Live: British GT Championship Round 5 – Silverstone 500

After two one-hour blasts around Oulton Park, the British GT Championship heads to Silverstone for the showpiece event of the year – the Silverstone 500.

A three-hour race, the grid has swelled to 51 entries this time out with the addition of the Competition102 GT4 European Series field bringing an extra 17 cars to give the GT4 field a bit of extra competition.

On pole is the Team Parker Racing Bentley Continental GT3 of Rick Parfitt and Seb Morris who have claimed their third pole of the year to put themselves on the front row. Just behind them though is the Barwell Motorsport Lamborghini Huracan GT3 of Liam Griffin and the returning Alexander Sims.

In GT4, Ciaran Haggerty and Sandy Mitchell secured the first pole position for the Black Bull Ecurie Ecosse McLaren 570S GT4 with two absolutely dominant laps to put themselves a second clear of the #407 Baby Beechdean AMR of Jack Bartholomew and Jordan Albert.

The GT4 European Series pole went to the Racing Team Holland by Ekris Motorsport Ekris M4 GT4 of Luc Braams and Duncan Huisman, they’ll start seventh in the GT4 enclave of the grid.

Joe Hudson June 12, 201612:44

Welcome to teamtcf‘s coverage of the Silverstone 500 at a very wet Silverstone circuit!

The first news to come out is that the race will start under the safety car with a minimum of two laps behind the McLaren 570S pace car.
Joe Hudson June 12, 201612:48

Rick Parfitt will start the Bentley from pole with Sandy Mitchell starting the McLaren from pole in GT4

Joe Hudson June 12, 201612:49

The cars are off now with a few laps behind the safety car!

Joe Hudson June 12, 201612:53

The cars are now coming back round again at a decent pace – a lot of spray is being kicked up!

Joe Hudson June 12, 201612:56

Lot of cars coming into the pits now. The Ferrari the #6 and #666 lamborghinis amongst others

Joe Hudson June 12, 201612:57

Safety car is coming in this lap round

Joe Hudson June 12, 201612:58

Cars have pitted so there pro drivers can jump in! Sims has taken over the #6 Barwell Lamborghini, Carroll has taken over the #2 FF Corse Ferrari and Richard Abra has taken over the #666

Joe Hudson June 12, 201612:59

WE ARE GREEN! As Rick Parfitt pulls through Copse in the lead with Derek Johnston right on his tail pipes

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:00

Lee Mowle has run wide at Maggotts in the spray

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:02

A big mover on the first green flag lap was Ian Loggie, he’s jumped up to fourth place in the second Team Parker Bentley

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:02

In GT4, Jack Bartholomew has taken the lead of the class as Mitchell has fallen to third in the McLaren, allowing Lanan Racing to claim second

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:04

Rick Parfitt runs wide going on to the Wellington Straight and Derek Johnston has claimed the lead in the #17 TF Sport machine!

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:04

Will Moore is fourth now in the Optimum Audi as Loggie slips down to sixth place in the Bentley

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:06

Will Moore has moved up to second! Mowle has claimed third and Andrew Howard is fourth! The Parfitt Bentley must have hit problems somewhere round the Loop.

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:07

The Team ABBA BMW of Martin Short and Richard Neary has been given a 10s stop and go penalty for a grid infringement

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:08

Mark Farmer has got past Parfitt now as the TF Sport Aston claims fifth going past the Wing

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:10

Farmer has spun on the pit straight! He stopped in the middle of the road but everyone could avoid him!

In other news, McCaig has relegated Parfitt down to seventh place!
Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:12

The early Barwell pit strategy – which saw all three Lambos come in and swap for their Pro drivers – seems to be working as Sims has moved from near enough last to 21st place

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:12

Parfitt is also down to eighth now as team mate Ian Loggie overtakes him

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:18

The Sin R1 GT4 of Hendrik Still has found itself in the gravel on the pit straight as Lee Mowle spins the BMW at Becketts! That means Phil Dryburgh is up to third in the Motorbase Aston Martin

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:19

Alexander Sims is on fire! He’s up to eighth place now at the expense of Rick Parfitt. Could the Bentley be suffering from its shunt this morning in warm up?

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:21

Mowle’s spin has relegated him to fifth, Andrew Howard has profited and is up into fourth

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:24

Bartholomew still leads in GT4 but he is very close to losing second to Sandy Mitchell.

At the same time, Derek Johnston pits the leading #17 Aston Martin with Jonny Adam replacing him – the mechanics are pushing the car back into the garage though!
Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:26

Safety car is out! Our ace photographer Nick Smith has reported that the rain is getting heavier on Hangar Straight and there is standing water on many parts of the circuit. Could that be the reason? There is also a Chevrolet Camaro from the Euro GT4 squadron that has stopped out on track.

Sims leads at the moment, with Will Moore in second but they’ve both not been caught by the safety car.
Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:27

A lot of debris on track at The Loop as well

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:28

A lot of cars pitting now, especially in the GT4 ranks and the second placed Audi R8 LMS

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:29

Fourth and fifth are pitting now – the FF Corse Ferrari and the Beechdean Aston – Indeed the whole top eight with the exception of the leader has pitted

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:33

Backmarkers are allowed to overtake the safety car now, but some of the European GT4 cars are hesitant to overtake so it could be a while before the leader is picked up again.

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:33

The #42 Generation AMR MacMillan Racing Aston Martin is in the gravel while under safety car conditions! that will need recovering

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:37

Al lot of cars pitting now as the #666 spins going through Club corner. the Allied Racing BMW M3 is also under investigation for overtaking under the safety car

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:40

As they cross the line this time round, Liam Griffin is in the lead of the race with Mike Simpson’s Tolman Motorsport Ginetta G55 GT3 occupying second and Ross Wylie is in third.

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:44

Luke Davenport is also up to fourth in the second Tolman Ginetta with Marco Attard’s Ferrari in fifth

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:47

In GT4, Ciaran Haggerty is leading in the Ecurie Ecosse McLaren with Allied Racing’s Jan Kasperlik in second in the GT4 Euro M3 GT4

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:49

Second in class in terms of the British GT4 class is Robert Barrable’s RCIB Insurance Racing Ginetta but he has a number of GT4 European Series entries ahead of him.

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:54

The safety car is in this lap! As the news comes that the #17 TF Sport machine – the championship leaders – have retired because of a mechanical issue

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:57

WE ARE GREEN AGAIN! Liam Griffin has used GT4 traffic to good advantage, there are two cars between him and Mike Simpson in second

Nick Smith June 12, 201613:58

Conditions have improved drastically since the race started over an hour ago.

Joe Hudson June 12, 201613:59

Mike Simpson has taken the lead at The Loop! Possibly the first time this season that the Tolman machine has led a lap

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:01

In GT3, Ross Gunn has fired from nowhere to get past Wylie and Griffin for second place! He went round traffic one side and they went round the other.

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:04

GT4 sees the Euro Series folks in first and second with Robert Barrable in third place keeping up British honour

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:06

Seb Morris is up to fourth now in the Bentley, with Griffin down to fifth.

Mike Simpson is setting fast laps now, his 2:21.174 was a second faster than Ross Gunn
Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:07

Morris is up to third now, Wylie has been relegated down to fourth

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:12

In British GT4, Abbie Eaton is up to 2nd in the Ebor Maserati having got past Jordan Albert’s Beechdean Aston

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:12

Sixth is now occupied by Jon Minshaw’s Lamborghini as he got the better of teammate Liam Griffin

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:23

Davenport has moved up to fourth! He’s got the better of Ross Wylie and is playing his part in getting both Ginettas to the sharp end of the grid

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:28

One of the GT4 Euro Maseratis has given Morris a sneaky shove onto the run off at Club. Abbie Eaton has claimed the lead of British GT4 but there are four GT4 euro cars ahead of her for the overall class lead

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:29

The leader is in the pits! Mike Simpson will be handing over to Ian Stinton and at the same time Ross Wylie also pits

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:30

The #31 Bentley is crocked! Morris ran wide on the run onto the Wellington Straight and hit the grass pretty hard at the edge of the kerb damaging the front-right corner

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:31

Liam Griffin has slowed as well! He’s crawling down the Wing Pit straight and that car doesn’t look good.

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:32

At the head of the race, Morris’s problems and Simpson’s pitstop has meant Ross Gunn is up to first, Luke Davenport is second and Jon Minshaw is third

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:33

The Optimum Ginetta and the ABBA BMW are in the gravel at Club, they seem to have hit each other and ended up in the gravel

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:39

Will Moore is up to third in GT3 as Abbie Eaton continues to lead British GT4 and the #118 PROsport Performance Cayman is leading in Euro GT4

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:41

Moore pits now though so Minshaw is back into third place

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:42

Ross Gunn and Luke Davenport have both set fastest laps in the 2:17s as the track continues to dry out

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:43

Davenport though sets a 2:17.164 now – an absolute barnstormer of a time

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:45

Jody Fannin is fourth in the PFL Motorsport Aston, a really good drive for him – especially because he had a penalty not long ago!

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:47

Abbie Eaton has pitted the British GT4 Maserati from the lead of GT4 so Jamie Stanley now leads the class in the Fox Motorsport Ginetta.

Euro GT4 is still led by the PROsport Cayman
Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:51

Ross Gunn has pitted the lead Beechdean Aston now and I suspect Andrew Howard will be taking over that car

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:53

The Maserati is off-track! Marcus Hoggarth spins on the run down to Vale and has to reverse back on to track

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:56

A note has come up on timing that it is starting to rain! At the same time a Euro GT4 Maserati has stopped at the end of Hangar Straight and Pete Littler has crashed the PFL Aston on the run down to Vale

Joe Hudson June 12, 201614:57

SAFETY CAR IS OUT! Those incidents can’t be cleared under double waved yellows so we have our third safety car period of the race

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:01

In GT3, Luke Davenport is leading from Andrew Howard with Ian Stinton lying in third.

British GT4 sees Jamie Stanley lead from Scott Malvern with Aaron Mason third.
Euro GT4 has a Porsche 1-2 with Luc Braams’ Camaro in third.
That could all change though as there are still 50 minutes of the session left to go!
Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:02

As I typed that last remark, Howard and Davenport have both pitted now from first and second in class

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:06

This from single seater maestro Connor Jackson – the ABBA BMW looking decidedly second hand after their earlier tangling with the PMW World Expo Racing Ginetta

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:07

At the front both the Tolman Ginettas are in the lead with David Pattison leading from Ian Stinton

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:10

British GT4 is now led by Jack Bartholomew with Paul McNeilly in second

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:14

Howard has made another put stop, the rain has stopped now and some cars are stopping for slicks

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:15

Safety car is coming in this lap!

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:19

On the first green flag lap round Pattison and Stinton still lead with Phil Keen up to third and Ratcliffe is down to fourth

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:20

Adam Carroll has just set the fastest lap of the race! A 2:06.099 is 11 seconds faster than the leaders last lap

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:26

Keen leads! He got past both Ginettas on the last lap round and is sitting on a 4.9 second lead already

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:28

Jack Bartholomew still leads in British GT4 with Joey Foster in second and Paul McNeilly third.

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:28

However, that’s just changed with Foster now in the lead

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:29

Ratcliffe is up to second now, but he’s 25 seconds behind

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:36

Adam Carroll is up to third now and is on a charge but it is Joe Osborne who has set the fastest lap time so far with a 2:04.374

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:37

Osborne’s up to third now at the expense of Carroll

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:43

Robert Barrable currently leads British GT4 in the RCIB Ginetta with Paul McNeilly and Nathan Freke making it a Ginetta 1-2-3

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:45

But as I type that, McNeilly’s pitted and that promotes Jordan Albert’s Beechdean machine into third place!

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:51

Joe Osborne has wrestled the BMW into second place – he’s probably too far back to challenge now though

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:51

The Ecurie Ecosse McLaren GT4 has stopped now, just 1minute from the end of the race!

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:54

Ratcliffe has been demoted down to fifth place with both the Ferrari and the McLaren getting through

Nick Smith June 12, 201615:54

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:56

THAT’S THE END! Phil Keen has taken a big win in the Demon Tweeks Lamborghini with Joe Osborne coming second and Adam Carroll finishes third in the 488’s debut British GT race.

In British GT4 Robert Barrable has taken a win for RCIB Insurance Racing with Nathan Freke second and Jordan Albert third
Nick Smith June 12, 201615:56

Joe Hudson June 12, 201615:56

In GT4 European Series, Peter Terting crosses the line first for PROsport!

Nick Smith June 12, 201615:57