Somerfield Accepts Blame For Walkinshaw Incident

by Simon Paice

Reece Somerfield has accepted fault for an unsavoury incident at the end of the final Michelin Ginetta GT4 Supercup race at Knockhill.

Somerfield was battling with Fergus Walkinshaw over eleventh place in the latter stages of Round 20, with Walkinshaw appearing to push him wide as he took the place on the final lap.

After the chequered flag, further contact ensued between the two. Somerfield punted Walkinshaw around at the first corner, before the Scotsman hit him further around the lap.

Both drivers spoke to ITV Sport, with Walkinshaw feeling there was nothing wrong with his final lap move:

“There was a little bit of contact between me and Reece, but nothing I’d called excessive, more than a racing incident,” explained Walkinshaw.

“It was a bit of a tap between my front and his rear under brakes, nothing too severe.”

Somerfield wasn’t happy with the contact though, but admits he responded in the wrong manner:

“After two of three taps I still managed to stay in front of him, but there were a couple of big ones on the last lap,” commented Somerfield.

“It got a bit out of hand. It was really my fault, it was me losing my temper which I shouldn’t have no matter what happened on track, but hindsight is a great thing.”

Post-race, both drivers were excluded from the results for the incident.

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