Hankook 24H Silverstone – Gallery 4

by Nick Smith

Nick Smith of The Image Team provides us with our final gallery of images from the Hankook 24H Silverstone: The European Touring Car Edition. This gallery focuses on the return to daylight, which thankfully came along with an end to the rain, and the run to the chequered flag. With several retirements through the night and nearly all cars carrying some form of battle scar from over 12 hours of hard racing the field began to deplete slightly.

Not that it was a problem for the Rollcentre Racing Team Abba entry. The BMW M3 GTR became the first car to win the Silverstone 24H outright twice, carried Martin Short to his record third outright win at the event and brought Mark Poole and Richard Abra their second wins in one car. Several other well known British teams made the finish too including Rogue Motorsport‘s two Toyota GT-86 entries, #SpeedyMcRaceCar and #RaceyMcFastCar, who were reunited with their number plates at the end of the race and driven back to the workshop in Coventry.

Notable mentions also need to be made of the Synchro Motorsport team whose Honda Civic has graced the podium spots twice in 8 days at Silverstone, adding third in class A3 to the class victory at the Britcar-Endurance season opener the week before. Nick Barrow and the Saxon Motorsport team were left disappointed after catastrophic turbo failure stopped them an hour and ten minutes short of the line. Intersport Racing‘s venerable BMW M3 CSL, a veteran of many Silverstone 24 Hours was left ninth in A3 after trips to the garage and gravel in the night while the Brunswick BMW 1-Series failed to classify.

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