Live: Avon Tyres British GT Championship: Spa-Francorchamps

The 2015 Avon Tyres British GT Championship arrives at the Circuit De Spa-Francorchamps for the grid’s summer holiday in the Ardennes with a two hour race around the Belgium circuit.

This live blog will be updated throughout the event.

Joe Hudson July 11, 201510:55

Hello all! We are only 20 minutes away from the start of the Two Hours of Spa-Francorchamps!

Joe Hudson July 11, 201511:04

The pitlane is open now and the field is making its way round to the grid!

Joe Hudson July 11, 201511:18

The #6 of Liam Griffin leads into La Source, the #007 is second and it looks as if Jon Minshaw is up to third.

Joe Hudson July 11, 201511:19

#77 of Oz Yusuf leads in GT4 ahead of the #407 Aston Martin

Joe Hudson July 11, 201511:22

Graham Coomes now up to eighth in GT4 after starting right from the very back

Joe Hudson July 11, 201511:23

Marco Attard has dropped down quite a bit, he was fourth and is now 9th

Joe Hudson July 11, 201511:24

The Twisted Team Parker Ginetta has been given a drive through penalty for causing a collision with the PMW Expo Racing Ginetta

Joe Hudson July 11, 201511:26

Lee Mowle has moved up to third from seventh on the grid in the #888 BMW

Joe Hudson July 11, 201511:28

Griffin leads in GT3 with 2 seconds over Andrew Howard in the fellow Aston Martin

Joe Hudson July 11, 201511:30

Will Moore has moved up to fourth in GT4 after starting 32nd in class

Joe Hudson July 11, 201511:36

#6 of Liam Griffin still leads and has a good amount of traffic between him and second placed man Howard, who also has Mowle for company in third place

Joe Hudson July 11, 201511:38

Oz Yusuf has a decent lead in GT4 with Jamie Chadwick more than eight seconds behind

Joe Hudson July 11, 201511:39

#6 has just been through the pits serving a drive through penalty for jumping the start

Joe Hudson July 11, 201511:40

That’s promoted Andrew Howard to first, Lee Mowle to second, and the Leonard AMR to third

Joe Hudson July 11, 201511:42

Stuart Leonard leads now having taken two spots on that last lap

Joe Hudson July 11, 201511:45

After that drive-through, the #6 has dropped down to 10th 

Joe Hudson July 11, 201511:47

Lee Mowle seems to have vanished, it hasn’t come through yet with 30 minutes on the clock

Joe Hudson July 11, 201511:49

Safety Car now out on circuit, potentially for the #888 which has been reported on timing as slow at Turn 14

Joe Hudson July 11, 201511:51

The Century Motorsport Ginetta is now into the pits, looks to be an unscheduled stop

Joe Hudson July 11, 201511:52

Before the safety car came out, Leonard had a 5.6 second lead in his Vantage which has now been squeezed back down with this safety car

Joe Hudson July 11, 201511:55

Safety car is now coming back in following the quick removal of the #888 BMW which stopped at turn 14 and we have 40 minutes on the clock

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:00

And we have now restarted with Leonard AMR still leading comfortably. Beechdean is 2nd and Jon Minshaw in the Demon Tweeks is third

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:01

Safety car is now back out, not sure what for though – the timing is woeful!

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:03

The reason looks to be a collision between the #46 Twisted Team Parker Racing Ginetta and the Porsche 911

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:04

Also looks as if there has been a bit of a nightmare for the #72 TrackGroup Lotus which is in the barriers at turn 17

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:06

There is confusion here in the media centre, looks like there is oil on track around Blanchimont. Could be the cause of the Lotus crash

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:07

Pit window is now open as well – expect a number of entries to come in

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:10

The #44 Ginetta of Rick Parfitt is also in the garage, as a bit of chaos happens as the TrackGroup Lotus gets brought back into the pits. The low loader almost dumps the car in front of the wrong pit garage! 

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:13

Michael Meadows takes over the Leonard AMR car and comes out in the lead, with Jonny Adam and Phil Keen close behind to keep him wise

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:15

We’re back to green flag racing again! But for how long? We’ll gaze into the crystal ball of fate in the media centre

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:18

Jonny ‘Taking no prisoners’ Adam is right on the back of Michael Meadows for the lead, almost spun the Leonard AMR car round

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:19

#2 Oman Racing Aston seems to have had an issue somewhere, it has fallen to near-as-makes-no-difference the back of the GT3 field

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:20

And only one lap later, Adam goes down the inside of Meadows at La Source and takes the race lead!

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:22

In all that fun, the #77 Lotus still has a mega lead in GT4 with 30 seconds in hand over the #407 Beechdeannow driven by Ross Gunn

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:23

Meadows is also falling back in GT3 with Phil Keen in the Tweeks BMW breathing down his neck to mug him of 2nd

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:25

Timing (available here: also tells us that the two GT4 Leaders, ISSY Racing and Beechdean AMR are being investigated after the race for their start

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:29

Century Motorsport Ginetta is being recovered at turn 7 – that car had gearbox problems earlier in the race

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:30

Phil Keen has also got past Michael Meadows into 2nd place in GT3

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:39

ISSY Racing seem to have a lap in hand over the rest of the GT4 field, not entirely sure how that has happened as timing is pretty unhelpful

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:39

But it seems to have came back to only 40 second lead?!?!?

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:44

FF Corse seems to have lost about 6 places somehow, they were running fifth at one point

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:50

#61 Academy Motorsport Aston has been given a drive through penalty for an unsafe release, it was running 4th in class

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:52

The #100 Brussels Racing Aston has retired now, mechanics are leaving it stand in the pits

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:56

Jonny Adam leads in GT3 from Phil Keen and Michael Meadows.

Gavan Kershaw leads in GT4 from Chadwick and Jake Hill

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:57

McLaren has also slipped from sixth to eighth somewhere out on track

Joe Hudson July 11, 201512:59

The 4th and 5th place TF Sport and Ram Racing cars have collided somewhere on circuit. They’ve slipped to roughly 9th and 10th but the Ram has come through to the pits

Joe Hudson July 11, 201513:00

Somehow the #6 which served a drive through very early in the race is now P4.

Joe Hudson July 11, 201513:06

The #32 Team LNT car has got through to sixth place at the expense of VonRyan Racing

Joe Hudson July 11, 201513:13

GT4 is stabalising slightly – ISSY leads from Beechdean from AMD Tuning

Joe Hudson July 11, 201513:15

Jonny Adam in the Beechdean now has a 20 second lead over Keen in first position

Joe Hudson July 11, 201513:19

This race has now come to an end and Jonny Adam has taken a dominant victory after a stunning second half of the race

Joe Hudson July 11, 201513:20

ISSY wins in GT4 with Gunn coming in second place and Hill coming a stunning third in the AMD Porsche.

Joe Hudson July 11, 201513:20

We’ll be writing a report soon if we can make heads or tails of what has actually gone on!