LIVE: Avon Tyres British GT Championship Oulton Park – Race 2

2015 Avon Tyres British GT Chapionship (Credit: Jakob Ebrey Photography)

The 2015 Avon Tyres British GT Championship begins with a pair of hour long races at Oulton Park. After an accident filled opener the field return to the track at 4pm for the second of the day’s races.

This live blog will be updated throughout the race.

Joe Hudson April 6, 201515:45

Hello folks and welcome to the live blog for the second race of the season! Adam Carroll avoided the chaos to take the first race victory, can he do the same again?

Read all about his first race here:

Joe Hudson April 6, 201515:49

Jonny Adam is set to start on pole position with race one winner Carroll starting on the front row beside him.

One car that won’t be starting is the #12 VonRyan Racing McLaren of Euan Hankey and Salih Yoluc. 

Joe Hudson April 6, 201515:50

One car that has only just got to the grid is the GT4 Twisted Team Parker Racing Ginetta G55, they were struggling with gearbox issues in the earlier race but the team worked hard to change the gearbox between races.

Joe Hudson April 6, 201515:51

Keeping with GT4, the Tolman Motorsport Ginetta will be starting on class pole (19th on the grid). The class winner in the first race, Professional Motorsport World Expo Racing with Optimum, will start 25th on the grid.

Joe Hudson April 6, 201515:54

Just heard: the #17 TF Sport Aston Martin is also not starting because of damage suffered in the first race

Joe Hudson April 6, 201515:56

Cars are off on their green flag lap!!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201515:59

They get round the first corner clean! It looks like Phil Keen made it up to 2nd in the Demon Tweeks BMW

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:01

Adam finishes lap one on the lead, already one second ahead of the FF Corse Ferrari!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:01

Luke Davenport leads GT4 from Bradley Ellis in the Twisted Team Parker Ginetta

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:02

SAFETY CAR: 44 is off at Shell Oils so that means the safety car is making an appearance!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:03

The 44 is the Tom Oliphant Team LNT Ginetta

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:03

BACK IN! The safety car isn’t actually wanted as Oliphant gets the car started again and sets off

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:04

Shaun Hollamby also seems to have disappeared, he has only completed one lap to everyone else’s three

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:04

But, the rest of the grid successfully negotiate the restart

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:06

In GT3: Adam, Carroll, Keen.

In GT4: Davenport, Ellis, Kershaw

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:08

Gavan Kershaw in the ISSY Racing Evora has got past Bradley Ellis in the Twisted Team Parker Ginetta for second in GT4

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:09

It isn’t going well for Shaun Hollamby in the Porsche, he has a puncture which has seen him come into the pits

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:10

It’s a left-rear puncture for the only Porsche in the British GT field

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:12

Jonny Adam still has a second lead over the Ferrari at the head of the field. Luke Davenport in the Tolman Motorsport Ginetta is in the same position in GT4

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:12

Tom Oliphant comes back out the pits, a trip off track saw him scoop up a lot of grass into the radiator

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:14

Just flashed up on timing that the manager of the #48 GT4 Fox Motorsport Ginetta has to report to race control, reason unknown at the moment!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:15

Stefan Hodgetts in the Invitational Class Toyota GT86 has encountered a tyre problem round the back of the circuit, he is currently limping up to the pits.

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:16

The Edwards’ sisters Aston Martin Vantage has pulled into the pits

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:17

Carroll has taken the lead in GT3, Jonny Adam is already looking to take the place back. Looks like they are starting to get caught in GT4 traffic.

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:18

The Preci-Spark Mercedes of the Jones brothers has come into the pit, looks like a puncture so a quick tyre change and it is going back out!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:19

Shaun Hollamby has decided to retire the Porsche now, one drama too many perhaps?

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:21

The leaders have to make sure not to be caught out by the back markers! Pretty close going into Old Hall

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:23

Preci-Spark Mercedes seems to have come to grief with the Demon Tweeks BMW of Phil Keen. Seems to be Godfrey Jones has caused an incident that has retired the BMW

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:24

The Jones’ brothers Preci-Spark Mercedes has come into the pits with damage to the rear body work

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:25

In all this, Mike Simpson in the Team LNT has inherited third place in GT3

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:25

#43 Century Motorsport is first in for a pitstop and driver change in GT4, possibly opening the floodgates earlier than expected?

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:28

Lewis Plato almost overtakes Mat Jackson under waved yellow flags but manages to stop himself just in time!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:29

GT4 leader Luke Davenport has now come into the pit lane!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:30

A lot of the GT4 field has decided to pit now, could be they are trying to get a little bit of space before the GT3 hoards pit in!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:32

#11 22GT Racing Aston has lost two places at the pit stop with the TF Sport car and an Oman Racing Team car getting ahead

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:32

Most of the GT3 leaders are in the pits now!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:34

Adam Carroll in the Ferrari has pitted, replaced by Gary Eastwood and has come out in fifth. Andrew Howard in the Beechdean Aston should be in the lead when the pit stops have filtered through

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:35

And Howard does the lead! Lee Mowle in the freshly pitted 888 BMW comes out in 2nd!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:36

In GT4 Pattison in the Tolman Ginetta leads from Oz Yusuf in the ISSY Lotus!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:36

But as I type Yusuf takes the lead of the category!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:37

Class leaders after the pit stops:

GT3: Howard, Mowle, Griffin, Tandy, Attard

GT4: Yusuf, Pattison, McNeilly, Barwick, Moore

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:38

Barwick in GT4 has just lost two positions with Will Moore and Jamie Chadwick getting past the Twisted Team Parker Ginetta

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:40

Andrew Howard has a 12 second lead over Lee Mowle at the head of the field

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:41

A lot of cars are being warned about track limits all over the track! The latest person to receive a warning is Hector Lester in the Rosso Verde Ferrari

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:42

Steve Tandy in the #32 Team LNT Ginetta has got three cars all within 1.5 seconds of each other queueing up behind him!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:44

The #2 Oman Racing Team Aston Martin of Ahmad Al Harthy has come into the pits with front end damage!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:44

It has a crumpled nose! Not obvious how Al Harthy has acquired the damage though…

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:45

In GT4, Yusuf still leads from the #48 of McNeilly and the #56 of David Pattison 

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:48

#27 Aston Martin of Andrew Jarman makes an excursion off track after clipping the #18 FF Corse Ferrari while trying to make a pass, thankfully both have managed to carry on!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:49

Many stop go penalties!!! The leader #007, second place #888 and all the Oman Racing Team cars – all for short pit stops – This will really shake up the grid!!!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:49

#27 Aston that clipped the FF Corse car has come in trailing smoke in its wake!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:50

Andrew Howard in the #007 serves his penalty and comes back out behind Lee Mowle who hasn’t served his penalty yet!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:51

#27 TF Sport Aston has retired now because of the damage!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:52

#888 BMW has come into the pits now to serve his penalty. Tandy and Attard have come through to take second and third. Mowle will come out in sixth!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:53

Confirmation that Andrew Howard still leaves, Tandy in the Ginetta is second and reigning champion Marco Attard is in third with Gary Eastwood in fourth!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:54

In the GT4 field Jamie Chadwick in the second Beechdean entry has moved up to second and is chasing down Oz Yusuf!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:56

Closing in on the final 2 minutes now! Expect last gasp action!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:57

Attard is half a second behind Tandy and is trying to close in on 2nd place!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:58

Hector Lester’s Ferrari could be out of fuel!! Going very slowly now!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201516:59

Last lap now as the clock clicks down to ZERO!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201517:00

Andrew Howard in the Beechdean AMR Vantage takes the win! Didn’t look troubled at all! 

Joe Hudson April 6, 201517:00

Steve Tandy finishes second in GT3! Marco Attard takes third by one tenth with Liam Griffin fourth and Lee Mowle in fifth!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201517:02

In GT4 Oz Yusuf takes the win in the ISSY Racing Lotus! Jamie Chadwick makes it a double 2nd place finish for the GT4 Beechdean entry and Graham Johnson takes third! Paul McNeilly takes fourth and and David Pattison is fifth!

Joe Hudson April 6, 201517:02

We’ll have a full race report coming up soon! Thanks for reading this live blog of the second Avon Tyres British GT race at Oulton Park!