MPA Commercial creates new partnership for eSports and education with Veloce eSports

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Credit: MPA Creative

The Motoring Press Agency (MPA Creative) have partnered with Veloce eSports to work together on internships, programming and events with students from the University of Chichester and hold eSports courses at their Creative and Digital Technologies Department.

The new partnership by MPA Creative will ensure that the University and eSports will get promoted through branding across the Veloce network. The partnership are brought together by the MPA Commercial department.

From Veloce’s side, they will work alongside the students to produce content on social media to provide and insight of how the world of eSports works.

We are delighted with this partnership, our world is all about innovation and youth, so to establish a relationship with a forward-thinking and exciting university is fantastic for us.” Rupert Svendsen-Cook, Veloce Esports Co-Founder and CEO, said.

“We will work on internships, programming and events in association with the University of Chichester and hope to make it the ‘go-to’ course for a whole host of young people. Esports has never been stronger, and in this time of world turmoil it is wonderful to be able to announce such a groundbreaking and positive partnership.”

Credit: MPA Creative

The University of Chichester and Veloce will focus on promoting women of eSports, who according to the not-for-profit organisation Women in Games, females in Esports are taking up 47 percent of the industry.

Veloce have for a long-time been managing Jamie Chadwick who is the reigning W Series champion and currently a development driver for ROKiT Williams Racing, she’s been competing most recently in the Formula 1’s #NotTheGP series.

We are working in a difficult environment at the moment with challenges all around us, so it has been uplifting to be able to broker this deal between education and youth culture,” Daniel Bailey, MPA Commercial Cheif Commercial Officer, said.

“Each party will benefit in very tangible ways, and we are looking forward to following this through as the students graduate and become successful in the field. With real sport in such limbo, it is fantastic to see an alternative and a future.”

As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused championships to put their focus on eSports, Veloce has become one of the prominent voices of it. With their digital network reaching over 60 million viewers per month.

“Esports is a fast-growing area within the UK, supporting 24,000 jobs and contributing £1.4 billion to the economy. It is a privilege to work with a world leader in Veloce so that we can build on the success of our Esports programme that offers students a pathway to help them gain sustainable employment in a modern world.” Mike Holley, head of the University’s Creative and Digital Technologies Department, said.

The University of Chichester have invested in a £35 million Tech Park and those who are selecting the eSports degree will be on a three-year long course and will be lead by Ram Singh, a professional sim racer and a former European Champion, who over the past 20 years has spent in the industry as a gamer, coach and manager.

“Esports is a developing profession so we’ve ensured our degree remains grounded in traditional academia to help our students understand immersive gaming and its impact on mind and body. Our students have taken to the course well, with many competing in major university tournaments across the country. We are looking forward to teaming up with Veloce so that we can build on the skills development and networking side of our degree.” Holley added.

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