Team BRIT takes next step to Le Mans entry

Credit: David Archer, Kingsize Photography

Team BRIT has taken the next step to running an all-disabled team at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, after meeting with race organiser ACO.

The Berkshire based squad aims to normalise disability and improve access to motorsport for disabled drivers. This year, it will be competing in the Fun Cup and GT4 racing.

Talks have now begun to prepare for a future Team BRIT entry at the 2020 24 Hours of Le Mans. The team wants to run a car with advanced hand controls including electronic clutch, throttle, and brake systems.

Former racer and driver coach David Williams met with ACO Sporting Director Vincent Baeumesnil to discuss Team BRIT’s goal.

“I was very encouraged with the warm reception from Mr Beaumesnil to Team BRIT’s ethos and plans to making motorsport more accessible,” said Williams. “He was very positive and sees the importance of further development of motorsport for the disabled.”

Baeumesnil also offered guidance and discussed the different paths Team BRIT can take to get to Le Mans.

The team is also currently in liaison with the Motorsport Association, FIA, and Aston Martin technical partner Prodrive to get the hand controls formally approved.