Prodrive Collection Moves To Donington Museum

by Simon Paice

The iconic Prodrive collection has found a new temporary home at Donington Park.

The cars, formerly housed in their Heritage Centre, have been loaned to the Donington Collection as Prodrive prepare to move from their current headquarters near the M40 in Banbury, their home since 1986, to new premises in the town.

The collection at Donington will include rallying icons like the Metro 6R4, Subaru Legacy and Subaru Impreza 555, two BTCC super touring greats, a 1998 Honda Accord and 2000 title-winning Ford Mondeo, and a 2004 BAR Honda Formula 1 car.

The Prodrive display will be housed in the museum’s Hall 5, alongside the world’s largest showcase of Formula One racing cars, with more than 130 race cars in the Grand Prix Collection. The Prodrive exhibition is expected to remain at Donington for a minimum of one year.

David Richards, Chairman of Prodrive, said: “The Donington Grand Prix collection has always been one of the best displays of racing cars in the world. It is therefore a fitting venue to house our own collection of race and rally cars from the last 30 years, where the public can continue to enjoy them, while we relocate to our new facilities in Banbury.”

Kevin Wheatcroft, Chairman of Donington Park, added: “It is a great honour to be chosen by Prodrive to host this superb collection of cars – especially when they come with so much great heritage. If you’ve never visited the Donington Park museum before it’s the perfect opportunity to see at first hand and close up, some of the greatest moments in recent motorsport history.”

The exhibition will open from Saturday 19th July.

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