Red Flag Halts Spa 24 Hours

by Mike Widdowson

Bad weather has rolled in through the Ardennes forest and brought a stop to the classic Belgian race, with teams on standby for conditions to improve at the 2019 Total Spa 24 Hours.

Just as dawn broke through the murky grey sky, the weather intensified. Rain had been falling since not long after the quarter distance mark of the race. Heavy showers would come and go but as the night was coming to an end the weather reached the worst it had been so far.

Around 5:45am local time the red flag was brought out by the race director to halt the race, many drivers were now complaining that the conditions were some of the worst they had ever seen on circuit.

With the race halted, the #63 GRT Grasser racing Lamborghini leading the way, in second place is the #34 Walkenhorst Motorsport BMW M6 GT3 ahead of the third place #54 Dinamic Motorsport Porsche. #72 SMP Racing Ferrari is in fourth place ahead of pole position sitters and previous leaders #4 Black Falcon Mercedes in fifth position overall.

Silver Cup is lead by the #90 AKKA ASP Mercedes up in seventh position overall. Pro-AM is lead by the #97 Oman Racing with TF Sport which sits pretty in fifteenth overall, a massive thirteen positions ahead and 2 laps clear of the next rival in class. AM Cup is lead by the #33 Rinaldi Racing Ferrari just one lap ahead of the #77 Barwell Motorsport Lamborghini.

No restart will be before 11:30am local time, 10:30am GMT. Updates will be coming in soon from race control.

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