Kristoffersson Motorsport announce Polo R5 purchase

by Steven Batey

Kristoffersson Motorsport have confirmed they have purchased a new Volkswagen Polo R5 ahead of the 2019 season.

KMS have also announced that along with the new car, they will run under the Volkswagen Dealer Team BAUHAUS banner.

Double and defending FIA World Rallycross Champion Johan Kristoffersson is no stranger to rally action, having previously completed in the last two Rally Sweden events and the team want to continue this next season.

Team Manager Tommy Kristoffersson said: “Ever since Volkswagen declared that it would be possible to get a Polo GTI R5, it has been legitimate in our planning. It is in line with what Volkswagen does. There is a lot of interest in rallying among people, the dealership and our other partners.”

“The main goal is, of course, to start the WRC2 class in Rally Sweden. This would be Johan Kristoffersson’s third start in the Swedish winter rhythm, something he really looks forward to. Hopefully, with better time for preparation this time. I’d rather do some rally before and a couple of days’ of testing.”

He added: “We have worked with rallycross, racing and now rallying, which becomes a new part of the Kristoffersson Motorsport brand. It is amazing and unique to work with the same car manufacturer and Johan in three different disciplines.”

“We have no definite program yet, but we are waiting to see how John’s international commitments look before 2019, but the rally initiative is rooted in our partners, Volkswagen and BAUHAUS.”

Johan’s first appearance in the car looks set to be the SM Sprint in Sundsvall, Sweden in February and the team also want to add a second car to the team in the future.

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