LIVE: 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans: Part 3

2014 24 Hours of Le Mans (Credit: Arnaud Cornilleau)

For the 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans will be live blogging throughout the race as well as providing hour-by-hour reports for the entire 24 hours. This part of the live blog will be updated from 2am to 8am, taking the race back into daylight.

Updates by James Broomhead, Tom Errington, Paul Hensby, Joe Hudson, James Singleton and Nick Smith.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:00

#1 Audi told to go straight on at the Chicane and do a power cycle. Essentially restart the car.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:00

Car sounds aren’t good. The second power cycle attempt looks to have failed, but the car is struggling on.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:01

Bernhard’s #20 919 should take advantage of this struggle.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:02

The #1 Audi unsurprisingly is now pitting and is pushed into the garage.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:07

#1 Audi having its nose removed as the team gets to work. Bernhard’s #20 Porsche has now taken third position.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:08

#7 Toyota pits and Sarrazin goes out for a second stint.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:09

#1 Audi now with an attached nose is getting a clean.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:10

Di Grassi returns the #1 to the track, and it is 1 lap down on third placed Bernhard and the #20.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:14

Become a bit of a two horse race at the top, Sarrazin in the #7 Toyota leads the #2 Audi by over a minute. the #20 Porsche and #1 Audi are 3 and 4 laps behind respectively.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:15

Fisichella in the #51 Ferrari is pulling away from the #74 Corvette, gap up to over 25 seconds.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:23

#1 Audi issue from earlier was confirmed as a fuel injector problem.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:27

#8 Toyota of Buemi pits. Quick clean and examination, and he returns to the track.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:30

#33 Ligier looks to have a turbo issue according to 24 Hours Live on Twitter.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:33

Fuel and new door given to the #14 Porsche for Marc Lieb.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:38

Hartley is now into the #20 Porsche.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:39

Bertolini in the #72 is starting to catch the #95 Aston of Heinemeier-Hansson.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:43

#14 Porsche is running very slowly down a straight.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:43

It appears to be a rev limiter issue.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:44

Di Grassi pits due to a rear left puncture.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:48

#14 Porsche 919 still hasn’t returned to the pits, now just entering the pit lane at a slow speed.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:51

#2 Audi in the pits, full service, and Lotterer replaced by Treluyver.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:52

#7 Toyota also pitting, quick pit.

Tom Errington June 15, 201402:56

#52 Ferrari running slow brings out a yellow at the second Mulsanne chicane.

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:02

Start of the 14th hour. Toyota lead Audi and Porsche at Le Mans

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:03

The #51 AF Corse Ferrari has taken the lead of LMGTE Pro from the #97 Aston Martin

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:08

Sebastien Buemi has moved the #8 Toyota back above the #14 Porsche and into 5th place overall

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:09

The SMP Racing #72 Ferrari is the garage from 2nd in LMGTE Am

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:14

Anthony Davidson climbing into the #8 Toyota

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:15

The #8 team has lost fifth in the process of making that stop, but that should reverse itself when the Porsche next pits

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:20

The #72 car is still in the garage. A strong result ebbing out of reach for the SMP Racing team

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:21

#74 Corvette also in the garage. Team working front and rear on the car

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:22

Car is back out now. Could just have been a brake change, but there was lots of work going on around the car

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:24

Signatech ALpine’s #36 in the pits for a driver change from second in P2. Oli Webb the new man in the car

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:27

#72 Ferrari is headed back out into the race

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:29

LMGTE Pro battle rejoined. Darren Turner has chased down Giancarlo Fisichella

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:31

And Turner puts the Aston back in the class lead!!

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:38

Fisichella pits the #51 Ferrari out of seconf on LMGTE Pro. Jann Mardenborough also pits the GT Academy grad in from the LMP2 lead

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:39

Overall and LMP1 leader also in the pits, Sarrazin vacating the #7 for Kazuki Nakajima to take over

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:45

LMP2 3rd placed team Thiriet by TDS Racing into the pits. And back out again.

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:47

Looking increasingly hopeless for the #72 SMP Racing team. Still in the garage with the team examining the left-front

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:47

Jordan Taylor has had a trip through the Dunlop Curve gravel it has been reported

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:49

Darren Turner into the pits from the LMGTE Pro lead in the #97 Aston Martin

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:50

Quick stop for the AMR team and Turner should keep the class lead over the Ferrari which changed drivers at its last stop

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:53

Turner’s lead of the class is nearly 40 seconds now

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:59

Marc Lieb has pitted the #14 Porsche, handing Anthony Davidson and the #8 Toyota team back 5th place

James Broomhead June 15, 201403:59

The lead Toyota has stopped at Arnage!!!

James Broomhead June 15, 201404:00

Benoit Treluyer and Audi lead at Le Mans!!!

James Singleton June 15, 201404:03

Drama unfolding at Le Mans, the race leading Toyota has stopped on circuit.

James Singleton June 15, 201404:10

The Toyota is still stranded at Arnage. The #20 is now in second place. #1 in third.

James Singleton June 15, 201404:13

We still haven’t seen the #7 Toyota on screen. Unverified reports that the car was on fire.

James Singleton June 15, 201404:19

Door change going on for the #74 Corvette.

James Singleton June 15, 201404:24

Treluyer makes a scheduled pit stop from the lead. Meanwhile, it looks like it is definitely game over for Toyota #7. Lots of people looking crestfallen in the Toyota garage.

James Singleton June 15, 201404:31

The car that led for so much of this race, the #7 Toyota, is officially retired. No word yet on the cause. Up to 12 retirements for the race.

James Singleton June 15, 201404:33

“Electrical issues” is the reason given for Toyota’s retirement. Still no confirmation of whether the car was on fire as was speculated.

James Singleton June 15, 201404:37

Reports that the third in class GTE-Pro #92 is slow on circuit.

James Singleton June 15, 201404:39

The #92 makes it to the pits for a driver change and fresh tyres, could just run out of fuel.

James Singleton June 15, 201404:45

A slow zone is in force at the Porsche Curves.

James Singleton June 15, 201404:49

Believe the #61 GTE-Am Ferrari hit the barriers at Porsche Curves. That’s what’s caused this slow zone.

James Singleton June 15, 201404:49

The Ferrari in question has, however, made it back to the pits.

James Singleton June 15, 201404:51

Rear of the #74 Corvette being worked on in its pit bay. Not a routine stop by any means.

James Singleton June 15, 201404:55

The #73 passes the #74 for fourth in class as the latter continues to be worked on in the pit lane. This has been a difficult Le Mans début for the C7R.

James Singleton June 15, 201404:56

Two minutes till the end of the slow zone.

James Singleton June 15, 201404:58

The #74 finally re-joins the circuit.

James Singleton June 15, 201405:03

More time lost for the #14 as Marc Lieb goes into the ravel at Indianapolis. Looked like brake problems, but the car is now under way again.

James Singleton June 15, 201405:04

The #14 makes it to the pits and Romain Dumas relieves Lieb of driving duties.

James Singleton June 15, 201405:06

The #20 has dropped to third after a pit stop. Mark Webber is now behind the wheel and he’s 12 seconds behind di Grassi in second.

James Singleton June 15, 201405:09

The GTE-Am class leading #95 is in for a brake pad change.

James Singleton June 15, 201405:14

Marcel Fassler takes over the race leading #2 Audi. Fuel and tyres. Standard stop.

James Singleton June 15, 201405:17

Fifth in GTE-Am, the #90 Ferrari enters the pits with a left rear puncture.

James Singleton June 15, 201405:21

Third in GTE-Am, the #57 Krohn Ferrari is in its pit box having a brake disc change.

Paul Hensby June 15, 201405:29

The #24 Sebastian Loeb Racing car pits. There main aim was to finish. So far so good!

Paul Hensby June 15, 201405:30

Audi still first and second, #2 3 laps ahead of #1.

Paul Hensby June 15, 201405:31

Alex Brundle just sets a new personal best lap time for the #35 Ligier – 3m38.032s

Paul Hensby June 15, 201405:34

Oak Racing on course for a second consecutive Le Mans LMP2 win.

Paul Hensby June 15, 201405:35

Tony Vilander leading LMGTE Pro in the #51 AF Corse

Paul Hensby June 15, 201405:37

42 cars still officially in this race of the 54 starters

Paul Hensby June 15, 201405:44

#77 and #57 LMGTE Am cars nose to tail on track

Paul Hensby June 15, 201405:44

The delayed #12 Rebellion pits for fuel and tyres.

Paul Hensby June 15, 201405:49

Lucas di Grassi pits the second-placed #1 Audi, Marc Gene takes over

Paul Hensby June 15, 201405:50

The #20 Porsche also makes a pit stop from third.

Paul Hensby June 15, 201405:52

The LMGTE AM #62 AF Corse Ferrari is pushed into the garage for some work

Paul Hensby June 15, 201405:53

Alex Brundle doing very well in the lead LMP2 #35 Oak Racing Ligier

Paul Hensby June 15, 201405:54

The #34 Race Performance car is under review for speeding in the pit lane

Paul Hensby June 15, 201405:55

The #95 Aston Martin Racing leads LMGTE-Am

Paul Hensby June 15, 201405:56

Marcel Fassler pits the leading #2 Audi, its pushed into the garage for some work.

Paul Hensby June 15, 201405:58

With a three lap lead, Audi are taking the advantage of a small service for the #2

Paul Hensby June 15, 201405:59

The #2 Audi is pushed into the garage for a second time. Already cost them a lap of their lead

Paul Hensby June 15, 201406:01

A turbo issue for the #2 as it continues to sit in the garage.

Paul Hensby June 15, 201406:02

The SMP Racing Ferrari is in the barriers in the Porsche curves.

Paul Hensby June 15, 201406:03

The #2 Audi still sits in pit lane, has now lost 2 laps of its 3 lap lead.

James Broomhead June 15, 201406:05

That SMP Ferrari is done. Hit on both sides very, very hard

James Broomhead June 15, 201406:07

SlowZone around the SMP Ferrari

James Broomhead June 15, 201406:08

Marc Gene leads the 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans in the #1 Audi

James Broomhead June 15, 201406:13

Still little sign of a return to race for Marcel Fassler and the #2 Audi

James Broomhead June 15, 201406:14

There we go. Nose goes back onto the #2. A step in the right direction

James Broomhead June 15, 201406:19

#2 is out onto the pit apron and fires up and returns to the race in third place

James Broomhead June 15, 201406:19

Safety Car out

James Broomhead June 15, 201406:19

I kinda suspect this has something to do with barrier damage where the SMP Racing Ferrari went off

James Broomhead June 15, 201406:22

#74 Corvette pushed into the garage from 5th in LMGTE Pro

James Broomhead June 15, 201406:29

They’re fixing the barriers and fencing in the Porsche Curves. This safety car could be out for a while

James Broomhead June 15, 201406:32

All these barrier repair trucks: It’s just a warm up for next weekend’s Nurburgring 24 Hours

James Broomhead June 15, 201406:34

Safety Car is coming in. But the SlowZone around the barrier repairs will remain in place

James Broomhead June 15, 201406:35

Green flag back out. Racing once again with 7:24 to go.

James Broomhead June 15, 201406:37

The Team Taisan Ferrari goes into the Indianapolis gravel

James Broomhead June 15, 201406:42

the #34 Race Performance Oreca (4th in LMP2) will serve a 35 second stop-go for pitlane speeding

Nick Smith June 15, 201406:43

James Broomhead June 15, 201406:48

The heavy machinery seems to have cleared the track at the Porsche Curves

James Broomhead June 15, 201406:49

Stefan Mucke and the #97 Aston in the pits from the LMGTE Pro lead

James Broomhead June 15, 201406:51

SlowZone brought to an end. Green flags all round the track

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:06

We have just entered the seventeenth hour and it continues to be the #1 Audi R18 in the lead with Marc Gene. The fastest car on track though, thats the #8 Toyota of Nico Lapierre.

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:09

Problems for the #75 Art Porsche of Perodo who lost a door in the pit stops. It just fell off. The team have re-attached it and sent it on its way.

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:11

Marc Gene gets back into the 3:29s but Lapierre has also increased his pace. Now it’s Marcel Fassler in the #2 Audi who is going fastest of all.

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:12

Hello, we have an unaccompanied wheel on the track. It belongs to the #75 Porsche, thats the car which lost it’s door in the pits.

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:15

Further down the order the LMP2 class leading Ligier of Mark Shulzhitzkiy and the OAK Racing team are in the pits. They hold a lap over the Signatech Alpine in second place.

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:17

Stefan Mucke has his hands full in the lead of LM GTE Pro. Giancarlo Fisichella’s AF Corse Ferrari is just two seconds behind him. Aston Martin hold a substantial three lap advantage in LM GTE Am, but things do change.

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:19

A tele-handler is now attending to the stricken #75 Porsche. A team of pit crew are now attending to the #2 Audi. Fuel, a clean screen and away.

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:21

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:26

A pit stop for Toyota drops the #8 TS040 Hybrid. Just fuel by the looks of it.

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:28

The #90 8Star Ferrari has just been in for service. The stop looked good but it was reluctant to refire. Gianluca Roda got it going in the end. The car continues in fourth in class, 27th overall.

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:29

Paulo Ruberti says the #90 has clutch problems. Can they nurse it for six and a half hours?

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:35

Just seen a replay of a Ram Racing Ferrari straight lining the Forza chicane. That would be the LM GTE Am car #53, 13th in class.

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:37

The #20 Porsche 919 Hybrid of Mark Webber has just been lapped by the race leading Audi of Marc Gene.

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:39

Now the team are getting ready to receive the leader. Webber gets his lap back. Gene gets fuel and a clean window.

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:43

The #97 Aston Martin takes service in the pits. Tyres were taken, not sure about the driver.

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:45

That pit stop has put the #51 of Gianmaria Bruni right on the Aston Martin’s tail!

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:46

The #20 Porsche is now in the pits. Screen clean, memory card changed and fuel going in it. Mark Webber stays on board and the car goes out.

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:46

Ok, driver change now confirmed for the #97, Mucke out and Senna in.

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:50

Balance of power has changed. Gianmaria Bruni is closing on the Aston Martin of Bruno Senna. He would be able to see his prey if not for the LMP2 cars which are between the Ferrari and the Vantage.

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:52

Now Bruni is struggling to get past the #90 8Star Ferrari.

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:53

Thats the move now done but it took over half the Mulsanne straight. Bruni returns to chasing down the #97.

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:53

#14 Porsche 919 Hybrid stopped for fuel only from fifth overall and ten laps down. Romain Dumas has the wheel.

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:56

We are approaching the top of the hour now, the gap in LM GTE Pro is staying a consistent nothing. Fancy catching up on the action from hour 17? Read all about it here:

Nick Smith June 15, 201407:58

Every other class has a lap between the leader and second place. Trust LM GTE Pro to give us a decent battle.

Nick Smith June 15, 201408:00

Top of the hour and Bruni is trying the move into the Forza Chicane.

James Singleton June 15, 201408:00

Aston and Ferrari nose to tail for lead of GTE Pro. Just a full WEC race distance to run!

James Singleton June 15, 201408:02

Bruni and Senna run absolutely side-by-side down the Mulsanne Kink, and Bruni gets it done on the brakes into Mulsanne Corner.

James Singleton June 15, 201408:08

Unscheduled pit stop for the #36 Signatech Alpine.

James Singleton June 15, 201408:09

Meanwhile, Senna in the Aston Martin has closed right back up to Bruni’s Ferrari.

James Singleton June 15, 201408:14

Problems for the #36. It is in its garage with the front bodywork off, looks like it is changing its brake discs.

James Singleton June 15, 201408:18

#36 re-joins the race, but has tumbled down the order in LMP2. A shame after a strong run. It’s now a Ligier 1-2.

James Broomhead June 15, 201408:23

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