MIA: Lack of available talent ‘a concern’ for Industry future

The results from the membership opinion survey carried out annually by the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) have been released, with the results providing a unique insight into the UK’s motorsport industry while also raising any issues or concerns that could affect its future.

The MIA was set up in 1994 and is now the world’s leading trade association for the motorsport, performance engineering, services and tuning sectors, and represents the specialised needs of the global industry as it develops across the globe.

An industry concern highlighted by 78% of respondents showed many were anxious about the lack of available talent, with concerns about the ‘poor availability of skilled employees coming into the industry’.

Other issues brought up by the survey including the credit worthiness of customers, the economic situation and the confidence in the countries economy as a whole, all of which could affect the companies every day operations.

Chris Aylett, CEO of the MIA, insisted the UK was a global hub for high performance engineering, and the concerns brought up by the survey makes it clear where MIA need to take action.

“Our annual survey offers a unique insight into what matters most to motorsport companies operating in the UK,” said Aylett. “It’s clear from the results that there is a growing concern within the industry about the lack of talented youngsters choosing to pursue careers based around STEM subjects and the effect this could have on the industry’s future.

“Currently, the UK is the global hub for high performance engineering and it would be a travesty if this wasn’t the case in years to come.

“We plan to take action on behalf of our members, and the wider motorsport industry, by forging even closer bonds with government and petitioning for further investment in STEM subject across the UK.

“This request will appear within our ‘Manifesto for Motorsport in the UK’, which we will be launching early next year.”

For more information about the MIA, visit their website: http://www.the-mia.com/