LIVE: British GT Championship Round 2 – Oulton Park

Credit: Nick Smith/

Following a dominant victory for Jon Minshaw and Phil Keen in race one, the Barwell Motorsport Lamborghini Huracan GT3 pairing will be starting on the front-row again for the second one-hour British GT Championship race at Oulton Park.

Starting on pole will be Seb Morris in the Team Parker Racing Bentley Continental GT3 and in GT4 pole position is held by Mike Simpson in the University of Bolton Ginetta G55 GT4.

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Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:08

Hello! We’re back from a new dry Oulton Park – but how long will the rain hold off? After race one, everyone will be hoping it stays dry – the first race winner John Minshaw said the Lambos love the wet weather!

Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:24

We’re just about to get going here and one car has already not come out to play. The #19 Ginetta GT3 of Parker Chase and Charlie Robertson has not arrived on the grid

Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:27

We are green! Phil Keen sweeps round the outside as does Callum Macleod the pole sitting Bentley of Seb Morris is down in third

Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:28

The bonnet on Joe Osborne’s Tolman McLaren is up and covering the windscreen. He’all hope he won’t need to pit

Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:29

After one lap Jonny Adam has moved from 11th to sixth!

Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:30

And at Hislops, Morris hits team-mate Macleod! Morris continues in second but Macleod is down in sixth! That’s promoted Jon Barnes up to third

Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:31

In GT4 pole man Mike Simpson retains his lead from Martin Plowman in the Nissan GT4 with Scott Malvern third in the Porsche

Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:33

Seb Morris has a drive through! That’s for contact with Callum Macleod in the second Team Parker Racing machine!

In other news, Will Moore has brought the podium finishing Academy Motorsport GT4 Aston into the pits
Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:35

Mike Simpson’s car is looking a bit damaged at the front, a bit of a twitch coming out of Lodge and Martin Plowman leads!

Going into Cascades, Malvern and Simpson tangle sending the Porsche miles off and Mike Simpson spinning into the field
Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:36

With that kerfuffle in GT4, track-club’s Adam Mackay is now 2nd with David Pittard’s Lanan Ginetta third

Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:37

In all that excitement, Jon Barnes is now second for TF Sport with Barwell’s Sam Tordoff third. The second TF Aston of Jonny Adam is fourth.

Phil Keen still leads, by 5 seconds
Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:39

And at Cascades Callum Macleod goes off! The grass is so wet, the Bentley’s slick tyres aren’t getting any grip at all. Looks like he stalled as well.

Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:40

Seb Morris overtakes James Littlejohn for fifth and gives him a rub for good measure on the way through

Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:41

Jonny Adam has also got up to 3rd after getting past Sam Tordoff

Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:42

Tordoff is slowing on Lakeside! The lights have gone off in the Barwell Lamborghini and he’s having to limp the car back

Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:43

And Seb Morris’ race of fun continues. He’s spun at Knickerbrook from 4th place.

At at the same time Tordoff has got out of the Huracan before Shell Oils
Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:44

All this action has seen the Spirit of Race Ferrari of Matt Griffin move up to 4th!

Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:46

In GT4 there is a good battle forming for 2nd. Adam Mackay is seeing his track-club McLaren hassled by David Pittard in the Lanan Ginetta!

Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:50

And Seb Morris is up to fifth at the expense of Littlejohn in the Macmillan AMR Aston Martin Vantage

Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:52

The pit window is open now. Will anyone risk an early pit stop?

Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:54

First in is the Lanan Ginetta which was third in GT4. Alex Reed will be taking over from Pittard.

Garage 59 McLaren also pits with Haggerty set to hand over to Sandy Mitchell
Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:56

First to pit in GT3 is the Mercedes AMG of Ryan Ratcliffe. Lee Mowle takes over that car

Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:57

Front runners in GT4, the track-club car and the PMW Expo Ginetta have pitted together

Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:58

And now reigning champion Adam pits the Aston, Derek Johnston is getting in that car for the final 28 minutes

Joe Hudson April 17, 201715:59

Phil Keen is yet to pit from the lead, and Matt Griffin is still out in the Ferrari

Joe Hudson April 17, 201716:01

And now he pits at the last possible opportunity! They’ll be serving a time success penalty in the pits but he should have enough of a margin to allow Minshaw to get back out before TF Sport’s Mark Farmer

Joe Hudson April 17, 201716:02

Minshaw gets out a second or two ahead. He’ll be hoping Farmer on warmer tyres doesn’t catch him up on his out lap

Joe Hudson April 17, 201716:06

Remarkably the #100 Garage 59 McLaren of Sandy Mitchell is now first in GT4. They were almost at the back after contact with Mike Simpson at the start.

Alex Reed is 2nd and Will Phillips is third
Joe Hudson April 17, 201716:08

Farmer is off!! He’s gone off at Brittens chicane! That’s allowed Derek Johnston to climb into second

Joe Hudson April 17, 201716:10

And there’s been a big crash for Callum Macleod and Richard Neary in the Bentley and Mercedes respectively! Don’t know how it happened but there is debris littering the track on the run downhill to Hislops.

Joe Hudson April 17, 201716:12

In that incident the RCIB Insurance Ginetta of Sam Webster spun as well after going onto the grass to avoid the Mercedes which was lying width ways across the track

Joe Hudson April 17, 201716:13

Watching a replay the Mercedes and Bentley appear to tangle with each other and they got dragged into the tyre barriers

Joe Hudson April 17, 201716:20

We’re still under safety car at Oulton Park with just over 6 minutes to go. Will we see the green flag again?

Joe Hudson April 17, 201716:24

And the race has been finished early. Chequered Flag comes out with 5 mins left.

In GT3, Minshaw and Keen take a double victory with Johnston and Adam finishing second and Farmer finishing third – both TF Sport Aston Martins.
In GT4 Alex Reed has taken victory after a time penalty for Mitchell in the 100. Hogarth is second for In2Racing and Johnson is third for PMW Expo Racing