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by Team TCF

“Sorry for the lack of updates readers, leading up to and after Croft I have been flat out organising various things for the race weekend including my new sponsor for the Croft weekend, Ratio Seven energy consultants!

After the weekend I then helped out Tesco with their Kart 4 Life event at Rye House for 3 days which was great fun for a great cause, then attending the British Grand Prix for the first time as a BRDC member, which was make extra special with a win from Lewis! And finally back to the instructing day job to keep petrol in my car to get to sponsor meetings! Very busy start to the summer “break”!

Firstly looking back to Croft, A challenging weekend is how I would describe it! It all started way back on the Friday. It was my first time at the circuit so I never expected it to be easy, however mechanical problems made life harder for us.

David Pittard - Credit: Jakob Ebrey Photography

Pittard Bounced Back From A Tough Start To The Croft Weekend – Credit: Jakob Ebrey Photography

We managed to make the most of what we were dealt and ended the meeting and the first half of the season with a win which has kept the momentum up for our title challenge!

FP1 allowed me to learn the circuit in a very oversteery car. With the only constant that had changed was a rebuilt gearbox and diff, we checked the diff and it was twice as tight as it should have been turning the car into a drift machine.

FP2 saw an improvement in the cars handling and after hooking up a lap with only two new tyres we went fourth, which we were pleased with and had high hopes going into qualifying!

Quali we messed up though. With spots of rain in the air it spooked us into changing the run plan and after my mistake, an excursion onto the grass put us on the back foot which we never recovered from and I could only managed seventh.

I didn’t get the best start in race one meaning I held position. With it being tight and twisty at Croft it made it hard to pass, and I only managed to make up a position after a mechanical issue from the championship leader. The second race saw a hectic start which I think we were lucky to get away with. I made a place into the first corner, however an accident in front saw me take avoiding action and was driven into by another competitor as they were out of control. In the end I didn’t make up any more places, but. I managed to force Jamie Orton into exceeding track limits so inherited fifth at the flag.

Pittard Has Three Wins To His Name For The Season - Credit: Jakob Ebrey Photography

Pittard Has Three Wins To His Name For The Season – Credit: Jakob Ebrey Photography

I was lucky enough to receive pole position for the final race of the weekend. The cars handling had improved and I had looked after my tyres well, so I was confident I could make the most of the pole.

I managed to hold onto the lead after a challenge into the first corner and pull out a gap over the first half of the race. However the car got harder to drive over the second half of the race and I was caught. I managed to defend and look after the tyres till the end and take the win which was fantastic! When coming into parc ferme and checking the car it was found that we had a rear left puncture which made it even more satisfying!

This leaves me running second in the championship which is fantastic! The SV Racing plan at the start of the season was to learn the car and the circuits and start to challenge for wins in the second half of the season, as most drivers do in their initial season in a championship like the GT4 Supercup. However we have exceeded all our own, and others expectations to be right in championship contention at the half way stage in the championship!

This is down to a lot of hard work by Danny Buxton, giving me a great team to work with which includes my engineer Rob Boston, mechanics Oscar Miller and Alex Ross, so a huge thank you for all their hard work and support! The best thing is that the second half of the season should be stronger for me as I know 80% of the tracks which fills me with huge confidence! Roll on Snett!


Pittard Enjoyed His Time At The Kart4Life Event

After all the excitement of Croft, I then took on my event managing and hosting role to take on the otherside of motorsport! From Tuesday to Thursday after Croft I helped out at Tesco’s Kart 4 Life event at Rye House in Hertfordshire raising money for Cancer Research UK and Diabetes UK.

I was joined by Jason Plato and Josh Cook to host the event and give tips to the many event suppliers who attended the four hour endurance race. Over the three days myself, and Josh, did a demonstration before each race to teach the lines and overtaking places, however I was taken to Clio Cup school and knocked from pillar to post which was an experience… so watch out Supercup boys at Snetterton, I’ve learned a new aggressive style ;)

I met some great enthusiastic people at the event and the Kart4Life team more than doubled the amount raised than last year at around £200,000!

Straight after that I attended the British Grand Prix with the BRDC, entertaining my own sponsors over the three days. The BRDC put on a fantastic venue to entertain guests at both the Farm and Clubhouse, and their private grandstands gave great views to the circuit!

It was an enthralling weekend, the hope of Lewis in qualifying dashed at the last minute, followed by an amazing comeback drive to take it to Rosberg and win the British Grand Prix! The atmosphere was something I will never forget and both me and my guests had a great weekend!

It’s back to the instructing job over the summer break as well as sponsorship hunting to make sure we are in the best possible position for the second half of the season! Cannot wait for my favourite circuits coming up! :D

David “Working Hard” Pittard

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