KCMG Listed as 1st Reserve for Le Mans

Hong Kong-based KC Motorgroup will enter the LMP2 category at this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans with the #47 ORECA 05 Nissan, but their second LMP2 car, the #49 is listed as first reserve in case any participants withdraw from the race.

Whilst KCMG’s #47 car will be piloted by Matthew Howson, Richard Bradley and Nicolas Lapierre, the reserve #49 ORECA 03R would be raced by Tomonubu Fujii, Satoshi Hoshino and ex-Formula 1 driver Christian Klien, should the car be required.

Klien drove at Le Mans last year for Newblood by Morand Racing in their Morgan-Judd LMP2, and finished 6th in class. He also has experience in the LMP1 class with Peugeot and Aston Martin. His Japanese teammates also have considerable motorsport experience, and will hope to have the opportunity to compete for a class podium.

“I’m very happy to be part of KCMG for the Le Mans 24 Hours this year,” said Klien. “It’s going to be my fifth time to compete in this prestigious race. Obviously, we are the first team on the reserve list, which still means we have to wait and see if we get the starting slot for the race. 

“Nevertheless, we will prepare as best as possible and will also take part of the official test. My teammates Fujii and Hoshino will compete for the first time in Le Mans, I will try to support and help them as much as possible with my experience on the test day to be ready for the big race. 

“I think we will have a competitive car with the ORECA 03R JUDD as it has shown that its fast and more importantly reliable for such a long race.”

Both KCMG cars will attend the official Le Mans Test Day on May 31, and the race will take place on June 13/14.