June 15, 201402:02

Come join is on Live Blog Part 3 here: