LIVE: British GT Championship Round 3 – Oulton Park

The British GT Championship has gone on its annual excursion up North as the series lands at Oulton Park for two one-hour races around the twisty Cheshire circuit.

The Am drivers will start this first one-hour blast with Jon Minshaw starting the Demon Tweeks liveried Barwell Motorsport Lamborghini Huracan GT3 with the sister car of Liam Griffin starting alongside on the front. Championship leaders, and so far this season the only winners in GT3, Derek Johnston and Jonny Adam will start the TF Sport Aston Martin Vantage GT3 in fourth place.

In GT4, the PMW World Expo Racing Ginetta G55 will start on pole after Graham Johnson edged a tight qualifying on Saturday to demote British GT GT4 teams champions Beechdean AMR down to second, where Jack Bartholomew will be hoping he can out-drag the Ginetta on the run to Old Hall.

Joe Hudson May 30, 201610:41

Welcome to coverage of the first British GT race at Oulton Park! The sun is shining and the grid is gearing up to leave the pits.

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:02

The field is filing out of the pits now and lo and behold the sun is still shining!

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:12

The two Lamborghinis are on the front row and are setting off on their green flag lap now!

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:15

The cars are coming up through Deer Leap now and WE ARE RACING!

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:16

Rick Parfitt’s managed to jump up to 2nd in the Bentley at the expense of Liam Griffin’s Lamborghini

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:18

They’ve done the first lap and Minshaw leads from Parfitt, who is ahead of Griffin.

In GT4, Graham Johnson has held onto his lead in the PMW World Expo Racing GInetta with William Phillips second and the Beechdean car third
Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:19

Andrew Howard has dropped down to 9th in the #1 Aston Martin!

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:20

There is a safety car now! Sean Byrne has crashed the #40 Century Ginetta into the tyre wall coming out of Knickerbrook and needs to be recovered

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:23

Under the safety car, Minshaw in the Barwell Lambo leads from the Team Parker Bentley with Liam Griffin third, Derek Johnston fourth and Alisdair McCaig’s McLaren 5th – holding position from where he started.

In GT4, Johnson leads from RCIB’s William Phillips with Alex Reed third in the Lanan Ginetta with Sandy Mitchell fourth in the Ecurie Ecosse McLaren 570S
Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:27

In GT4 a big mover at the start was Matty Graham in the Generation AMR MacMillan Racing Aston who moved from eighth to fifth during the initial burst of laps

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:29

There’s talk that the tyre wall has almost been put into their pre-crash layout. Marshals are vacating the scene and we might be going back to green soon

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:31

We are back to green and Minshaw has already scarpered up the road. The #51 Ginetta seems to have clattered into someone with most of the front end damaged/missing

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:33

Howard is at risk of losing his ninth place with Team ABBA’s Richard Neary all over the back of the Aston

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:34

But saying that Andrew’s increased the gap again!

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:36

William Phillips isn’t happy being second in GT4, he’s made a dive up the inside of Graham Johnson at Old Hall but couldn’t make the move stick!

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:37

The gap for the lead in GT3 is also decreasing with Parfitt just 0.6s behind Minshaw now!

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:38

Kieran Griffin has hit the barriers at Knickerbrook, he’s been a bit too aggressive over the chicane and hit the barrier

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:40

Minshaw still leads, the gap is sticking at 0.6s as the first pit stops start!

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:41

Mowle is the first one in and is being followed by both Tolman Ginettas, Phil Dryburgh and Pete Littler

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:41

The #73 has pitted as well being closely tailed by the Maserati

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:42

Leaders are in with Parfitt following Minshaw into the pits – who’ll come out first!

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:45

Chaos in the pits as the McLaren and Bentley have a barney as they’re being pushed out of the pits with the tightness of the Oulton Park pitlane causing a few cars to barge and tap and clash. The picture below perfectly sums it up

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:46

At the moment the Audi leads but he hasn’t done a pit stop yet so the first of the runners that has stopped is the Adam Carroll #6 Bentley

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:48

Both of the team managers of the Demon Tweeks Lamborghini and the Ecurie Ecosse McLaren 650S have been called to race control!

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:50

With most of the pit stops now done, Adam Carroll leads in the #6 Lambo with Joe Osborne behind and Jon Barnes in third in the #11 TF Sport Aston

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:51

In GT4 the #50 leads with Mike Robinson behind the wheel with Sandy Mitchell currently listed as being 2nd with the #45 RCIB Insurance Ginetta in third

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:53

Pitstop infringements have been decided and the McLaren 650S and the Demon Tweeks Lamborghini have both been given a stop/go penalty.

Rob Bell takes it straight away but then nearly hits the barriers because of oil at pit in
Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:55

That penalty has knocked the Ecurie Ecosse McLaren down to last in GT3 – it was running in sixth before the penalty

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:56

Phil Keen came in hot in the Lamborghini, he just about slowed it down by the time he hit the speed limit

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:57

The Maserati has done it’s second pitstop in as many laps, think something may be wrong with that

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:58

The battle for 3rd in GT4 was tight as Jordan Stilp’s RCIB Ginetta comes under sustained attack from Nathan Freke in the Century Motorsport Ginetta

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:58

Keen’s dropped to 12th now after his penalty

Joe Hudson May 30, 201611:59

The Bentley has been given a stop/go! It’s for a pitlane infringement and it’s currently running in fourth.

The #14 Audi has also been given a 2 second penalty for a too quick pitstop
Joe Hudson May 30, 201612:00

The #32 Tolman Ginetta has come in I misread the timing screen! The Bentley doesn’t have a penalty

Joe Hudson May 30, 201612:02

The two penalties for the #32 and the #14 has seen Martin Short climb to sixth in the green and black BMW with Ross Wylie now up to 7th

Joe Hudson May 30, 201612:02

The Bentley has robbed a place from Jon Barnes with Jonny Adam now breathing down his neck to snatch away fourth place as well

Joe Hudson May 30, 201612:04

In GT4, Jack Mitchell is in second but can’t keep up with the Mike Robinson Ginetta. In third is Jordan Stilp who is extending his gap over Nathan Freke

Joe Hudson May 30, 201612:06

The 2 TF Sport cars are literally nose-to-tail now with Jonny Adam under the rear wing of Jon Barnes

Joe Hudson May 30, 201612:11

Osborne is falling into the clutches of Morris in the big Bentley, the gap’s slipped from 3.4s to 1.3s in just a few laps

Joe Hudson May 30, 201612:16

Joe Osborne is desperately fighting to keep the 2nd place, with Seb Morris now all over the back of the BMW

Joe Hudson May 30, 201612:19

Adam Carroll wins!!!! Joe Osborne has just about kept hold of second place with Seb Morris third. Notable elsewhere in class, Phil Keen finished 7th in the end after that earlier penalty

In GT4, Mike Robinson continues the PMW World Expo Racing domination with Jack Mitchell 2nd for Generation AMR and Jordan Stilp rounds out the podium!