Olympic gold medalist Williams to take on Wales Rally GB

by Vince Pettit

British Olympic gold medalist Amy Williams will once again take on co-driver duties for Tony Jardine at the upcoming Wales Rally GB.

The former skeleton racer took part in the 2013 Wales Rally GB alongside Jardine with the pair winning the Group N class with an impressive twenty-sixth overall finish.

“The challenge at Wales Rally GB provides great parallels to skeleton in the Winter Olympics, both need precision, bravery and fitness as you slide at high speed.” said Williams.

“Tony is putting all his trust in me and one wrong-reading of my pace notes could put us in a spot of bother! I’m used to being in an individual sport where I’m fully responsible for my own destiny and I’m determined to not let him down and to finish as high as we can.”

Jardine added, “I’m really looking forward to having Amy reprising her role as my co-driver for this year’s Wales Rally GB. She’s an incredible sportswoman and I’m sure she’ll rise to the challenge when faced with the tricky task of reading the huge amount of pace notes and navigation she has to take in. I can’t wait to take on the rally again!”

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