New Slick Tyre in Three Years for British GT in 2015

Avon Tyres, British GT’s title sponsor and official tyre supplier, have announced that the series will use a new specification slick tyre for the first time in three years during the 2015 season.

After three years running on the current spec tyres, Avon started to test the new compound of rubber for both GT3 and GT4 at various tracks around Europe this year, with cars from McLaren, Bentley, Aston Martin and Ferrari all taking part.

As well as the new slick tyre, Avon are also introducing new moulds for their wet GT3 tyres, with the hand-cut treads featuring a new pattern in the future to further increase wet weather grip.

Avon Tyres Technical Manager, Motorsport, Mike Lynch, said: “The new slick tyre is an evolution of Avon’s already successful British GT product. The new tyre has delivered peak lap times that are similar to, or better than, the 2014 tyre.

“However, the main focus has been on significantly improving the tyre performance throughout the range of ambient conditions. In all respects, we are extremely pleased with the test results from our significant UK, German and Italian test programs. We look forward to even closer and more competitive racing next year.”