LIVE: British GT Championship Snetterton – Race One

The British GT Championship has made its annual pilgrimage to Norfolk and two one-hour races around the Snetterton 300 circuit.

Qualifying on pole position for race one is the TF Sport Aston Martin Vantage of Mark Farmer & Jon Barnes who carried on their pure speed from Spa to beat Jon Minshaw into second place.

In British GT GT4, Lanan Racing’s Alex Reed will start their Ginetta G55 GT4 on pole position after dominating GT4 Am qualifying.

For this race the Ams will be starting the cars with the Pros taking over at roughly half-distance.

Joe Hudson August 7, 201611:28

Hello and welcome to a sunny Snetterton! The first news to bring you is that the Team ABBA with Rollcentre Racing BMW has had to withdraw from the action today with an oil leak that can’t be fixed at the circuit without having to change near enough the whole engine…

Joe Hudson August 7, 201611:48

Jon Minshaw is starting on pole in the Barwell Lamborghini with Mark Farmer starting second in the TF Sport Aston Martin

Joe Hudson August 7, 201611:49

The cars are now off on their green flag lap! They’ll be starting in just 3 miles!

Joe Hudson August 7, 201611:52

They’re off! Mark Farmer had a decent lead at the start with Derek Johnston up into 2nd!

Joe Hudson August 7, 201611:53

McCaig and Johnston though have made contact at Agostini! That’s allowed Minshaw back up into 2nd place

Joe Hudson August 7, 201611:54

At the end of the first lap there is a car in the barriers at Turn 2/3 and a big mover is Lee Mowle who has moved up a place to lie in third.

Joe Hudson August 7, 201611:55

In GT4, Jack Mitchell and Jack Bartholomew have moved up three places each to lie in 1st and 2nd

Joe Hudson August 7, 201611:56

After their incident on the first lap, McCaig and Johnston are 10th and 9th respectively

Joe Hudson August 7, 201611:58

Farmer still leads at the end of lap 3 as Liam Griffin loses a lot of places! He’s gone down to 10th.

Johnston and Stinton have moved up though, they’re in sixth and fifth
Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:00

Alasdair McCaig’s McLaren has moved up to seventh at the expense of the #56 Ginetta

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:00

Something’s happened to the Ultimate Speed Aston of Mike Brown, he’s only just crossed the line and he’s dropped to 24th

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:01

Only one car not to have completed a single lap that’s the Lotus of Richard Taffinder, which is in the barriers at turn 2/3

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:02

Five laps down now, and Phil Dryburgh has moved up to 8th now in the Motorbase Aston

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:03

Liam Griffin’s pitted the #6 Lamborghini now, mechanics are changing a wheel and scooping out grass

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:03

Derek Johnston has moved up to fifth, he got past Stinton going into Riches

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:08

Out front, Mark Farmer’s pulled out a lead of almost 2 seconds over Jon Minshaw’s Lamborghini

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:08

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:09

In GT4, Jack Bartholomew has slipped down to third as Alex Reed’s Lanan Ginetta has climbed up to 2nd

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:11

Minshaw’s cut the leaders gap right down! Farmer had a nightmare third sector and the Barwell man has pulled within 0.8s

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:13

But then Farmer extends the lap back to over 2 seconds as he makes the best of a bad lap for Minshaw

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:15

In GT4 Jack Mitchell is driving like he’s got ants in his pants as he opens up a 4 second lead to second place. In the same class, Sandy Mitchell has moved the McLaren up into third at the expense of Bartholomew

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:15

McCaig’s moved into sixth as well, he got past the Ginetta of Ian Stinton at Riches

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:18

McCaig pits first as the pit window opens – the leader is in now as well as Jon Barnes gets in the TF Sport Lamborghini

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:19

Minshaw, Mowle and Johnston are in from second, third and fifth respectively.

McLaren has been pushed back into the garage
Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:19

Rick Parfitt leads at the moment with Phil Dryburgh 2nd but neither of them have made their stops yet

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:19

Phil Keen gets onto his outlap first in the Lambo with Joe Osborne 2nd and Jon Barnes 3rd

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:21

Phil Dryburgh last of the front runners to stay out, as Keen cements his 2nd place (for now)

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:23

GT4 leaders have pitted now with Jack Mitchell handing over to Matthew Graham, Bartholomew pitted a lap earlier and Ross Gunn is now on a charge in that car

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:24

Dryburgh pits now so Keen takes over the lead and Osborne goes into 2nd

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:24

In the pits, Ciaran Haggerty has taken the lead of GT4 in the McLaren with Matthew Graham second and Gunn third

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:25

Joe Osborne is on it! He’s knocked in the fastest lap so far – a 1:48.615

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:27

Osborne has closed in again! He’s only 0.270 behind Keen now

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:30

Confirmation that the GT3 McLaren has retired now after that touch with Derek Johnston on the first lap

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:30

In GT4, Gunn has closed the gap to 2nd to within half a second!

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:31

Joe Osborne leads now! He’s got a 7 second lead after Keen had a poor third sector

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:33

Phil Keen spun at the Bombhole as Osborne squeezed up the inside

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:34

Ross Gunn has moved up to 2nd now, he needs to make up six seconds to get into spitting distance of class leader Ciaran Haggerty

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:36

Phil Keen has had another slow third sector and that’s allowed Jon Barnes to close to 0.4s behind

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:39

In just two laps, Ross Gun has taken 2 seconds out of Haggerty’s lead

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:42

The #32 Ginetta has just had a stop/go penalty for a short pit stop! They’re currently in sixth place

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:43

Ross Gunn’s closed in to 2.6s now, he’s got 9 minutes to make something happen!

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:48

Joe Osborne has a drive-through!!! Avoidable contact with Phil Keen

Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:52

Osborne hasn’t taken his drive-through yet, guess he’s going to argue the toss after the race.

But then as DSC have pointed out, the timing screens have given him a ‘Penatly’ not a penalty
Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:55

Joe Osborne wins!!! On track at least… he didn’t serve his drive-through so god knows what is going to happen now. Keen finished second, Barnes is third and Seb Morris is fourth.

In GT4, Haggerty held on for victory by the skin of his teeth as Ross Gunn couldn’t make a move on the last lap
Joe Hudson August 7, 201612:56

Just now – 30 second penalty for OSBORNE! He’s been moved down to fifth on the timing screens

Joe Hudson August 7, 201613:03

The win should move Minshaw / Keen into the lead of the GT3 drivers standings, with another race to come later.