Foust Happy With Fifth But Looking Forward To VW Beetle RX

Tanner Foust overcome mechanical issues to reach his first final of the Red Bull Global Rallycross season as the series headed to the nations capital for Volkswagen Rallycross D.C.

Having been penalized in the opening round for taking the joker lap twice and then rolling out of the X Games race Foust was out to make amends for the third round of the championship and despite not taking the win the two-time GRC chamion was happy to make it to the finish line.

“Fifth wasn’t the result we wanted heading into this weekend but it still feels like a victory for the team after a crazy two days,” said Foust.

With the Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross being the in-form team to beat after Scott Speed took victory at both rounds of the championship, the team were brought down to earth with a bang after engine problems sidelined both Foust and Speed on the opening day.

The team worked hard to get the cars out for the second day and starting from the back Foust narrowly missed out on a spot in the finals. Thankfully there was still the Last Chance Qualifiers to come which Foust aced to make it in to the finals.

On the start of the finals Foust leapt in to third place but as the race progressed the engine gremlins came back and Foust lost time. Despite the mechanical issues Foust made it to the finish line to take fifth place.

“I’m extremely impressed and proud of the Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross team this weekend. They were faced with two engine swaps and a gearbox replacement within an hour of each other,” said Foust.

“With one spare engine in the truck, they had to get creative in order to get the car back on the track for Sunday: they machined a bearing out of the head of a brass hammer and still the car made it all the way into the Top 5.”

VW Beetle RX

Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross fans were given a sneak peak of the all new Beetle Rallycross car this weekend that Foust and Speed will be campaigning later this season, Foust acknowledged that while the VW Polo has been competitive he is looking forward to getting out on track in the Beetle.

“The team has done an amazing job with our cars this season and they’re very competitive,” said Foust. “But having had a chance to test our new Beetle I can say it’s really a major milestone in development and I can’t wait to bring it into the series.”

Foust heads back to Europe for his second guest appearance of the year with Marklund Motorsport in the World Rallycross Championship in Kuovola, Finland.