LIVE: Avon Tyres British GT Championship Snetterton: Race 1

Welcome to the live coverage of the Avon Tyres British GT Championship’s first race of two from the Snetterton 300 circuit in Norfolk. Ecurie Ecosse are on pole thanks to Marco Attard with AF Corse’s Ferrari 458 Italia sharing the front row. Live coverage of the entire one hour sprint will appear here. There is no need to refresh your browser to update the content.

Nick Smith June 22, 201411:14

The Avon Tyres British GT Championship teams are putting the final touches to their cars while the BRDC Formula 4 Championship race comes to a close. The race starts in 30 minutes.

Nick Smith June 22, 201411:22

The BRDC Formula 4 cars have cleared the circuit ready for the pre-race festivities here at Snetterton. The race begins in 20 minutes.

Nick Smith June 22, 201411:30

The pit lane has opened and the cars are on their way to the grid.

Nick Smith June 22, 201411:34

There are early problems for the #41 Optimum Racing Ginetta G55 GT4, it has stopped on track between Palmer and Agostini on the out lap. Not a good start for Jade Edwards.

Nick Smith June 22, 201411:37

The circuit falls silent in memory of Allan Simonsen, who died at Le Mans last year.

Nick Smith June 22, 201411:42

Nick Smith June 22, 201411:43

The cars are away from the grid, we are minutes away from the green flag. The Optimum team are busy laboring on a broken drive shaft, 30 other cars are now forming up.

Nick Smith June 22, 201411:46

And we are green, Attard leads the field into the first corner.

Nick Smith June 22, 201411:46

Jon Minshaw is up to fourth in the #63 Trackspeed Porsche as the field head to Agostini.

Nick Smith June 22, 201411:48

Lap one complete and Attard has a 0.340 second advantage over Jody Firth in the #12 Trackspeed Porsche, which got past the #29 of Pasin Lathouras in the opening corners.

Nick Smith June 22, 201411:50

Andrew Howard has brought the #1 Beechdean AMR Vantage on to terms with Jon Minshaw and Pasin Lathouras who are battling for second.

Nick Smith June 22, 201411:51

Meanwhile in GT4 Oz Yusuf has his hands full keeping the #77 Lotus ahead of a determined Rick Parfitt in the #42 Ginetta of Century Motorsport.

Nick Smith June 22, 201411:52

Attard and Firth continue to battle for the lead. The Porsche took three tenths from the #79 Ecurie Ecosse BMW on lap 3.

Nick Smith June 22, 201411:52

Parfitt has taken the lead of GT4 from Yusuf round the back of the circuit. Ginetta leads in GT4.

Nick Smith June 22, 201411:54

Lap four is advantage to Attard. behind the battle Minshaw is refusing to drop more than half a second off the back of the #29 AF Corse Ferrari.

Nick Smith June 22, 201411:55

The #888 Triple Eight BMW is hounding the back of the Beechdean GT3 Aston Martin too. Andrew Howard appears to be leading a train.

Nick Smith June 22, 201411:56

The #44 Team Parker Racing Porsche had a spin at Montreal but carried on. Thats Barrie Baxter in the car he shares with Dan Cammish.

Nick Smith June 22, 201411:57

Somehow the #41 managed to get back out in time for the start of the race. Jade Edwards is on track and about ten seconds behind Baxter’s Porsche.

Nick Smith June 22, 201411:58

The #79 Ecurie Ecosse BMW has made the break now and is 2.170 seconds clear of the orange and black Porsche of Jody Firth.

Nick Smith June 22, 201411:59

Track limits warnings are coming in thick and fast now. The #2 Bentley, #38 Aston Martin and #55 Ginetta have all had the wrist slap from race control.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:00

The #18 FF Corse Ferrari takes an unscheduled pit stop.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:01

Ahh, explanations come. The #38 MP Motorsport Aston Martin and the #18 FF Corse Ferrari are now under investigation. Apparently they came together at Montreal.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:02

Meanwhile the #6 of Phil Dryburgh has a bit of a spin at Willams but carries on.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:02

Firth is counter attacking now, he has the gap down by almost a second, now the Porsche is only 1.838 behind the #79 which continues to lead.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:03

We are working lap nine.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:03

The black and white flag goes out for Jon Minshaw who is using a little bit too much run off at Williams. If he keeps this up he will be hit with a penalty.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:04

He did however just set the fastest lap of the race, 1:53.023.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:04

Derek Johnston in the #888 BMW has just gotten past Andrew Howard for fifth place in a brave move at Oggies.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:06

Minshaw is continuing to close on the leading battle, aided by being by far the fastest car down the Bentley Straight. First target is Jody Firth’s Porsche a second and a half down the road.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:08

Gary Eastwood is out of the #18 FF Corse Ferrari.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:09

Ooops aparently the #888 of Johnston and the #29 of Lathouras had a bumping session at Melbourne. The race director is taking a close look at that one.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:10

The podium spots are now over eight seconds away from the #29 of Lathouras. Johnstone is only 0.8 behind him though and had four other cars within shouting distance. Battle for fourth here we come.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:11

The battle has been won, Johnston is in fourth, Lathouras is in a disappointing 15th.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:12

More problems for the Bentley. The #17 has stopped on track at Williams.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:12

Pit stops are underway.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:13

Leader pits, as does Firth and Minshaw. #888 leads the race.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:14

The Bentley has been cleared away after Ahmad Al Masood dropped it and clouted the tyres.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:15

Now Howard and Smith pit in the #1 and #5 respectively giving second place to the Preci-Spark McLaren.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:15

Both the McLaren and the leading BMW owe a stop.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:16

Phil Keen escaped the pit lane for Trackspeed faster than Jonny Cocker for Ecurie Ecosse. The Porsche is in third officially but in reality, Keen leads the motor race.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:17

The Preci-Spark McLaren now leads the race as Derek Johnston pits to hand over to Luke Hynes.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:18

In the meantime fastest laps are coming thick and fast. A quick one from the #2 Bentley of James Appleby has just been beaten by Joe Osborne in he #88 BMW.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:19

Jones pits the McLaren. Phil Keen leads with a determined Jonny Cocker 0.629 seconds behind.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:21

The pit window has closed.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:22

Only one car hasn’t been through the pits, the #17 which will arrive via the paddock. So far we are two cars down with 25 minutes remaining.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:22

In GT4 the ‘Baby Beechdean’ #407 Vantage has had an off track moment at turn one.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:23

Gavan Kershaw has a 3.362 second advantage in the #77 Lotus too. That must have changed in the pit stops.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:24

A spin for James Appleby at turn five, Hamilton.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:24

The #2 Generation Bentley Racing machine has continued.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:27

With twenty minutes to run and twenty laps on the board your leaders are:

#63 Phil Keen – Trackspeed Porsche
#79 Jonny Cocker – Ecurie Ecosse BMW
#12 Warren Hughes – Trackspeed Porsche


#77 Gavan Kershaw – ISSY Racing Lotus
#43 Aleksander Schjerpen – Century Motorsport Ginetta
#407 Jake Giddings – Beechdean AMR Vantage GT4.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:27

Cocker has just halved the gap to Keen in a single lap. Battle lines are being drawn for the lead of the race.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:29

Keen counters and brings the gap back out to over half a second.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:30

The #40 CWS Ginetta has been handed a stop and go because they didn’t stay in the pits for long enough.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:32

Phil Keen continues to build the lead he holds in the Demontweeks Porsche. The gap is now 1.1 seconds and growing.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:33

I say that, now Cocker has taken three tenths of that gap back.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:35

Welcome the United Autosports Audi back into the top ten. Matt Bell has just wrested the 10th position from Michael Caine.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:36

A slow lap for Hughes in the #12 Porsche announced a problem. The Trackspeed machine is now crawling round Hamilton according to the commentary.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:37

The #888 of Luke Hines has taken the final podium spot from Hughes. The Porsche continues to tumble having stopped in the second sector.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:38

All of which has served as a distraction. We have eight minutes left and Cocker is now only 0.369 seconds off the back bumper of Phil Keen’s Porsche. Grandstand finish?

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:39

Its a puncture that has halted the #12 Porsche.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:40

Keen has put on a burst of speed. The gap is back out to half a second but there are two or three laps left. It could still change.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:42

The lead in GT4 is steady. Discounting mechancial malady, the #77 will have a decent result. For 2nd however, Tom Oliphant is only 0.358 seconds behind the Giddings driven Aston.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:43

Matt Draper brings the #41 Optimum car to pit lane. Its been a bad race for the G55.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:44

Osborne is flashing the lights at his team mate Luke Hines as they run in formation for third and fourth. Osborne seems to want to get going for the final minute or so.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:44

This is likely to be the final lap.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:46

No, they made it to the line with 18 seconds left on the clock. Jonny Cocker has 2.99 miles to get it done in.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:46

The #55 gets a five second penalty.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:47

Cocker is alongside the Porsche at Williams but the Porsche keeps ahead.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:47

That #55 penalty was for track limits.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:47

Its a drag race to the line!

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:48

Phil Keen takes the win, the first for the Trackspeed Porsches this year. Cocker crossed the line half a second behind with Luke Hines holding off team mate Joe Osborne for the final podium position.

Nick Smith June 22, 201412:49

In GT4 the win went to the Lotus Evora of Gavan Kershaw. Jake Giddings held off the Ginetta of Tom Oliphant for second.

Nick Smith June 22, 201413:01

The trophies have been presented and the Ginetta GT5 Challenge have taken to the grid.

Nick Smith June 22, 201413:02

Thank you for following the Avon Tyres British GT Championship race 1 from Snetterton with Our live coverage of the second race will begin at 15:20 this afternoon.

Nick Smith June 22, 201413:04