LIVE: Avon Tyres British GT Championship Snetterton: Race 2

Welcome to the live coverage of the Avon Tyres British GT Championship’s second of two races from the Snetterton 300 circuit in Norfolk. Defending champions Beechdean AMR are on the pole thanks to a fast lap from Jonny Adam with the #18 FF Corse Ferrari of Adam Carroll alongside. Live coverage of the entire one hour sprint will appear here. There is no need to refresh your browser to update the content.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:07

The grid walk is underway for the second of the weekend’s one hour Avon Tyres British GT Championship sprint races. All we need now is some cars.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:10

With Andrew Howard now finished presenting the BRDC Formula 4 trophies we have a full suite of drivers. The engines are about to fire up, the pit lane opens in a minute for the cars to go to the grid.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:11

Jonny Adam leads the cars out of pit lane for the run to the grid.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:13

There goes the #17 M-Sport Bentley Continental GT3. Repaired from its problems in race 1 but starting from the back of the grid after issues in qualifying. Steven Kane starts the car, where can it finish?

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:17

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:20

Twitter also reports that the #41 Optimum Motorsport Ginetta of Jade Edwards and Matt Draper blew its engine in race 1 and wont take part this time out.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:21

Richard Abra brought the #38 MP Motorsport Aston Martin into the pit lane after the out lap and is now stuck at pit out.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:22

There are a lot of GT3 and GT4 cars now moving on the start straight. We are one green flag lap away from an hour of action.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:25

Lights out and we are racing!

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:26

Abra joins from the pit lane in the #38 MP Motorsport Aston Martin.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:26

Kershaw dropped to the back of the pack on the formation lap too, but he seems to have the #77 ISSY Racing Lotus back up to speed.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:28

Apparently the Bentley #17 and the #42 Ginetta of Tom Oliphant came together at Montreal. The stewards are looking into it.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:28

Safety car is out.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:29

Two cars have come together at Riches.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:29

Red flag, the race has been stopped to deal with the incident at turn 1.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:30

The clock has been stopped at 56:29 to go.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:31

The cars are reforming on the grid but recovery and rescue vehicles are racing to the scene of the accident. We don’t yet know who is missing.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:35

The cars in the incident are the #6 PGF-Kinfaun AMR of John Gaw, the #28 TF Sport/Horsepower Racing Aston Martin of Andy Schultz and the #888 Triple Eight BMW of Luke Hines. We don’t know anything about the drivers condition at this time.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:36

To clarify something I said earlier, the cars are lined up single file down the pit straight to allow rescue vehicles down the start straight.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:37

The cars are returning to their grid positions ready to restart the race now. We understand one driver at least has been taken to the medical centre for checks but know nothing more.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:40

Triple Eight have confirmed to that Luke Hines was involved but is OK. He has spoken to the team on the radio.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:40

We are now hearing that all drivers are OK and that the race will be started from a clean slate.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:44

There will be a twenty minute delay before the race restarts. There is significant damage to the crash barrier which needs to be rectified. The first laps of the new race will be carried out under the safety car.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:45

We will take a brief ten minute pit stop here in the media centre. Expect the race to restart near the top of the hour.

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:52

Nick Smith June 22, 201416:55

On the good news side of things. MP Motorsport have been allowed to take the grid spot they qualified in, they do not have to start again from the pit lane.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:02

The #888 and #28 have been returned to the teams through pit lane. The #888 looks ok but has drive shaft damage according to the team. The Horsepower with TF Sport Aston Martin is in a right state. Apparenlty John Gaw’s Aston has apparently been taken away by a different route.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:11

We have new information. The race will be fifty-five minutes long, starting when the safety car starts moving. The pit window will remain the same which 35-25 minutes left on the clock.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:13

Helmets are being fitted, drivers are getting near their cars. We will have a race soon.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:14

We have a start time. The cars will roll in six minutes.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:15

That is an estimate but it seems to be solid.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:18

We have engine noises, the race starts in just under three minutes.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:19

Oh, they have just revised the start time back five minutes. We are now restarting at 17:25.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:20

Five minute board is out. We will be starting in five minutes.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:21

Unfortunately due to the delay in the Avon Tyres British GT Championship race, the Protyre Motorsport Ginetta GT5 Challenge race which was to end the day has now been cancelled.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:22

Three minutes to go, the cars will start in single file behind the safety car.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:24

The Mechanics have vacated the grid. One minute to go.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:24

We have the #42 at the end of the pit lane. The cars are rolling off the grid.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:25

Rick Parfitt had gearbox and clutch problems earlier.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:26

A slight hiccup for the #17 Bentley, Steven Kane is now using Marshal power to clear the race track.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:27

A small army of M-Sport mechanics are running in the direction of pit out to recover their car.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:27

We are now four minutes into our safety car restart. Thats lap 1 done.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:28

The Bentley has been cleared so we are now good to go racing.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:30

One more lap under the safety car then we are green apparently.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:31

The #17 has left Parc Ferme under it’s own power. It is a lap down but Steven Kane is back in the race.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:33

Green green green!

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:33

There are 46 minutes left on the clock.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:34

Jonny Adam has led the pack through Hamilton with Adam Carroll in pursuit. Joe Osborne is attacking the #18.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:35

Jonny Adam has a 1.688 seconds over the Adam Carroll driven Ferrari.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:36

In GT4 Kershaw’s Lotus leads Dan Cammish in the #44 Porsche by almost half a second.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:37

The lead for Beechdean is now 2.5 seconds exactly.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:37

ISSY Racing’s team manager is being summoned to race control. The #77 Lotus continues to lead the GT4 class but that suggests a penalty.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:38

We have a car off at Corum. It would appear to be the #40 of Tom Sharp given that it hasn’t crossed the line.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:39

Even with a yellow flag zone at Corum the #1 Aston Martin has extended it’s lead to 3.385 seconds.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:39

The #44 has taken the ISSY Lotus and now leads the class.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:40

Timing screen confirms that it’s Tom Sharp in the barriers at Corum.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:41

The #77 has been handed a penalty, drive through for incorrect starting procedure. That could be a mechanic with the car too long or it could be that the car incorrectly took its grid spot for the restart.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:42

The Lotus has gone missing. It hasn’t come by the pits and it isn’t serving its penalty. Jonny Adam meanwhile has grown his lead to over five seconds!

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:43

The pit window will be open by the time Jonny Adam comes round again.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:44

No, he beat the clock by ninteen seconds. In the meantime the #17 Bentley exits the pits. Six laps down but no back in action again.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:45

Jonny Cocker is now getting right on terms with Adam Carroll. The #79 BMW is lining up a move.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:46

The pit window has been open for a minute and a half but we have had no takers. Don’t expect many early stoppers as the pros will need as much time as possible to set up the ‘Am’ drivers.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:47

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:48

The #1 Aston Martin now has an almost seven second lead over Adam Carroll who is busy holding off the Ecurie Ecosse BMW.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:49

The #55 Academy Motorsport Ginetta has been handed a five second time penalty due to three track limits violations during the race. Matt Nicoll-Jones is the driver.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:51

The #5 Aston Martin is the first to stop, Rory Butcher jumps out and Jeff Smith takes over. Thats the first of the Oman Racing Team cars done.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:52

Devon Modell has brought in the #49 TF Sport Aston Martin for his pit stop. The #17 is back in, but this could be routine.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:53

The Bentley is back out and in an on track battle with the #5 Aston. There are only seven laps separating the two cars!

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:54

Richard Lyons brings in the #29 AF Corse car while Ahmad Al Harthy is jumping into the #4 car. Jody Firth is getting into the #12 Trackspeed Porsche too.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:55

The Jones McLaren is changing drivers too, David to Godfrey while Tandy hands over the #2 Generation Bentley to James Appleby.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:56

The heavy hand of justice hits the #55 again. For repeatedly ignoring the track limits the Academy car of Matt Nicoll-Jones has been given a 30 second time penalty.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:57

The non-stoppers are now in a miniority as we have another chunk of cars take to the pits.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:58

Jonny Adam is in to hand over to reigning champion Andrew Howard. Everyone else is following him in.

Nick Smith June 22, 201417:58

Everyone one has now stopped. We are set for a 20 minute dash to the flag.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:00

Its an intra-team battle in GT4. Currently the #46 Twisted Team Parker Ginetta leads after toppling Dan Cammish’s Porsche in the pit stops.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:01

The order is settling out now with Howard holding a sixteen second lead over the chasing Ferrari 458 Italia of Gary Eastwood.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:01

Mark Poole is being warned about track limits.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:02

There goes Howard.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:02

And there goes Eastwood. Its getting a little closer.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:04

Through the stops the #88 has dropped right down. Lee Mowle is in fifth in a car that was challenging for second earlier in the race.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:06

The ‘Baby Beechdean’ GT4 Aston Martin #407 has been summoned to race control.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:07

Oh, thats a stop and go for the #407, the pit stop was too short. It also shakes up the order in GT4 where the #46 Twisted Team Parker Ginetta currently leads the #407. The stop will put the #49 TF Sport Aston into second and put Paul McNeilly’s #48 Fox Motorsport Ginetta onto the podium.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:09

Andrew Howard continues to circulate, holding off the chasing Ferrari enough that there will not be enough time for Eastwood to catch him.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:09

There are ten minutes left which means five or six laps.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:10

The #48 wont take over a podium spot then, it has topped at Oggies.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:10

Rick Parfitt inherits the final podium spot in GT4.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:11

Now Parfitt has an off in the #42 Century Motorsport Ginetta, going off at Riches.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:12

The Generation Bentley and John Dhillon driven AF Corse Ferrari are also being investigated now after contact at Montreal.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:13

Parfitt kept the third place after his off and continue at Riches. He is now only 0.645 ahead of the #43 Morten Dons driven Century Ginetta.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:14

Andrew Jarman stopped the #49 TF Sport Aston Martin at turn nine for a while but continues. He lost 20 seconds and fell from a podium in class to sixth, 22nd overall.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:15

At the front it remains Andrew Howard leading the #18 of Gary Eastwood and the #21 of Paul White. The gap from first to second is dropping but not quick enough. There are four minutes left, which is going to be two more laps.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:16

It’s BMW bumper cars between Marco Attard in the Ecurie Ecosse and the #88 of Lee Mowle. Contact is reported and being investigated at Palmer.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:17

For seventh, Jon Minshaw puts a move on the #38 MP Motorsport Aston of Mark Poole. Poole doesn’t take it lying down though and battles all the way down the start finish straight. Yielding at Riches.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:18

Andrew Howard passed the start finish line at 1:53 left on the clock. He is currently running 1:55s but could do better.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:18

Marco Attard is dropping down the timing screens, he is now in tenth after battling with the #88 in fifth!

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:19

The flag is in hand.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:20

Andrew Howard crosses the line to win the second Avon Tyres British GT Championship race of the day. He is followed across the line by Gary Eastwood’s FF Corse Ferari and the #21 Strata 21 Aston Martin of Paul White and Tom Onslow-Cole.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:21

In GT4 the win is taken by Adrian Barwick for Twisted Team Parker and the Ginetta G55. Rick Parfitt in second and Morton Dons in third, both for Century Motorsport, makes it a podium lockout for Ginetta.

Nick Smith June 22, 201418:25

Thank you for following our coverage of the Avon Tyres British GT Championship from Snetterton. The series now heads to Spa-Francorchamps on 11th July where the field will return to action. All of the action will be covered here on