TCR Balance of Performance gets pre-season shake-up

by James Bowers

During each winter off-season, WSC Limited (the organisers of worldwide TCR racing) hold a baseline Balance of Performance (BoP) test. The intention behind this is to equalise the performance between all models of TCR race car as much as possible, thus ensuring the most level playing field possible for the upcoming season. However, the way in which they shall conduct this for the 2019 campaign is rather different to years gone by.

Previously, every single TCR model would have to be represented during the test, but for 2019 only cars requiring new homologations will be present. As such, two brand new cars – the Lynk & Co 03 TCR and Hyundai Veloster N TCR – will be at the test, along with new, updated versions of the familiar Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR, Lada Vesta TCR and Renault Megane TCR models.

In concordance with baseline tests of years gone by, the assessment will be held at Valencia’s Circuito Ricardo Tormo. During which, each of the new cars will be observed on track in comparison to an existing fully-homologated TCR race car. It’s not yet been announced which existing TCR car that will be.

Alongside the circuit test, which is scheduled for 17th February, a host of static assessments will also be made in order to form the TCR Balance of Performance baseline. ORAL Engineering will offer their Dynamometer bench services to measure each new car’s engine power, torque and boost pressure, while the Pininfarina wind tunnel will be used to judge the cars’ aerodynamic capabilities and traits.

The initial BoP baseline will be enforced across all TCR series once it has been calculated. It will then be adjusted according to on-track performance throughout the season, just as it was during the 2018 campaign.

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