Grosjean open to NASCAR road course outing

by Paul Hensby

Romain Grosjean would still be interested in making an appearance in NASCAR but would only consider driving one on a road course, insisting an oval would too much of a speciality.

The Frenchman, who was voted the first driver of the day during the Australian Grand Prix after finishing sixth, sat in a Sprint Cup Car owned by Haas F1 Team owner Gene Haas during the off-season at their American base in Charlotte, and would consider making a one-off appearance in NASCAR once he has experienced it in a test.

“I’d do it on a road course,” said Grosjean to “Not on an oval, never. I’d be scared, and it’s too much of a specialty.

“I’m open to doing some testing [of a Sprint Cup car] on a road course to see how it runs before making my decision. This car is vastly different from an F1 car.

“I sat in one when I visited Haas in Charlotte last winter. I had the feeling that I had 15 feet on my right! ‘Why’s the seat not bolted in the centre of the car?’

“But yes, I admit that the idea of contesting a race one day is very appealing.”

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