TCF goes racing: Part 7 – The To-Do List

by Team TCF

Well, now being a proud owner of a race car and with the Championships’ first race only four weeks way (Easter Monday), the list of things I had to do was quite a long one. This included some personal (and very happy!) things like make my will, but firstly I had to join the BRSCC (, then the Championship itself and finally I had to enter the first race.

Some great news: I was lucky enough to be accepted into the sponsorship scheme. This provides drivers with a 10% discount on their products and the chance to win vouchers if their logo is displayed in certain magazines. So I purchased a Bell helmet, which is FIA 8859-2015 approved, HANS device and a novice sticker to compliment the items I have purchased over the years!

Next on the list was a van. My original plan was to buy a van and trailer, however looking into this in more detail I realised I would need to complete a trailer test, which would cost c£250 for a day’s training, a further £110 for my test and then the cost of the trailer itself. Due to the costs I decided to abort this plan and instead buy an old recovery truck. Having scoured the internet and gone to look at a few options I eventually found a Fiat Ducato Beavertail which was within budget and had eleven months MOT so I decided to go with that!

Whilst all of this has been going on Mike and Justin have been sorting out the car. I am so thankful for this as without them I just don’t know how I would have managed to do everything and keep on top of my day job too!

So it’s now a week to go until my first race and I have to say I am very nervous but starting to feel quite excited too. I had some time this week to send out a few sponsorship letters and a couple of companies have come back to me and agreed to help me out with a few bits in return for their logo on the car. This is very much appreciated as they don’t lie when they say motorsport is expensive. I have also really appreciated the kindness of my fellow competitors’, which has taken me by complete surprise. To be honest without them I don’t know how I would have managed it!

Roll on Easter Monday @nickrmarketing

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