LIVE: British GT Championship Snetterton – Race Two

After an enthralling race one, the British GT Championship grid is set to do it all again around Snetterton as the second one-hour race gets ready for the off.

Going on from winning race one, the Barwell Motorsport Lamborghini Huracan GT3 of Phil Keen and Jon Minshaw will be starting on pole position with Jonny Adam lining up on the outside of the front-row.

GT4 will see British GT race one runners up Beechdean AMR starting on pole after Ross Gunn dominated his part of qualifying. Starting alongside them will be the Generation AMR SuperRacing Aston Martin of Matty George.

Joe Hudson August 7, 201615:29

Welcome happy folks to the 2nd of TCFs liveblogs today as the British GT Championship has a double header at Snetterton!

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:00

The grid is ready for the off! It’s a sunny but very windy Snetterton at the moment as the Pro drivers get ready to start!

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:05

And we’re green! It’s a cleaner start than race one as Phil Keen jumps from 2nd into 1st at the expense of Jonny Adam

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:07

Quite a few winners and losers on the first lap as Joe Osborne gains a place to go 4th Mike Simpson is up to 6th in the Ginetta and Seb Morris has gained two places to go 7th

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:07

In GT4, Ross Gunn leads away from pole with Matthew George and Joey Foster completing the top three

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:09

Jody Fannin in the PFL Motorsport car has lost a few places, he’s down to 12th now

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:10

One Ginetta loses a place and one gains a place as Mike Simpson slips to seventh and Luke Davenport climbs to 8th in the Tolman cars

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:11

Ciaran Haggerty – in the race one winning McLaren 570S – pits now with some damage to the front-right

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:12

McLaren GT3 of Rob Bell has come into the pits as has Jody Fannin in the PFL Motorsport Aston

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:14

Keen still leads in GT3, but he’s only got 0.6s over Jonny Adam! Adam himself has pulled one and a half seconds over Alexander Sims in third

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:15

In other news the #70 Lotus has retired after Martin Plowman reports fire in the cockpit,

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:17

Rob Bell has retired the McLaren now, wheel-bearing issue the Blancpain GT Series points leader reports

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:19

Ross Gunn’s lead in GT4 is looking a bit shaky, he’s only 0.7s ahead of Matty George in the SuperRacing Aston

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:20

The Ginetta G55 GT3 of Luke Davenport has retired as well, this car is having gear shifting issues

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:24

Jonny Adam is within spitting distance now! The gap’s only 0.2s crossing the line!

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:28

Reports of oil on track now on the run from Palmer to Agostini

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:29

Matthew Graham has dropped down the order now, he was in fifth but he seems to have gone missing – could that be to do with the oil?

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:30

Matt Manderson’s Aston has dropped a few places as well, he was 9th and now he’s plummeted down the order

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:32

One GT3 car has made a pit stop now the pit window is open – Ross Wylie’s handed over to Phil Dryburgh

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:34

Mike Simpson’s pitted now as well, he’ll be handing the Ginetta over to Tolman teammate Ian Stinton

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:36

Seb Morris pits the Bentley from sixth place to hand over to Rick Parfitt.

Jon Barnes has also snatched fourth from Joe Osborne
Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:38

Jon Barnes and Alexander Sims have pitted from fourth and third respectively, others are waiting for another lap before they change

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:39

The top six in GT4 have all pitted, at the same time Phil Keen and Jonny Adam also pit. Joe Osborne’s also gone in to hand over to Lee Mowle

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:41

The #17 TF Sport car has had a nightmare, they’ve come out in fourth, behind Jon Minshaw, Lee Mowle and Liam Griffin in the 2nd Barwell Lamborghini

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:42

Fourth place in GT4 – the #51 Lanan Ginetta – has been given a stop/go for a pitstop infringement

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:43

Liam Griffin has pitted from third! Wonder what that could be for?

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:45

After the pitstops sorted themselves out, the Beechdean Aston now being driven by Jack Bartholomew is first in class

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:46

The #6 Lamborghini has retired! Broken wishbone/steering arm in that car.

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:52

Derek Johnston is closing in on Mowle for second as the latter is investigated for a collision with a Lamborghini – just like in race one!

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:53

Paul Hollywood is making his way through the GT4 grid, he’s up to fifth now

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:59

Johnston is closing in on Mowle – he’s two tenths behind

Joe Hudson August 7, 201616:59

And as I type that Johnston’s got him! The TF Sport car is up to 2nd now

Joe Hudson August 7, 201617:00

James Holder has lost a lot of places in the #44 he’s dropped to 12th in class

Joe Hudson August 7, 201617:03

We’re onto the last lap! Minshaw has a decent lead over Johnston who has a good lead of Mowle!

Joe Hudson August 7, 201617:07

MINSHAW WINS! They’ve taken two wins in two races today with Derek Johnston claiming second for TF Sport. are third and the second TF Sport car is fourth.

In GT4, Bartholomew takes victory for Beechdean AMR to add onto the podium they took in race one! Graham Johnson is second for PMW World Expo Racing and Alex Reed finishes third for Lanan Racing