Seb Morris: “It’s our Bogey Track so We’ll Just Have to Deal with it”

Seb Morris is hoping for success at Bentley's bogey track. (Credit: Nick Smith/

Seb Morris is confident in the pace of the Team Parker Racing Bentley Continental GT3, but admits it’ll be an uphill struggle at Bentley’s bogey track of Snetterton.

It’s not going to be a great run, we’re pretty poor around here,” Morris said.

We’re just going to have to see how it goes and get on with it. It’s our bogey track so we’ll just have to deal with it, and if we can get a podium, we’ll be very happy with that.

Despite struggling at the Norfolk circuit, the pairing of Morris and Rick Parfitt in the #31 Bentley bagged a podium in race one last year at Snetterton despite a sixth place start, and Morris is hoping a repeat is on the cards this time around.

We’ll try to do what we did last year, when we were miles off here but managed to get a podium.

Even if Bentley do struggle, the 2011 Ginetta Junior champion is confident that no pit-lane penalties heading into the next round of Silverstone in two weeks could prove a winning formula as it did at Rockingham.

We might not be strong here, but we’re very confident of our pace. Once we get Snetterton out the way, it’s quite good because even though Oulton Park was disappointing it worked out well because we had no penalty for Rockingham and we won.

We’ll be hoping for the same here, two fourths or two fifths would be ideal for us so we’d go into Silverstone with no penalties and we know we’re good round there.