Hutchinson tops Superbike session with 130mph lap

by Joshua Close

Ian Hutchinson topped the Superbike leader board on a glorious Tuesday evening as he became the first rider to hit the 130mph mark at the Isle of Man TT.

The Bingley Bullet recorded a 130.63mph lap-speed on his fourth time around the Mountain Course.

The qualifying session was split into two sessions, with the Superbikes, Superstocks and Supersports leading the way before the latter were joined by the Lightweight class.

On the first run it was Hutchinson who was quickest with a 129.120mph lap, just ahead of Dean Harrison. Behind them Bruce Anstey, Conor Cummins, John McGuinness and Peter Hickman all broke the 127mph barrier.

The Dunlop brothers both suffered from problems on their machines, with William stopping out at Quaterbridge on his Superbike and Michael pulling of the circuit with a mechanical issue.

The top riders continued to put in laps on their Superbike machines, apart from Hutchinson who made the switch to Superstock. McGuinness went to the top of the Superbike timing sheets with a 129.62, ahead of Hickman who posted a 129.55mph lap.

In the Superstock class it was Michael Rutter who was going strong and he went first with a 128.43mph lap. It looked like Anstey was going to get the better of him after impressive sector times but the Honda man lost time going to the Mountain and could only manage 128.85mph.

Meanwhile Hutchinson has switched back to his Superbike and put in a blisteringly-quick lap to go top – becoming the first rider to hit 130mph in the process.

The Supersport class ended with Anstey top top with a speed of 124.51mph – just ahead of Harrison and Hutchinson.

In the Lightweight class, last year’s race winner Ivan Lintin dominated once again and led comfortably with a lap of exactly 118mph.

Martin Jessopp (114.871mph) and Stefano Bonetti (114.611mph) rounded out the top three but were a long way behind the leader.

Frank Gallagher and Kamil Holan both suffered from crashes during the session but were both reported to be unhurt from their accidents.

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