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Extreme E partners with QEV Technologies to supply new Q-Vent respirator

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Credit: Shivraj Gohil / Extreme E

The first-ever all electric off-road series Extreme E has now signed a new partnership with the engineering company QEV Technologies to supply the all-new Q-Vent respirator to hospitals.

The new respirator which weighs 22 kilograms is developed by QEV Technologies alongside the Hospital de Sant Pau in Spain, Nissan and Eurecat. The respirator is designed to be easy used by hospitals world-wide to help against the COVID-19, it will be distributed to the emerging countries.

“Everyone around the world, in business and our communities, is currently asking themselves, ‘what skills can we bring to the table in the fight against coronavirus?” Alejandro Agag, CEO and the Founder of Extreme E, said.

“Our talented partners at QEV Technologies, alongside Hospital de Sant Pau, Nissan and Eurecat, have found an incredible way to direct and utilise their expertise to help make a difference to those who are in urgent need around the globe.”

Credit: QEV Technologies

“Our championship will visit a number of emerging countries that, as is the case in many nations worldwide, are currently suffering shortages of conventional respirators. Using our network and commercial relationships, we will focus all of our attention on supporting QEV Technologies with the distribution of this device to those countries.”

The respirator will be manufactured at the Nissan’s engine and gearbox factory in Zona Franca, starting this week they will be capable of producing 180 units per day. The Eurecat technology centre is involved in the design of selected components which are used in the Q-Vent respirator.

“The hard work QEV Technologies, Nissan, Eurecat and Hospital de Sant Pau have done in innovating, testing and building the Q-Vent device is admirable and we will help in any way we can to widen its use and make a difference to those in remote communities, developing nations and field hospitals.” Agag, added.

“Since the beginning of the epidemic, we assumed the challenge of developing a low-cost portable system that could reach all corners of the world, especially those emerging countries where the Covid-19 was going to cause a great damage and where the majority of the patients were not going to have access to respirators. And thanks to everyone’s effort and desire, this has been possible”, Miguel Valldecabres, CEO at QEV Technologies, said.

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