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TCF Goes Racing: Part 3 – ARDS passed… now what?

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Last time out I had just passed my ARDS  and was really eager to start getting some experience under my belt – my ambition was to marshal an event and have at least one outing on the track.

However, I have yet to fulfil either of these ambitions, mostly due to being out of the Country for most of the summer but I have also encountered other hurdles.

Before you continue reading my blog, I would like to affirm the style in which these blogs are to take – I want to tell my tale honestly…warts and all! It is not my intention to name and shame organisations involved in the sport, but to provide a true insight into my experiences, which hopefully will aid others going down the same path on their journey to the track.  It may also encourage some of the Organisations involved to take another look at their procedures and maybe even change them to ensure they continue to not only attract newcomers to the sport but also support them with their induction!

Back to my tale,  having received my Blue Book and my licence, I sent out emails to several race clubs in order  to enquire about membership applications and general information regarding how to volunteer for marshalling duties leading on to arranging driving opportunities.

I hoped for informative replies and an insight into the nature of the clubs, I looked forward to feeling welcomed into their midst….unfortunately this was not the case, I began to realise that finding out the information I craved was not going to be easy, the questions I wanted  answers…What brand of helmet was recommended, Which Insurance to take out….Which items of racewear would I need? So many questions but up to now no answers. Despite having worked in the Motor Sport industry for many years, most of the contacts I have were at the professional end of things.

Shortly after this I received my first MSA Magazine, would this answer my questions and point me in the right direction.  Again I was thwarted, I was truly disappointed, so much of the content was irrelevant at this stage of my development.  This proved to me that both MSA and Go Motorsport need to look at the way they welcome people to the sport, from the time you complete your ARDS and receive your licence, there is no practical help or advice offered.  Maybe not everybody would need to have all these facts spelt out to them but I genuinely believe it would be beneficial for everyone to have the same facts before them in black and white, and ultimately be a great help to the sport.

I have not yet joined a club, I decided to postpone this till next year, I shall make my annual pilgrimage to the AutoSport International to meet the various clubs and talk through the options available and  get the advise first hand.

The focus of my next blog will be my quest to get the equipment  I require. I’m also gathering information regarding the benefits of undertaking my advanced ARDS to further my skills… guiding me from licence holder to trophy holder!  Stay Tuned!

Join us soon for the fourth part in this series, in the mean time you can follow Nick on twitter at @nickrmarketing

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