LIVE: British GT at Snetterton – Race Two

The dust has just about settled on Round seven of the Avon Tyres British GT Championship season at Snetterton, and now we are getting underway with Round eight, the second race of the day.

Joe Hudson August 23, 201516:08

Welcome to the live blog for the second race of the weekend in the Avon Tyres British GT Championship! The sunshine that greeted us only three hours ago has become a leaden sky with rain making the track rather wet. Expect chaos!

Joe Hudson August 23, 201516:13

It has been declared a wet race so the grid will get two pace laps to scout out the track!

Joe Hudson August 23, 201516:18

After the damage caused in race one, the #32 Ginetta of Mike Simpson and Steve Tandy won’t be starting this second race.

Joe Hudson August 23, 201516:26

We’re five minutes out now from race start, and I’ve become completely distracted by people struggling with their umbrellas in the rain and strong winds

Joe Hudson August 23, 201516:29

With the two pace laps now underway, the FF Corse Ferrari of Gary Eastwood and Adam Carroll seems to have gone missing. They were given a 5 place grid penalty but now seem to have not bothered starting at all

Joe Hudson August 23, 201516:33

Shaun Hollamby will be starting the Porsche from pit lane. It would have started at the back anyway so this might have given them an extra couple of minutes for more technical adjustments

Joe Hudson August 23, 201516:35

We are green! Sims really overshoots Montreal Hairpin and when he comes back on he hits another car and gets a puncture! Absolute nightmare!

Joe Hudson August 23, 201516:37

Adam leads first lap over the line with Joe Osborne second in the #888 Triple Eight 

Joe Hudson August 23, 201516:38

Davenport in the Tolman car leads GT4 with Kershaw second and Strandberg third

Joe Hudson August 23, 201516:39

Rory Butcher has also had a nightmare, he tangled with Sims and had his front tyre punctured.

Joe Hudson August 23, 201516:40

The #63 is in third and going great guns trying to get past the Triple Eight for second

Joe Hudson August 23, 201516:42

Keen has gone round the inside of the #888 at Oggies to move into second place

Joe Hudson August 23, 201516:44

Davenport has a handy lead over Gavan Kershaw in GT4 with Stanley closing up on the ISSY Lotus

Joe Hudson August 23, 201516:47

Kershaw has fallen to third in GT4 as Jamie Stanley in the Fox Motorsport Ginetta gains second, lower down Ross Gunn is going backwards in the Beechdean

Joe Hudson August 23, 201516:51

James Nash has come from nowhere to claim third in GT4 with the University of Bolton Ginetta going to 4th at the expense of Kershaw who is now 5th

Joe Hudson August 23, 201516:56

The grid seems to have calmed after early craziness with the pit stop window now open!

Joe Hudson August 23, 201516:58

Oz Yusuf has informed the circuit commentator that the ISSY team doesn’t have a wet set up for this weekend…

Joe Hudson August 23, 201516:59

Alex MacDowall is first to pit as he brings in the #2 Oman Racing Team Aston and hands over to Ahmand Al Harthy

Joe Hudson August 23, 201517:01

Davenport still has a handy lead at the top of GT4, he hasn’t pitted yet

Joe Hudson August 23, 201517:03

ISSY Racing mechanics are adjusting the rear wing of the Lotus as out on track one of the Academy Motorsport Aston Martins has buried itself into the tyre wall. The damage doesn’t look to major, but it won’t continue

Joe Hudson August 23, 201517:05

Triple Eight are apparently having some pit stop dramas, that will lose them a whole shed of places

Joe Hudson August 23, 201517:06

The ISSY Racing squad’s day just gets worse – drive through penalty for speeding in the pit lane

Joe Hudson August 23, 201517:09

After the pit stops, Howard leads in the Beechdean car from Jon Minshaw and Lee Mowle in their BMWs.

In GT4, Pattison leads from Mussi, Graham Johnson is 3rd

Joe Hudson August 23, 201517:09

Lee Mowle has run wide and finds himself down in 5th place now

Joe Hudson August 23, 201517:14

Fulvio Mussi in the GT4 Fox Motorsport car has overtaken David Pattison in the Tolman Ginetta for the GT4 lead

Joe Hudson August 23, 201517:17

Rick Parfitt, in sixth in GT3, has set the fastest time last time round of all the GT3 cars. He could be one to watch

Joe Hudson August 23, 201517:20

What did I tell you? Parfitt is now up to 4th!

As most of the GT4 class spins, Pattison has just span and beached the Tolman.

Farmer is off from 3rd place and the rain is becoming absolutely awful, almost hurricane like

Joe Hudson August 23, 201517:21

RED FLAG! The rain is absolutely awful now so the race has been stopped!

Joe Hudson August 23, 201517:23

The #007 has won in GT3 with Minshaw 2nd and Farmer finds himself in third place.

In GT4, Mussi takes the win with Schjerpen 2nd and David Pattison third, Beechdean are 4th.