Spark Racing Technologies Announces Changes for Second Season

by Connor Jackson

The Formula E management has decided to de-homogenise some areas of the car, as to allow companies to build their own systems and help develop green technology.

There will be relaxed rules and regulations on the powertrain. As a result Spark Racing Technologies, the company that has produced the 2014/15 car, have had to change the structure of its organisation as to deal with the move of control. Spark president Frederic Vasseur said; “Both the influx of new manufacturers and the need to assist with new engine integration demand a slight change to our organisational structure, which is a challenge we look forward to.”

Eight new manufacturers have been confirmed for the 2015-16 season, however; Spark will provide the chassis for the first four years of the championship, while the engine manufacturers are integrated into the sport. Vasseur did say he was “very mindful about equalising performance.”

Meanwhile, Spark technical director Theophile Gouzin confirmed: “We’re constantly improving the car’s mechanical components in order to meet street circuit requirements. We already have an idea of which parts need further development such as upgrades to the car’s suspension and braking system.”

After data from the first six races were collected, the company has made changes and improvements to the braking system for the European leg of the season. Gouzin commented that; “Recently, we have been working on the brakes with a view to improving consistency on track.”

The Spark team had been at the Magny-Cours Circuit recently in order to test the new technologies that had been developed, with Gouzin saying; “We tested the braking systems. We tested different carbon geometry systems, for the disk and pad.”

The Formula E season moves into Europe with the Monaco ePrix on the 9th May.

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