Eriksson, Larsson headline Glen Helen Nitrocross

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Credit: Dreyer & Reinbold Racing

Robin Larsson began the 2023 calendar year on a high note when he scored the inaugural Nitrocross Group E championship. On Sunday, he ended 2023 by winning the final Group E race of the year at Glen Helen Raceway.

He finished third in the first Group E race on Saturday behind Oliver Eriksson and Conner Martell. Eriksson held off a hard charge from Martell to notch his first win of the year, while Martell still bagged his second career Group E podium and first since Phoenix last season.

Larsson dominated Sunday’s event from the start with Fraser McConnell behind him. Save for a disappointing sixth in Utah, he finished on the podium in six of the other races in 2023 and holds a 23-point edge over Eriksson in the standings.

“I had a bad race in Utah, then it’s been consistent, and Kevin’s been also really consistent so it’s really hard,” said Larsson. “It’s lot of points now with the new qualification system so you need to be bang on it in the morning and really win that and go to the [Top Qualifier] so that’s the most stressful moment of the weekend because you really need to win that, if Kevin and the top guys win. You can give anything away, it’s a lot of points there but I like it.

“It’s really tight in the championship, to have Kevin up there is really fun also, we’ve been racing against each other for a long time and he couldn’t do the long run last year so it’s really nice to see him going for the championship this year. But it feels really good to have a bigger lead now than we had this morning.”

Lia Block was classified eighth in her Group E début on Sunday, splitting her seat with Travis Pastrana. Despite reaching the final, a rear engine failure prevented her from making any progress.

Round 6 results

Group E

116Oliver ErikssonOMSE5:06.477
221Conner MartellVermont SportsCar+ .309
34Robin LarssonDreyer & Reinbold Racing JC+ 2.906
423Kevin ErikssonOMSE+ 2.942
535Fraser McConnellDreyer & Reinbold Racing+ 3.755
613Andreas BakkerudDreyer & Reinbold Racing JC+ 4.675
7199Travis PastranaVermont SportsCar+ 5.736
838Brian DeeganDreyer & Reinbold Racing JCDNF
931Viktor VranckxVMV RacingDNF


136Casper JanssonOMSE5:30.885
257Lia BlockOMSE+ 2.807
317Patrick GruszkaGreen Apu+ 7.980
4555Lane VacalaBAK 40 Motorsport+ 11.334
544Jimmy HendersonBAK 40 Motorsport+ 15.659
614David SterckxPPD Motorsport+ 20.077
799Eric GordonBAK 40 Motorsport+ 22.784
8191Alastair ScullyScully Racing+ 48.121


1199Travis Pastrana5:28.439
221Kainan Baker+ .741
39Michael Leach+ 8.943
428Gray Leadbetter+ 9.951
5143Tyler Remmereid+ 12.171
682Mika Block+ 13.810
74Donald Cerrone+ 26.709
838Brian Deegan+ 2 laps
913Letícia Bufoni+ 2 laps
10188Terry MaddenDNF

Round 7 results

Group E

14Robin LarssonDreyer & Reinbold Racing JC5:08.208
235Fraser McConnellDreyer & Reinbold Racing+ .350
323Kevin ErikssonOMSE+ 1.758
431Viktor VranckxVMV Racing+ 2.337
521Conner MartellVermont SportsCar+ 38.821
616Oliver ErikssonOMSE+ 38.821
738Brian DeeganDreyer & Reinbold Racing+ 3 laps
857Lia BlockVermont SportsCar+ 4 laps
913Andreas BakkerudDreyer & Reinbold Racing JCDNF


136Casper JanssonOMSE5:27.498
244Jimmy HendersonBAK 40 Motorsport+ 3.009
355Lane VacalaBAK 40 Motorsport+ 11.850
414David SterckxPPD Motorsport+ 16.236
599Eric GordonBAK 40 Motorsport+ 16.469
617Patrick GruszkaGreen Apu+ 19.650
721Kainan BakerTeam Baccco+ 3 laps
8191Alastair ScullyScully Racing+ 5 laps


121Kainan Baker5:27.478
2143Tyler Remmereid+ 5.171
328Gray Leadbetter+ 6.097
438Brian Deegan+ 6.690
59Michael Leach+ 7.076
6199Travis Pastrana+ 8.396
782Mika Block+ 10.171
84Donald Cerrone+ 6 laps
915Kira Block+ 6 laps
1013Letícia BufoniDNF
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