ACO reject FIA proposal to host F1 at Le Mans

The Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO)  have rejected a proposal from the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) to host the French Grand Prix at Circuit de la Sarthe in Le Mans.

Talking to French publication Le Main Libre, ACO President Pierre Fillon revealed future plans for the circuit, including a new resort and hotel.

“I think it would not bring anything” Fillon said as he explained the decision to turn down the FIA proposal. “We would need to invest 17 or 18 Million euros and finance it via the ticket booths exclusively, At best, we would be breaking even on such an event.”

A number of safety upgrades have been carried out ahead of this years 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans which takes place next month and the focus has turned to bringing in more spectators to the circuit.

“It won’t be a theme park but more of an experience related to the history of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and (technical) innovation showing how mobility is heading towards electricity and hydrogen” Fillon revealed.

The resort is earmarked to be built near the museum at the main gate and is proposed to run alongside the main circuit to the kart track.

Like other circuits such as Silverstone, it is rumoured that a Porsche experience centre will also be built in the resort.

  • schnebka

    TomysF1 To by bylo rozhodně zajímavé! Na druhou stranu na okruhu v Le Sarthes se nikdy v historii žádná GP nejela a já myslím že je to 1/2

  • schnebka

    TomysF1 z jedné strany dobře Le Mans zkrátka patří vytrvalcům :) . A upravený okruh Bugatti (1967) nepočitám kdyby náhodu.

  • Missed opportunity.  each section of the Mulsanne straight could be a DRS zone. The cars would see 220+ on the Indianapolis straight. Tire and fuel strategies would be critical…
    Dammit I’m going to play Gran Turismo now.

  • DaveSmith10

    Wow, how short sighted, this could have rapidly become one of the iconic F1 races as well as restoring France to the F 1 circuit. I suspect its more to do with not diluting the 24 hour than anything. But personally I would leap at the chance to attend an f1 race there. Ive been to the 24 hour more than ten times but I fiind it all a bit too much now. a half day  watching Lewis and co would have been brilliant.

  • melindiscott

    stuartg917 TheCheckerFlag in a nutshell

  • Curtis_Chiswell

    stuartg917 Nobody would want to see the F1 at Le Mans, they go there for one reason and one reason only

  • Cazooch

    stuartg917 Why would anyone want to see those prima donnas at Le Mans 24, I go there to see real men race… Good call ACO #LM24

  • Muzzoom_Models

    stuartg917 TheCheckerFlag Perhaps they could hold it the weekend before LM24 – as a support race before practice for the main event…

  • Spalders

    stuartg917 Its about time the circuits simply rented their facilities to the series owners…

  • GregMVF4

    Spalders stuartg917 Bernie. Pay*. To rent something**. Pffffttttt!!!!
    *Like, actual money? **Anything

  • Audifan55

    DaveSmith10  There’s three reasons why!

    1) F1 cars are quicker than LMP1 cars and would embarass the hell out of the Le Mans 24 race which would in return decline the chance for Le Mans to run.
    2) F1 cars are unsafe on a track like Le Mans.  If they outlaw running Hockenheim in the forest, they certainly wouldn’t run Le Mans which is basically the same issue.  Those car need restrictors because they would be traveling 240 miles an hour.

    3) Bernie Ecclestone is a greedy son of a b.  He should be paying the track owners for the rights to race, not the other way around.  Track owners own race tracks for a reason, it’s not just a maintenance & rights budget job.

  • Audifan55

    92gsr  Le Mans isn’t a track for a misguided missile under the right circumstances.  It would also tarnish Le Mans’ legacy as a sports car event and put more money in Bernie’s pocket than in the ACO’s pocket.