Live: British GT Championship Round Two – Rockingham

Following a disrupted first outing at Brands Hatch, the British GT Championship field has come to Corby and Rockingham’s banked oval for the second round of the season and the second two-hour race in a row.

Jonny Adam and Derek Johnston combined for a stunning pole position in the #17 TF Sport Aston Martin Vantage with Graham Johnson and Mike Robinson doing likewise to claim GT4 pole in the #50 PMW World Expo Racing Ginetta.

Early GT4 pace-setters Nathan Freke and Anna Walewska will start last in GT4 after a fuel pressure issue curtailed their qualifying run. Team Parker Racing and the second TF Sport car will both start from the back of GT3 to repair chassis damage and replace an engine respectively.

Joe Hudson May 1, 201612:46

Hello and welcome to The Checkered Flag’s coverage of the second round of the British GT Championship at Rockingham! At the moment the weather is sunny but windy. However, rain is forecast soon!

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:00

Derek Johnston leads into turn 1! McCaig tries to go round the outside but the TF Sport car holds on!

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:00

Yellow flag at Yentwood, not sure what for at the moment… Ah it’s one of the Tolman Ginettas

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:01

Lee Mowle is a big mover on the first lap, moving up to fourth place. Rick Parfitt is now 8th after starting towards the rear of the GT3 field

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:02

Johnson has overtaken three GT3 cars on his first lap at the head of the GT4 field!

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:03

The #32 Tolman car is limping back to the pits after issues on the opening lap!

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:04

An incident has befallen the Bentley, Parfitt’s slipped down to 10th

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:05

In the GT3 lead is the TF Sport Aston, the Ecurie Ecosse McLaren and the Barwell Lamborghini.

In the GT4 lead the PMW World Expo Ginetta, the SuperRacing Aston and the Ecurie Ecosse GT4 McLaren
Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:05

The #32 is reported to have suffered mechanical damage as well

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:06

Johnston’s opened up a 3.5 second gap at the lead of the race

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:06

There is also two investigations on the go at the moment with the #14 Optimum Audi involved in both

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:08

Farmer’s dropped to 11th in the TF Sport Aston, he slowed coming out of Pif Paf

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:08

Griffin has gone into 2nd, passing the McLaren at Tarzan

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:09

The #11 TF Sport car has come into the pits, it only ran for the first time this morning following an engine change

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:10

The Bentley has just set the fastest lap – 1:18.945

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:11

Johnston’s lead keeps growing, he’s more than 6 seconds ahead of Griffin in the Irish TV liveried Lambo now

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:12

Will Moore has got a stop go in the #14 Audi he was involved in incidents with the #32 Ginetta and the #31 Team Parker Bentley

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:14

That stop/go for Moore has promoted the Bentley of Parfitt into sixth place

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:15

Indeed, Moore’s dropped to 11th

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:16

Graham Johnson still has a handy lead in GT4, his Ginetta looks like it is on rails!

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:17

Jon Minshaw is right on the exhaust pipes of the Ecurie Ecosse McLaren, can Minshaw use traffic to his advantage?

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:18

There is a right tangle of Gt3 cars trying to pass traffic coming down to the Brook chicane, they’re getting bunched!

Parfitt’s used it to his advantage as he goes round the inside of the Beechdean machine at turn 1!
Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:21

Sandy Mitchell has taken the 570S GT4 into second place, making a move on Matthew George

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:23

Moore is recovering after his penalty, he’s up to 9th now at the expense of Neary in the Team ABBA BMW

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:24

Parfitt is slowly closing up on Jon Minshaw in the Demon Tweeks Lambo, the Bentley boy is on a charge at the moment!

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:26

Minshaw brakes rrrreeeealllllyyyyy late into the Deene hairpin and secures third place, but he slowed the pack down so much that McCaig has fallen into the clutches of Parfitt’s Bentley

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:27

There’s a spinner at the entrance to the Brook chicane, the car is trying to recover now.

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:28

The Parfitt Bentley is now fourth having disposed of the McLaren

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:29

The spinner at Brook was the #56 Ginetta and it has now spun again at the Deene Hairpin! And again at Pif Paf!! Something is definitely wrong with that

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:30

Lee Mowle has brought the BMW – they’ve replaced the right front wheel, could have been a puncture?

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:31

It was a right rear puncture for the #56 – that explains the spins

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:32

In GT4 Sandy Mitchell has closed in majorly on the leader

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:33

But in GT3 both the Minshaw Lambo and the Parfitt Bentley have ran on at the Deene Hairpin, could that have been because they collided?

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:33

That incident has allowed McCaig back into third place

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:35

Johnston is a lapping machine! He’s opened up more than a 10 second lead over Griffin in the Irish TV backed Huracan GT3

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:35

Griffin’s also got a 10s gap over McCaig in third

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:41

McCaig’s slowed in the Ecurie Ecosse McLaren! It’s crawling now but not sure what’s wrong with it, could be a puncture

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:42

The McLaren’s stayed out, could it be that’s he’s trying to limp it round until the pit window opens?

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:43

He’s dropped to sixth now, Howard has got past him for fifth place

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:47

The PMW World Expo car still leads GT4, it’s 5 seconds ahead of the Ecurie Ecosse GT4 machine now

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:48

The Baby Beechdean has spun at the Deene Hairpin, Bartholomew was fifth in class last time over the line

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:49

Will Moore is now sixth, having disposed over the McLaren.

Parfitt has a 10 second stop/go penalty for contact with the Nick Jones Ginetta
Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:50

The #6 of Liam Griffin has pitted from 2nd place as the pit stop window flies open

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:51

Beechdean GT3 pits, the Bentley is in for its stop/go penalty which it can’t take at the same time as its pit stop.

The leader is also in as well, it has a 20 second pit stop success penalty thanks to its win at Brands Hatch
Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:52

The Bentley had trouble leaving his penalty box he’s lost a lot more time there!

Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:55

Will Moore leads but he has yet to take his pit stop – Jonny Adam is in second place at the moment.

Bentley pits now as well with Morris getting in
Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:57

Johnson still leads GT4 but he hasn’t taken his pit stop yet.

Scott Malvern in the #66 Ginetta has a stop/go for a pitlane infringement!
Joe Hudson May 1, 201613:57

Will Moore pits now, he’s handing the Optimum Audi R8 over to Ryan Ratcliffe

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:00

Jonny Adam leads in GT3 now, with Adam Carroll just under 2 seconds behind him in the Irish TV backed Barwell Lamborghini

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:04

There’s a SAFETY CAR! There’s a crash on the School Straight and it’s the GT4 leader Graham Johnson!!!

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:10

We’re back to green now! Adam pulls away from Carroll in the Lamborghini

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:10

The #5 has retired now, Jody Fannin reporting a broken steering arm in the PFL Motorsport Aston Martin

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:13

In GT4 Ciaran Haggerty is leading in the McLaren from Abbie Eaton in the Ebor GT Maserati

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:13

At the same time, one of the Ginetta GT3s trailed an awful lot of smoke going through turn 1

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:14

It was the #32 which had an issue and it is now going back into the pit garage

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:19

Jamie Chadwick in the Generation AMR SuperRacing Aston has moved up to 2nd in GT4 having passed Abbie Eaton

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:21

The GT4 leader has a stop/go penalty! It was too short on its pitstop so it has a 5.8s penalty!

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:23

The JW Bird Aston has been given a stop/go penalty for a pitstop infringement as well

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:25

The two Lamborghinis are nose-to-tail now for 2nd and 3rd with Keen closing in on Carroll

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:26

Chadwick now leads in GT4 with Nathan Freke in 2nd place from last place on the grid! Jordan Albert is third in the Baby Beechdean

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:26

Freke now leads the class! He got past Chadwick at Yentwood

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:29

Eaton has had a penalty in the Maserati, she’s now 7th with Schjerpen occupying fourth

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:37

There’s a good battle on for second in GT3 with Carroll leading from Keen. The benefit of this race to Adam is that he can just pull away while the Barwell machines squabble with each other.

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:41

SAFETY CAR is out now, there was a car stopped at the Deene Hairpin but it seems to have set off again

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:42

GREEN FLAG again now, safety car is back in and once again Jonny Adam sets off like a rocket and opens up a handy cushion

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:45

Jamie Chadwick is slowing in the #44 SuperRacing Aston, looks like something could be wrong in that car!

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:50

Adam Carroll and Seb Morris have both been given drive-through penalties for overtaking before the restart after the last safety car period

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:51

Ross Gunn is on a charge, he’s just behind Phil Keen in third place now Carroll has come in for his penalty

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:53

Gunn is trying everything to get that second place but Keen is too canny to be fooled by late braking and keeps the position

Joe Hudson May 1, 201614:58

They’re still going at it, but Keen is probably a touch too far ahead at the moment for Gunn to make a move

Joe Hudson May 1, 201615:02

Jonny Adam wins!!! The Lamborghini is second and Ross Gun has to settle for 3rd place. Carroll is fourth and Wylie is fifth in the Motorbase Aston

In GT4 Nathan Freke took a comfortable win in the Century Motorsport Ginetta with Jordan Albert more than 30 seconds behind in the Baby Beechdean Aston Martin with Aleksander Schjerpen in third place!