Daniel Ticktum: “I just couldn’t believe it as I crossed the line”

by Paul Hensby

Daniel Ticktum secured victory in the Macau Grand Prix in exciting circumstances, with the Briton only leading the final one hundred yards after seeing both Ferdinand Habsburg and Sergio Sette Câmara crash out.

The eighteen-year-old Red Bull Junior had pulled off an astonishing move to take third place on the penultimate lap, going four-wide to pass both Lando Norris and Maximilian Günther, and Ticktum admitted he was on the limit under braking to whether he would have pulled the move off or hit the wall.

Ticktum believes he deserved to win in Macau, thanks to the pace of his Motopark with VEB machine throughout the weekend, but it was a special move that was needed to put him in the position to capitalise on the mistakes of those at the front on the final lap.

“Some people might say that the win is a bit lucky but I’ve got to say that I deserved it because of my pace through the weekend,” said Ticktum. “Then there was that overtake, that was the move that did it for me.

“I got up to fifth but I coming to the end of the race I knew that I was going to have to do something special if I was going to get a decent result. I was watching Lando as he was going after Max and just put myself in the position to make something of it if I could. I did a similar move I’m pretty sure last year and I knew what it would take.

“I’m pretty confident on the brakes and I have a marker for where my last place to brake is and I kept that in the peripheral as I went alongside. I braked, if I’d had to go any deeper I would have been in trouble but it was enough.”

Ticktum thought the move would have given him third place at best, but when Sette Câmara and Habsburg both misjudged the final corner on the final lap as they battled for the lead, the Red Bull junior was in position to capitalise and take a famous win.

“I thought, OK, the podium is not bad but then I couldn’t believe the last corner, one into the wall going in and then as I came out there was another, I just couldn’t believe it as I crossed the line, what a race,” said Ticktum.

“It’s been an incredible event, a great race, great people and I have to thank everyone who gave me this opportunity, everyone including my dad, Dr Marko and the Motopark team who did a fantastic job of adapting the car after the qualifying race which wasn’t disastrous but we needed a better car for today and the guys produced it.”

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