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Electric GT Reveals Its Plans For The Future

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After delivering the first race-prepared car to a team in Barcelona, Electric GT Holdings technical management together with its engineering team have published the strategic technical plan for the first five seasons.

Following interest from several international manufacturers, the championship will be open to all constructors and will set the trend for electric racing in the coming years.

In its fourth year, the series will become an open-platform series, following GT/LMP closed-wheel style body specifications.

All vehicles will share the same base (including chassis, cockpit, suspension, brakes, safety equipment, battery and BMS), but featuring OEM specific bodywork, and with the transmission, motor and powertrain open to being developed by each manufacturer.

To qualify for this GT class, manufacturers will need to deliver a minimum of 500 units for the production version of the car.

Many global manufacturers, including a growing number of Asian constructors, have shown great interest in joining the championship, and are already in contact with Electric GT Holdings Technical Director to draw up common regulations that meet the interests of all manufacturers.

Entry to the championship from the first season is open to any OEM, provided that their cars offer a minimum of 70 kWh of available energy, a minimum power-to-weight ratio of 0.3 bhp/kg, a minimum/maximum weight of 1200/2500 kg and with dimensions that are within +/- 15% of the current EPCS Tesla P100DL. Vehicles will need to comply with FIA safety requirements and crash tests.

In the first season of the EPCS, all drivers will compete with identical specification EPCS Tesla P100DLs. With 778 bhp (585kW) and 995Nm of torque, the car can reach 0-100 km/h in 2.1s, with speeds of up to 250 km/h.

Agustin Payá, Technical Director, Electric GT Holdings, said: “We made history when we launched the first electric production car series, and now we are preparing the series to evolve and grow. Our five-year plan has been developed following discussion with leading global manufacturers and OEMs to predict best, and respond to, the continued rapid growth of electric vehicle technology. Our championship will be relevant, fast and continue to drive technology forward.

“We will also continue to work with manufacturers of new sustainable materials, in the car and at our events, to surprise and delight our fans. This series will truly prove that electric technology has surpassed the possibilities of all that has gone before.”

The inaugural season of the EGT will begin in Spain this November.

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