Ferdinand Habsburg: “This was a real win or bust move for me”

by Paul Hensby

Ferdinand Habsburg was left disappointed after seeing a potential victory around the streets of Macau on Sunday elude him as he crashed exiting the final corner on the final lap whilst in the lead.

The Carlin driver was battling hard with Sergio Sette Câmara heading into the turn, and such was the intensity of the battle, both drivers were on edge, and both ended in the wall.

“This is the one that everyone wants to win,” said Habsburg. “It’s where heroes are made. Win this and you have said to the world; I’m fast, brave and in control. That’s what everyone wants to do.

“With the streets so narrow, you need to make sure pressure from the car behind doesn’t get to you. You only have to be an inch off line and it’s over… then it doesn’t matter what the car behind you is doing!”

Sitting in third place at the restart, Habsburg admitted he had planned the move he pulled off on Maximilian Günther whilst running behind the safety car, and was delighted to be able to pull the move off when it mattered.

“Getting past Günther was awesome,” said Habsburg. “I’d planned the move in my head during the yellow flag period and I just had to execute it – get a good drag along the straight, make the move to his left and then move over to the right in front of him so he couldn’t attack back.”

Habsburg then edged his way closer to racer leader Sette Câmara, and was on his tail as they started the final lap. The duo ran side by side down to Lisboa, with the Motopark driver staying in front, but heading into the final turn, the Austrian tried again around the outside, only to run out of room and hit the wall.

Even with three wheels, Habsburg still managed to cross the line, but he lost out on a podium finish as Daniel Ticktum, Lando Norris and Ralf Aron found their way ahead.

“I’ll be honest, this was a real win or bust move for me,” admitted Habsburg. “Of course, a podium is great, but who remembers the kid who finished in second place? I wanted that win so badly and I knew I could do it.

“Like I said, it’s a shame to miss a podium but I gave that race all I have. I think I’ve shown what I’m capable of and I’m happy with that. I’m gutted that I didn’t cross the line in P1, of course, but I crossed the line and no one can accuse me of not being ballsy enough.”

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