DeltaWing Announces Plans for GT programme

by Daniel Lloyd

The DeltaWing Technology Group has today revealed the blueprints for a DeltaWing GT concept.

Newly appointed DeltaWing Technology vice president Brian Willis will lead the project.

Willis’ experience stretches back 27 years, with a resume that includes spells at Panoz and 2004 Le Mans winners Audi Sport Japan.

The concept is based around the idea of a DeltaWing road-going sportscar, with the main focus being fuel economy and efficiency. Much like its prototype class predecessor, the DeltaWing GT car will make use of a narrow front wheel base and 30-70 weight distribution to give a lighter body and therefore better fuel economy, as well as improved resistance to front brake and tyre wear.

Another major aim of the DeltaWing GT project is to produce a car that will be able to deliver the same performance as other GT machinery with less overall horsepower.

This is an important point in the DeltaWing project’s next phase,” said Don Panoz, DeltaWing Technology Group chairman and CEO. “We’ve been very busy leading up to this launch announcement, and we’ll remain quite busy coordinating the race car project’s many details.”

The company’s existing motorsport venture, the Claro/TracFone DeltaWing Racing Cars DWC13 coupe, will not be affected by the GT project as it continues its Tudor Untied Sportscar Championship campaign. The team is set to participate in the 12 Hours of Sebring on Saturday (March 21).

Full details of the GT project will be announced later in 2015.


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