Xentek Motorsport leads the 2019 Ginetta GT5 Challenge

by Charlotte Hardy

Xentek Motorsport are a British North Eastern Motorsport team, currently focusing on Ginetta Championships. The team is run by Sarah Jayne Naomi McKenna and her partner Christopher Richards. Since the team was set up in 2014 the team has won both the Ginetta GT5 challenge and GT4 Supercup.

So far in the current 2019 season Xentek Motorsport are having a very successful season. The team currently houses four Ginetta G40 which run in the Ginetta GT5 challenge which supports the British GT. The team runs Scott McKenna, Gus Bowers, Jesse Chambelain and Sami Saarelainen.

Seventeen year old Scott McKenna is currently leading the championship with a forty-nine point lead. The pro driver has taken five firsts, including Zandvoort, two seconds and three thirds and four other lower results, but still placing well inside the top ten on every race despite not taking the podium on them. Pro driver Gus Bowers best finish is seventh place, Sami Saarelainen best is tenth and Chambelains best finish is thirteenth.

All of the drivers’ efforts mean that the Xentek Motorsport leads the team championship by sixty-six points, with only two rounds left.

The next round is as a support race of BTCC at Snetterton on the 6/7 August. Then the final round is at Donington Park on the 14/15 September. The team is Hopeful the drivers will continue to drive well to claim the team championship and the overall championship for Scott McKenna.

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