LIVE: British GT Championship Round 4 – Snetterton

Lanan Racing's Ginetta G55 took pole for race 1 with Tolman Motorsport taking race two in their McLaren. (Credit: Nick Smith/

Snetterton plays host to the third British GT Championship weekend of the season, with two one hour races this afternoon, the first one takes place at 11:40 UK time.

Jack Mitchell in the Macmillan AMR will start on pole, as he and co-driver James Littlejohn look for their first win of the year in GT3. Championship leaders Barwell Motorsports will start alongside them with Jon Minshaw in the car first.

In GT4, it will be Alex Reed on pole in the Lanan Racing‘s Ginetta G55 GT4, as they stride to take their second win of the year with championship leaders HHC Motorsport in second.

Follow all the action as it happens with out live blog!

Connor Jackson May 28, 201711:40

Race One about to get underway with Macmillan AMR on pole in GT3

Connor Jackson May 28, 201711:40

In GT4, Lanan Racing will start on pole with Alex Reed

Connor Jackson May 28, 201711:41

And we’re GREEN at Snetterton!

Connor Jackson May 28, 201711:42

A clean start for all of the drivers, with Macmillian AMR breaking away early on

Connor Jackson May 28, 201711:44

After only the first lap, Mitchell has built a lead of 3.3 seconds over Minshaw in the Barwell Lamborghini Hurican

Connor Jackson May 28, 201711:45

In GT4, Will Tregurtha has taken the lead, though Reed in the Lanan Racing has kept within a second

Connor Jackson May 28, 201711:46

Sandy Mitchell in the Black Bull Garage 59 GT4 is pressuring the Lanan Racing car for second in class

Connor Jackson May 28, 201711:49

The #42 Macmillian AMR driven by William Phillips has made contact with another car at the start, the incident will be investigated after the race. They currently run twelfth in class

Connor Jackson May 28, 201711:49

The #42 certainly hasn’t benefitted, with the front bumper now damaged

Connor Jackson May 28, 201711:52

The #24 Macmillan AMR has built their advantage to over seven seconds in GT3

Connor Jackson May 28, 201711:54

#53 UltraTek Racing Team RJN and #36 Autoaid/RCIB Insurance Racing cars have been given warnings for track limits

Connor Jackson May 28, 201711:58

As we pass the quarter point, both Macmillan AMR GT3 and HHC Motorsport have extended their race leads

Connor Jackson May 28, 201711:58

As we pass the quarter race point, both Macmillan AMR GT3 and HHC Motorsport have extended their race leads

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:01

The GT3’s are now making their way past the GT4 runners, with Rick Parfitt in the Team Parker Racing Ltd car looking for an opportunity to take second from Minshaw in the #33 Barwell

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:02

With the #31 TPR car carrying success ballast, all time counts for them

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:04

Contact between the #11 TF Sport and #30 car as they negotiate traffic. Both continue with minimal interruption

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:05

Mark Farmer in the #11 has been forced to come in due to damage, but the team send him on his way as the pit window is yet to open

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:06

#29 In2Racing has stopped on track, they had been running seventh in GT4

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:07


Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:07

The #43 Century Motorsport are the first in, from the back of the GT4 pack. Will the early stop help them later on.

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:09

GT4 front-runner #100 McLaren are in along with most of the GT3 runners

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:09

#11 TF Sport driven by Farmer has spun on track, he continues with only brief Yellows.

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:10

#24 Macmillan has decided to stay out. The race leader now has almost a lap lead over the opposition.

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:12

Jack Mitchell now in, the Aston Martin Vantage has decided to change tyres. A small delay in the pits has cost them

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:13

Most of the teams have now changed their drivers, with traffic still proving to be a decisive factor for many of the GT3’s.

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:14

GT4 leader Tregurtha is finally into the Pits, a clear pit lane welcomes the HHC driver.

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:15

The #24 Macmillan has retained its lead, but the gap has reduced to six seconds with James Littlejohn now in the car.

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:18

The #6 Barwell Motorsports Lamborghini Hurican is currently third with Tordoff at the wheel

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:19

Tordoff set the fastest lap, with Phil Keen in the #33 up ahead responding immediately

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:19

Both are closing in on Littlejohn, who is two seconds slower.

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:21

In GT4, a longer pitstop for the #55 has dropped them to second, with the polesitter #51 Lanan Racing now leading

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:23

Pittard in the #51 is under a second ahead of Stuart Middleton in the #55 with the Ginetta G55’s holding off the #100 McLaren driven by Ciaren Haggerty

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:24

Back to GT3 and the leaders are also occupying the same stretch of track as Littlejohn in the Aston Martin holding off Keen’s Lamborghini Hurican

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:26

GT3 Order:
#24 Macmillan AMR
#33 Barwell Motorsport
#6 Barwell Motorsport

All three are within two seconds of each other

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:28

GT4 Order:
#51 Lanan Racing
#55 HHC Motorsport
#100 Black Bull

Also within two seconds as the rivalries increase

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:29

Middleton now weaving for the lead of GT4, but David Pittard remains strong in front

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:31

Tordoff has got caught up in traffic and fallen back from the GT3 battle for the lead in third

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:32

Elsewhere, the #42 Macmillan AMR has got a 5 second penalty

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:32

A move for lead! Keen throws it up the inside of Williams

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:33

Keen in the #33 Barwell Motorsport Lamborghini has taken the GT3 lead!

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:36

The #24 Aston Martin Vantage is moving backwards as the #6 Barwell runs around the outside of Palmer to take second

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:37

There’s a lead change in GT4 as well, with the #55 HHC Motorsport car driven by Middleton now back past the #51 of Pittard.

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:39

#31 / #56 / #72 / #111 told to report to Race Control for a pit stop infringement

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:41

That includes the Team Parker Racing and the Track-Club teams who are both fourth in GT3 and GT4 respectively

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:41

Keen looks comfortable out front

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:42

#33 Barwell Motorsport Lamborghini Hurican GT3 takes the flag for the Race One Win

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:43

#55 HHC Motorsport Ginetta G55 Wins the GT4 Class!

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:45

That is Barwell’s third win of the year, pulling out a championship lead.

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:47

GT3 Result –
1st – #33 Barwell Motorsport – Lamborghini Hurican – Minshaw/Keen
2nd – #6 Barwell Motorsport – Lamborghini Hurican – Griffin/Tordoff
3rd – #24 Macmillan AMR – Aston Martin Vantage – Mitchell/Littlejohn

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:50

GT4 Result –
1st – #55 HHC Motorsport – Ginetta G55 GT4 – Tregurtha/Middleton
2nd – #51 Lanan Racing – Ginetta G55 GT4 – Reed/Pittard
3rd – #100 Black Bull Garage 59 – McLaren 570S – Mitchell/Haggerty

Connor Jackson May 28, 201712:52

Thank You for joining us for Race One from Snetterton. We’ll be back at 16:00 UK Time for the second race.