Avon Tyres head to the Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling

by Emily Macbeth

The Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling is a spectacle on the island, with its two main components being the Classic TT and the Manx Grand Prix.

Avon Tyres will be heading there once more, and they have an incredible history including setting the first 100mph lap with Bob McIntyre on a four cylinder Gilera.

Avon’s AM26 and AM22 Roadrider classic tyres will be used on the majority of the competitors bikes in the 350 and 500 Classic races, meaning their chances of seeing the podium are very high. The new Avon Storm Endurance race tyres will be available during the Manx GP.

The Spa Classic 4 Hour race is one of the highlights of Avon’s calendar. They supplied their Storm Endurance tyres to Neate Racing (Steven and John Neate and Bob Collins) and Team Classic Suzuki (Guy Martin and Pete Boast). Neate Racing took the win, as Team Classic Suzuki rolled over the line in seventh.

Avon’s motorcycle motorsport manager Steve Smith said: “We’re expecting all the star riders to be using Avon tyres for the 350 and 500cc races at the festival this weekend, so we’re hoping for a clean sweep of the podium in the Junior and Senior Classic TT races.

“At the Manx GP, we’re aiming for a third consecutive win in the Supertwin race after victories from Rob Hodson in 2015 and his brother, Jamie, last year, who will be sorely missed.

“It is with great sadness that we learnt of the loss of Jamie Hodson. It was a pleasure to work with him during the 2016 season that culminated in his superb win at the Manx GP in the Supertwin race. Jamie was a true gentleman and also a very talented rider.”

It’s not all racing at the festival. There will be parade laps from Michael Dunlop on the McIntyre replica Gilera and Steve Plater on the Team Obsolete six cylinder 250cc Honda, with both running Avon tyres.

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