Sergio Sette Câmara: “You can’t get much better than a podium at Macau”

Sergio Sette Camara - Credit: ID

Sergio Sette Câmara was happy to finish third in the Macau Grand Prix despite holding the lead early in the race on Sunday.

The Red Bull-backed Carlin driver had made a good start from third on the grid to lead into Lisboa on lap one, but the introduction of the safety car on lap four made him vulnerable at the restart, and team-mate Antonio Felix da Costa slipstreamed his way passed into the lead.

Felix Rosenqvist also found a way ahead before the conclusion of the race, but the Brazilian teenager was not downbeat about losing to two drivers that are vastly more experienced than himself.

“It feels great,” said Sette Câmara.  “If someone had handed me a contract at the start of this week and said here – you finish third – I might have thought about signing it! 

“I mean it’s not the best result, but it’s pretty up there, you can’t get much better than a podium at Macau.  Especially when you’re racing P3 against two guys who race at such a high level, and are racing on street circuits in Formula E, that makes the pain a little less in losing out on the win.  

“I had in my mind exactly how to make the start and I had imagined how to handle restarts, but it didn’t go quite the right way for me.   I hope I can come back next year and win it.  I have good feelings overall.”