LIVE: British GT Championship Round Five – Spa

The British GT Championship has gone abroad for the fifth round of the season for a two hour race around the hills of Spa-Francorchamps and The Checkered Flag will be covering the race live, if the WiFi allows!

Starting on pole position, and leading a massive 60 car field around the Ardennes, is the Team Parker Racing Bentley Continental GT3 of Seb Morris and Rick Parfitt who once again showed the big old Bentley can go supremely fast when the driver takes their brave pills.

In the British GT GT4 class, the Black Bull Ecurie Ecosse McLaren 570S of Ciaran Haggerty and Sandy Mitchell paced the field all weekend and it seemed the only fair result for them to be also starting on pole. However, keeping them honest a row or two behind Рthanks to the Competition102 GT4 European Series locking out the places directly behind Рis the  Lanan Racing Ginetta G55 GT4 with Alex Reed looking to target the McLaren and snatch the lead over the opening laps.

29 Euro GT4 cars are joining in the fun this weekend with the Racing Team Holland By Ekris Motorsport Ekris M4s claiming first and third in their class with Simon Knap looking to show the British GT lot that they are not to be written off.

Follow the race as it unfolds below:

Joe Hudson July 9, 201611:10

We’re less than 30 minutes away from the start of the race at a very warm Spa!

Joe Hudson July 9, 201611:21

With the final support race now complete, preparations now begin on assembling the grid for this 2 hour encounter.

Joe Hudson July 9, 201611:24

There is only one withdrawal of note to tell you about and that is the second Team Parker Racing of Ian Loggie and Callum MacLeod which had a shunt in FP1 yesterday and the team decided the damage was too great to be repaired

Joe Hudson July 9, 201611:33

While the Team Parker car has had to withdraw, we still have four new GT3 additions for the race with the two Black Falcon cars and the GRT Grasser Racing Team Lamborghinis taking their place on the grid

Joe Hudson July 9, 201611:33

Indeed, the #57 Black Falcon Mercedes AMG is starting in fourth place with Oliver Morley on board

Joe Hudson July 9, 201611:35

The cars have set off on the green flag lap but one KTM X-Bow from the Euro GT4 ranks has had to be pushed off the grid and into the pitlane

Joe Hudson July 9, 201611:40


Joe Hudson July 9, 201611:41

There is a wheel in the middle of the track on the run down to Eau Rouge and yellow flags in that area, not sure exactly what’s happened at the moment

Joe Hudson July 9, 201611:42

At the top of the Kemmel Straight, the #407 Beechdean of Jack Bartholomew and Jordan Albert spun and continued

Joe Hudson July 9, 201611:43

The GT3 grid has come through and the second place McLaren is nowhere to be seen with the TF Sport Aston of Farmer and Barnes in the lead

Joe Hudson July 9, 201611:44

The lost wheel sadly belongs to the Beechdean Aston Martin of Andrew Howard and Ross Gunn, that’s stopped at Eau Rouge

Joe Hudson July 9, 201611:46

In GT4, the Sandy Mitchell McLaren still leads with the second place in British GT4 being Alex Reed who is in 24th place – nine places behind

Joe Hudson July 9, 201611:47

Mark Farmer still leads for TF Sport, but Hunter Abbott in the Grasser Lamborghini is not too far behind in second

Joe Hudson July 9, 201611:49

The McCaig McLaren 650S GT3 is listed as being in pits at the moment down in 56th place

Joe Hudson July 9, 201611:51

A touch further down the GT3 order, Abdulaziz Al Faisal is lying in fourth in the Black Falcon Mercedes with Derek Johnston’s TF Sport Aston in fifth

Joe Hudson July 9, 201611:57

Sandy Mitchell has slipped down to third on the combined GT4 grid, but he still leads in British GT4 with the Ekris M4 GT4 and one of the Reiter Young Stars teams in the lead

Joe Hudson July 9, 201611:58

Second in British GT4 is still the Lanan Racing Ginetta of Alex Reed with Graham Johnson third in the PMW World Expo Racing Ginetta

Joe Hudson July 9, 201612:01

In GT3, the Optimum Motorsport Audi R8 LMS has come into the pits from ninth place

Joe Hudson July 9, 201612:02

The Barwell Motorsport Lambo of Liam Griffin has been given a drive-through penalty!

Joe Hudson July 9, 201612:03

There’s already been a number of other pitstops as the AmDTuning BMW comes in and out of the pits

Joe Hudson July 9, 201612:05

The #408 Beechdean car has also come in, there’s some damage to the Paul Hollywood driven Aston

Joe Hudson July 9, 201612:06

The Stratton Motorsport Aston has also come into the garage for an inspection

Joe Hudson July 9, 201612:08

The #6 Lamborghini is driving around without a bonnet at the moment, suspect that’ll be inspected at the pitstops

Joe Hudson July 9, 201612:09

An note on the Optimum and Audi cars coming into the pits – contact between them both is currently being investigated

Joe Hudson July 9, 201612:11

Mark Farmer still leads, he’s opened up a 2s gap over Abbott in second place

Joe Hudson July 9, 201612:17

There are now reports of yellow flags at turn 11 but there’s nothing obviously out of place at the moment

Joe Hudson July 9, 201612:20

Might have just spotted why – there’s a Sin in the wall at Pouhon

Joe Hudson July 9, 201612:23

Mark Farmer has lost his lead as both Hunter Abbott and Abdulaziz Al Faisal get past the TF Sport man

Joe Hudson July 9, 201612:25

The Team ABBA with Rollcentre Racing BMW has been given a drive-through penalty for track limits

Joe Hudson July 9, 201612:32

Pit stops are underway now with the Mark Farmer Aston Martin coming into the pits, following him in is Anna Walewska in the Century Motorsport Ginetta from ninth in British GT4

Joe Hudson July 9, 201612:37

Drama for the British GT4 leader! Sandy Mitchell has stopped at Pouhon in the Ecurie Ecosse McLaren!

Joe Hudson July 9, 201612:40

Al Faisal leads at the moment in the #58 leads but he hasn’t pitted yet, the first of those who has pitted is the Grasser Lambo of Rolf Ineichen

Joe Hudson July 9, 201612:48

Rolf Ineichen now leads in GT3 with Jon Barnes in second and Seb Morris in third.

In British GT4, Joey Foster leads in the Lanan Ginetta from Mike Robinson’s PMW World Expo Racing Ginetta.
Euro GT4 is led by Reiter Young Stars Team Hohenberg in their KTM X-Bow
Joe Hudson July 9, 201612:53

Jon Barnes takes the #11 TF Sport Aston back into the lead of the race with a lap one second faster than Ineichen last time round

Joe Hudson July 9, 201612:58

Rolf Ineichen is in 2nd but he might not be for much longer as the team manager has been called to race control for track limits

Joe Hudson July 9, 201613:01

As I typed that, Seb Morris has jumped up to second place in the Team Parker Racing Bentley

Joe Hudson July 9, 201613:03

Two of the Reiter Young Stars teams are being investigated for refuelling breaches during their pit stops

Joe Hudson July 9, 201613:05

The British GT4 field seems to be bunching up now as the top eight places in the class have five British cars: Lanan Racing, PMW World Expo, Generation AMR MacMillan Racing, Ebor GT and RCIB Insurance Racing

Joe Hudson July 9, 201613:16

Oh bother – the Team Parker team manager has been called to race control as the Seb Morris car is shown the black and white flag for track limits

Joe Hudson July 9, 201613:21

There are yellow flags on the pit straight as one of the Euro GT4 KTMs has pulled off

Joe Hudson July 9, 201613:35

We’re into the final six minutes now and Seb Morris has tried to cut down his 0.8 second to Jon Barnes in the lead for the last ten minutes but can’t do it at all.

Joey Foster still leads in British GT4 with Mike Robinson nine seconds behind
Joe Hudson July 9, 201613:43

TF Sport wins!!! Jon Barnes finishes 0.6 ahead of Seb Morris in the Team Parker Racing Bentley with Dani Juncadella in third for Black Falcon!

In British GT4, Joey Foster leads Mike Robinson across the line with Matthew Graham’s Generation AMR entry finishing third from a hard-charging Abbie Eaton in fourth place in the Ebor GT Maserati
Joe Hudson July 9, 201613:44

Euro GT4 honours went to the Street Art Racing with the Reiter Young Stars Team Hohenberg KTM finishing second

Joe Hudson July 9, 201613:44

We’ll have a full report coming up this evening so keep your eye peeled for that!