LIVE: British GT at Snetterton – Race One

The 2015 Avon Tyres British GT Championship season is fast reaching its conclusion as round seven of ten gets ready to kick off!


Joe Hudson August 23, 201512:07

Welcome to live coverage of the Avon Tyres British GT Championship race one at Snetterton!

Joe Hudson August 23, 201512:41

Hope you’re all well! The weather here is sunny but very windy as the cars leave the pits and make their way to the grid!

Joe Hudson August 23, 201512:44

In this race, Jamie Chadwick and Ross Gunn could be crowned the youngest pairing to win the GT4 title! We’re still fully working out the points situation but if they win and their two biggest rivals finish eighth or lower the title will be going back to Beechdean!

Joe Hudson August 23, 201512:48

However, they’ll have a better chance in race two! More on that on the live blog later

Joe Hudson August 23, 201512:53

And the cars are now on their green flag lap! We’ll be racing in a few miles time!

Joe Hudson August 23, 201512:56

They are all away safely on the rolling start, Andrew Jarman has made a lightning getaway at the front in the #27 TF Sport Aston Martin

Joe Hudson August 23, 201512:58

We’ve only lost one car so far and that is the Demon Tweeks BMW, it is running very slowly

Joe Hudson August 23, 201512:58

In GT4 Oz Yusuf is leading in the ISSY Racing Lotus, ahead of Will Moore in the Academy Motorsport Aston

Joe Hudson August 23, 201512:59

The Tweeks BMW had a puncture

Joe Hudson August 23, 201512:59

Showing their strength, the top four are all Aston Martins, it is TF Sport from the #6 Oman Racing Team from the #2 Oman car from the #007 Beechdean Aston

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:01

The Ecurie Ecosse BMW is a big winner in the opening stages of the race with Marco Attard gaining two places

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:03

Al Harthy is closing up on team mate Liam Griffin for second place

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:05

Yusuf has pulled out a 3 second lead at the front of GT4, with Moore, Mussi, Graham Johnson and Jamie Chadwick all covered by two seconds

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:07

Jarman’s lead has been cut at the front of GT3, down from 3 seconds to just over 1!

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:10

The #54 UltraTek Lotus has stopped at Riches but now seems to have got going again

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:12

Fulvio Mussi in the Fox Motorsport Ginetta outbrakes himself at Riches and drops down to fifth and Derek Johnson in PMW Expo Ginetta moves up to third

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:13

The leaders are already picking off GT4 back markers as Jarman slaloms through a number of them going into Riches

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:16

The #30 Ram Racing Merc has had a minor spin after colliding with Mark Farmer in the 22GT Aston

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:17

Andrew Jarman’s lead is being cut considerably with Griffin now three-tenths behind him

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:19

In a marvellous bit of driving both the Oman Racing Team cars have mugged Jarman round the outside of Coram. Jarman is now third

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:22

Teams are now pitting with Salih Yoluc, Mark Farmer, Steve Tandy, and others pit first

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:24

A lot of the leaders are in now, Griffin pits from the lead with Andrew Howard following him in, as well as the top five in GT4.

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:28

Alex MacDowall is now in the lead of GT3 with Andrew Watson 2 seconds behind in the McLaren.

Kershaw is leading GT4 from Dennis Strandberg in the #61 Academy Motorsport Aston

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:32

Rory Butcher is all over the back of Andrew Watson to try and gain second place

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:35

Butcher goes round the outside of Watson at Riches for second and has to defend massively to stop the McLaren going back round at Montreal

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:38

Alex Macdowall in the leading Aston has collided with a GT4 Aston at Murrays and is now down in fourth place with Butcher now in the lead

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:41

The battles now shift to 3rd with Fannin, Bell and Adam all nose-to-tail fighting for position

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:42

Thought it was too good to be true, the #10 has got a 3 second stop-go penalty for a short pitstop. Watson is in 2nd at the moment

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:44

Watson goes in for his penalty and he comes back out in 6th place

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:46

That 6th didn’t last long, Sims is past him at bombhole and the McLaren drops to seventh

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:50

The Porsche has now got a five second penalty for exceeding track limits

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:51

Car 1 of Sims has been given a black and white flag for what was quite a robust overtaking move on the #32 Ginetta of Mike Simpson at Bombhole

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:53

The #32 Ginetta has now given the marshals an early BBQ as the engine has exploded in a massive way. That won’t be going any further

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:55

Strandberg in the #61 Academy Motorsport Aston has got up to 2nd in GT4 overtaking Frederik Blomstedt in the #43 Century Motorsport Ginetta

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:55

LAST LAP! Butcher still leads with Fannin, Bell and Adam all battling for second

Joe Hudson August 23, 201513:59

Butcher wins Round 7 of the British GT Championship with Fannin 2nd, Bell 3rd and Adam 4th.

In GT4, Kershaw wins with Strandberg 2nd, Blomstedt 3rd, Robinson 4th and Gunn 5th.

That means Beechdean will carry on waiting for that GT4 crown