LIVE: 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans: Part 4

2014 24 Hours of Le Mans (Credit: Michel Jamin)

For the 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans will be live blogging throughout the race as well as providing hour-by-hour reports for the entire 24 hours. This part of the live blog will be updated during the final six hours of the race.

Updates by James Broomhead, Tom Errington, Joe Hudson, James Singleton and Nick Smith.

James Singleton June 15, 201408:22

The gap between the top two cars in GTE Pro after 18 hours of racing? 0.762 seconds.

James Singleton June 15, 201408:24

#1 Audi makes a scheduled pit stop, but there’s no driver change.

James Singleton June 15, 201408:25

At the same time, Bruno Senna has found a way past Gianmaria Bruni to retake the lead of the GTE-Pro class! Incredible stuff!

James Singleton June 15, 201408:33

Mark Webber pits and exists the #20. Timo Bernhard takes over. Can he get closer to the leading Audi pace than Webber managed?

James Singleton June 15, 201408:35

Futher drama in the GTE-Pro class. Bruno Senna brings the leading Aston into the pits, with the car smoking heavily. Unsurprisingly, it is pushed back into its garage.

James Singleton June 15, 201408:48

Marc Gene now has a full lap advantage over the #20 once more.

James Singleton June 15, 201408:52

Scheduled pit stop for the delayed #2. Fassler exists the car and Lotterer climbs in. It may still be possible for him to catch the #20 before the end of the race.

James Broomhead June 15, 201408:54

Audi’s #1 continued to lead overall at the end of hour 18 while GTE battle raged behind.

James Singleton June 15, 201408:54

No longer after, Lapierre hands the #8 over to Buemi.

James Singleton June 15, 201408:56

Drama in LMP2. The long time class leading OAK Racing Ligier has just been pushed into its garage.

James Singleton June 15, 201408:58

The #97 Aston Martin car re-joins after a lengthy spell in the pits. That will almost certainly drop it out of contention.

James Broomhead June 15, 201409:01

Problem for the Aston was losing power steering fluid

James Broomhead June 15, 201409:03

Pierre Thiriet takes thee LMP2 lead with the OAK Racing Ligier still sitting in the pits

James Broomhead June 15, 201409:03

As I type that the #35 appears on the pit apron and heads out onto the track

James Broomhead June 15, 201409:08

Jann Mardenborough reports the OAK Ligier was down on power and is still struggling with the same issue

James Broomhead June 15, 201409:09

Mark Shulzhitskiy is now in the car, scored second in LMP2

James Broomhead June 15, 201409:15

Darren Turner in the Aston is running in 4th in class after the #97’s stay in the garage

James Broomhead June 15, 201409:22

Turner has actually fallen behind the LMGTE Am leader, the #95 Aston currently driven by Nicki Thiim

James Broomhead June 15, 201409:26

Gimmi Bruni brings the #5 AF Corse Ferrari in from the LMGTE Pro lead

James Broomhead June 15, 201409:27

Toni Vilander taking over the car which now enjoys a two lap lead in class

James Broomhead June 15, 201409:41

Pierre Thiriet in the pits in the LMP2 Ligier JSP2

James Broomhead June 15, 201409:41

Team having a grub around in the radiators, but this stop looks very normal.

James Broomhead June 15, 201409:45

OAK Racing’s #35 is in the pits. At the moment it’s all normal and it stays normal and Mark Shulzhitskiy goes back into the race

James Broomhead June 15, 201409:49

The top five cars in LMP2 are all Nissan powered

James Broomhead June 15, 201409:51

The #97 and #51 are together on track again, but this time there are five laps between them

James Broomhead June 15, 201409:52

And Darren Turner brings the Aston into the pits. Still very smoky standing still

James Broomhead June 15, 201409:56

Leader in the pits. Tom Kristensen brings the #1 in

James Broomhead June 15, 201409:59

#12 Rebellion – back in 6th after early issues – is back in the pits, the team looking at the rear of the car.

James Broomhead June 15, 201409:59

Rear bodywork is back on the #12

James Broomhead June 15, 201410:00

Problems for the LMP2 leader. Tristan Gommendy’s Ligier is smoking from the left-front wheel, but it doesn’t look like a puncture

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:01

As we enter hour 21, why not catch up on hour 19? The update is here:

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:02

Gommendy brings the Ligier back to the pits and the team get to work. He has done a fantastic job getting that car back with a suspected suspension problem.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:03

The fuel goes in and the car goes into the garage.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:05

Its a left front suspension upright problem. It’s broken at the link to the wishbone. Thanks to for that bit of information.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:06

Stop for the leader. The #1 Audi with Mr Le Mans, Tom Kristensen on board. He has it going again but there are problems at the Forza Chicane.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:08

Looking at the replay, he just ground to a halt. The #14 Porsche blitzed past but Neel Jani was just taking back one of ten laps the car is down on the leader.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:08

Kristensen doesn’t pit when he comes past, the problem is obviously fixed.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:09

The #20 however does come in for service, Timo Bernhard comes to a halt and the team go to work.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:10

Fuel yes, clean windows yes. Tyres and driver, no. Its a standard stop from Porsche Motorsport.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:12

The leader pits. Tom Kristensen has the #1 Audi in very early after his problem on Les Hunauderes.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:13

Fuel for the #1 Audi but he is released into the path of the #50 Larbre Competition LMP2 machine. Could Dr Ulrich be called to race control?

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:14

Now the #42 of Chris Dyson is having problems. The Zytek Z11SN is going slow on the run to Indianapolis.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:15

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:16

You can make your own mind up about the Audi’s exit from the pits. So far there is no word from Race Control.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:16

Pit Stop for the JOTA Sport Zytek running in third in LMP2. The limping Audi of Tom Kristensen is back in the pits too.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:18

I made that about 30 seconds from car stopping to Audi technicians reaching for the engine. Audi Sport Team Joest are working hard.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:19

Meanwhile Mark Webber watches the screens with baited breath. The #20 Porsche 919 Hybrid could return to the lead of the motor race.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:20

The #2 Audi is only forty seconds behind the Porsche though.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:21

Porsche lead the race yet again. Timo Bernhard takes the lead as Audi struggle in the pits.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:22

The #2 has pitted, they are changing tyres for Andre Lotterer. With fuel and fresh rubber Lotterer will not be long before he is challenging Bernhard for the lead.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:23

Lotterer is now in second place. Audi continue to labour over the erstwhile leader’s R18.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:25

This is great news for Porsche but also good news for Toyota. Now Sebastien Buemi only needs to get seven laps back to gain the lead lap again. The #8 Toyota is by far the fastest car on the track at the moment.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:28

Lena Gade lets Andre Lotterer know that the tyre change was due to a front right problem. So the quick laps he can now put in are just a side effect.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:30

Almost exactly four seconds. That is how much faster a lap the #2 R18 is lapping compared to the race leader,t he #20 Porsche 919 Hybrid.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:31

Looking down the order there is little change. LMP2, LM GTE Pro and LM GTE Am are all fairly steady.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:35

Pit stop for the #70 Taisan car. Tyres offered and taken, the car is back underway.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:36

The #1 car returns to the track according to timing and scoring. They lost four laps to the leader, five laps overall.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:37

Lucas di Grassi took over the car after the spanners were put away.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:40

That Team Taisan car has been a bit naughty. Race control has given them a stop and go penalty for causing a collision with the #57 Krohn Racing Ferrari.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:41

Lotterer has the gap to Bernhard down to 1:22.642. That sounds like a big ask but the Porsche owes us a stop.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:48

Patrick Pillet takes over the #91 Porsche 911 RSR. Its well down the order though.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:49

#97 is in the pits taking on fuel now.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:50

The IMSA Performance Matmut car has looped at Corvette curve. The #67 is stuck in the gravel with a snatch tractor on the way. Erik Maris has the wheel of the car.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:51

Battle for the lead is now down to 1m 15 seconds.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:52

The #97 has just gone gravel trapping down at Mulsanne corner. Darren Turner keeps it running though and returns to the track.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:54

White flags waving at the Ford chicane, cant see why though.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:56

Thiriet by TDS Racing are on pit lane. OAK lead LMP2 with the Ligier and JOTA Sport take over second place.

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:57

Nick Smith June 15, 201410:59

Top of the hour, we have three left to go and the gap for the lead is down to 1:13.871. Andre Lotterer could still do this.

James Singleton June 15, 201411:02

Bernhard makes a splash and dash pit stop and makes it back out on track ahead of the #2 Audi. Lotterer is due a pit stop of his own shortly.

James Singleton June 15, 201411:03

Patrick Pilet in the #91 Porsche has an off at Indianapolis.

James Singleton June 15, 201411:08

#2 Audi makes its pit stop. Treluyer stands by, but Lotterer stays onboard. Only fuel is taken, and the car is released. He’s back on the hunt.

James Singleton June 15, 201411:16

Soheil Ayari beaches the #58 Ferrari at the Ford chicane.

James Singleton June 15, 201411:19

The #97 Aston Martin is unfortunately back in its pit garage.

James Singleton June 15, 201411:28

The Race Performance car, which was in contention in LMP2 for a while, has also been pushed back into its garage.

James Singleton June 15, 201411:31

Andre Lotterer continues to close on the #20 Porsche driven by Bernhard at a rapid rate.

James Singleton June 15, 201411:34

The #20 crew looks to be appearing for a pit stop.

James Singleton June 15, 201411:36

Timo Bernhard pits, handing driving duties over to Mark Webber. Lotterer meanwhile races past the pit lane to retake the lead in the #2.

James Singleton June 15, 201411:43

It’s not just at the front where there’s excitement, the battle in the LMP2 continues to hot up as well.

James Singleton June 15, 201411:49

Further problems for the #97 Aston Martin after Darren Turner went rallycrossing at Mulsanne corner earlier.

James Singleton June 15, 201411:50

Bernhard reports that a slow puncture was the cause of an earlier-than-expected final stop.

James Singleton June 15, 201411:54

Andre Lotterer brings the #2 in for what should be its last stop. Benoit Treluyer was once again standing ready, but Lotterer remains behind the wheel.

James Singleton June 15, 201411:55

Meanwhile, Marc Lieb takes over from Neel Jani as the #14 makes its final stop.

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:00

Webber is crawling!!

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:01

High oil temp he reports back to the team

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:03

Suddenly an Audi 1-2 looks back on the cards!! And the #8 Toyota could be 3rd.

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:05

Webber is limping back to the pits on electric power alone

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:05

Lucas Di Grassi pit the 1 car from 3rd. He’s two laps behind the wounded Porsche

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:06

Webber is pushed back into the garage. He went down the escape road at the second Mulsanne chicane at the start of his problem

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:08

No! The LMGTE Am leading #95 Aston is stopped on the pit exit.

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:08

Kristian Poulsen gets the car going again. He has a 4 lap lead in class.

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:09

The top three in LMP2 are coming together. Alex Brundle leading Tristan Gommendy and Harry Tincknell

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:11

Gommendy takes the class lead on the Mulsanne. 1hr48 remaining

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:13

Tincknell now take takes 2nd from Brundle, the OAK Ligier down on power when it needed it most

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:14

Gommendy now pits from the lead. Tincknell leads LMP2 for Jota Sport.

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:15

The OAK Racing Ligier is pushed back into the garage

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:20

Still in the pits the OAK Racing team have dropped to 4th in LMP2

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:20

Looks like the #20 Porsche is done. Webber climbing out of the cockpit.

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:22

Tincknell has brought the new LMP2 leader into the pits. Oliver Turvey will drive the anchor leg in the #38

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:23

Gommendy retakes the class lead for Thiriet by TDS Racing

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:26

Fred Makowiecki reporting a lack of power in #92 LMGTE Pro Porsche

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:33

Leader in the pits. Andre Lotterer in the pits.

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:36

Marc Lieb pits from 4th in the #14 Porsche. Reporting gearbox issues.

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:37

And the #14 gets turned through 90 degrees and pushed back into the garage

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:41

Antonio Garcia is chasing down an ailing Fred Makowiecki for 2nd in LMGTE Pro

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:41

Makowiecki pits from second in class and Garcia take the place

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:42

Mechanics are examining the #92 car

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:43

But Makowiecki returns to the race without much further delay

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:52

#1 Audi in the pits, Tom Kristensen belted into the cockpit to take the final hour and a bit of the race

James Broomhead June 15, 201412:56

AF Corse’s #51 in the pits. trouble free stop for the LMGTE Pro leader

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:00

So we are into the final hour of the race and Audi continue to lead with the #2 R18 e-tron Quattro. Barring major drama for Benoit Treluyer it will be an easy run to the flag. Tom Kristensen has the #1 for second.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:01

#43 Newblood by Morand Racing’s Morgan-Nissan is reported as slow on the run to Mulsanne corner.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:04

Oliver Turvey pits in the JOTA Sport Zytek from the lead of LMP2 for fuel only

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:05

Ludovic Badey gets ahead of him for the final stints. Its so close.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:05

The #97 and #95 cars are both in the pits. Both heading to the garage.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:06

The #97 is well down but the #95 leads its class!

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:07

In LMP2 the #46 of Badey cant make it to the end without fuel. neither can the Panciatici driven Alpine in third. Turvey may be able to make it but its a big ask.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:08

LM GTE Am leader escapes from the pits to stay in the lead of the class.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:08

Also in LM GTE Am, the JMW Ferrari is the gravel at Indianapolis. Snatch tractor is on the way for Abdulaziz Al Faisal.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:11

The LMP2 battle has extended to a massive 2.246 seconds. That is after 23 hours 10 minutes!

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:12

Meanwhile the final stops in LM GTE Pro continue. The Corvette Racing team are attending to the C7.R or Antonio Garcia.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:15

The Rebellion R-One of Nico Prost comes to pit lane for its (hopefully) final pit stop. The car has overtaken Mark Webber’s stricken Porsche for fifth overall.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:18

The gap continues to grow in LMP2 as Oliver Turvey brings his car to the finish. Its now over 6 seconds.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:20

A driver change for the Prospeed Competition car puts Jeroen Bleekemolen in for the final stint.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:21

The #2 is in for its final splash of fuel. Benoit Treluyer stays in the car.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:25

Final stop is done for Anthony Davidson in the #8 Toyota TS040 Hybrid. From the wall early on to third in the final hour.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:25

The #1 is also good to go to the finish.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:28

The #2 leads the #1 down the Mulsanne straight. With half an hour on the clock it is a bit early for the formation finish but with three laps between the #1 and the Toyota, they can just cruise home.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:29

This lap Mark Webber’s #20 Porsche will fall behind the LMP2 lead battle. Next time round it’s Marc Lieb and the #14s turn to drop down timing and scoring.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:37

The last of the pit stops are now done. Time for the mechanics to get ready for the celebrations.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:38

Oh dear, I spoke too soon, the Rebellion Racing R-One is in the pits. Now it rolls away.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:39

So is the TDS Ligier, now we just need to be sure that the #38 JOTA Sport car can make it to the end of the race.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:41

The #35 OAK Ligier is brought to pit lane by Mark Schulzhitskiy due to a left rear puncture.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:42

We have also had a car going wide and brushing the gravel on a replay but the heat haze means we cant be sure which car it is. It could be either the Loeb Racing machine or the LMP2 leading JOTA car.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:43

The #14 is getting attention now. Looks like they are going to bring the car out of the garage and take the chequered flag.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:46

The JOTA Sport Zytek pits for fuel. Possible drama in the final laps of the race.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:47

Ok the LMP2 leader has left the pits. Ludovic Badey has a target that is now achievable though. Race on for the final 12 minutes?

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:48

There is just 24 seconds between Oliver Turvey and Ludovic Badey.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:50

Frederic Makowiecki brings the Porsche #92 to pit lane. Fuel and back out for the finish.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:52

The gap in LMP2 has stabilised. Looks like this is the order that will take the flag in eight minutes.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:53

The Porsche 919 Hybrid #14 has come out onto the apron. The car will take the finish with Marc Lieb at the wheel.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:56

We are headed into the final lap of the 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans. Benoit Treluyer is bringing the two car Audi convoy through Arnage for the penultimate time.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:56

The #14 Porsche is back on the track.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:57

Marc Lieb halts the cars drop down the order in eleventh place.

Nick Smith June 15, 201413:59

Benoit Treluyer takes his lap of honour as the clock counts down through the final minute. The chequered flag is in hand on the flag stand.

Nick Smith June 15, 201414:00

Marc Lieb plugs in behind the two Audis as the field forms up for the photo.

Nick Smith June 15, 201414:01

The pit wall is packed with teams. Audi are in place.

Nick Smith June 15, 201414:02

The #2 Audi R18 e-tron Quattro of Benoit Treluyer, Andre Lotterer and Marcel Fassler WINS LE MANS!

Nick Smith June 15, 201414:03

In LM GTE Am the #95 Aston Martin Racing V8 Vantage GTE had taken the victory, a year after we lost Allan Simonsen.

Nick Smith June 15, 201414:04

JOTA Sport will win the LMP2 class assuming the #38 Zytek completes the final lap. AF Corse and Gianmaria Bruni claim the victory in LM GTE Pro.

Nick Smith June 15, 201414:05

Special mentions to the Ligier teams who have managed to get all three of these brand new cars to the finish. Also to Rebellion Racing and the #12 Rebellion R-One for taking fourth place at Le Mans.

Nick Smith June 15, 201414:06

Oliver Turvey brings the #38 home. On Wednesday night he didn’t even have a drive for this race. Now he is a class winner.

Nick Smith June 15, 201414:13

The full driver line up of the race winning #2 Audi R18 e-tron Quattro have climbed onboard. So have Ralf Jutner and Dr. Wolfgang Ulrich!

Nick Smith June 15, 201414:14

The #2 Audi pulls up in the most prized parking space in all of endurance racing.

Nick Smith June 15, 201414:16

Oh dear, the #14 Porsche hasn’t classified because their pit garage is after the start/finish line. Their last lap was well over an hour and half. It cant be longer than six minutes!

Nick Smith June 15, 201414:17

The trio of race winning drivers kiss the dirty front of the race winning R18.

James Broomhead June 15, 201414:21

That completes our live blog coverage of the 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans. Thanks for following along with us. We’re all off to go sleep.