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2024 San Felipe 250: Dan McMillin breaks out the tape, Alan Ampudia breaks out the top time

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Credit: McMillin Racing

Dan McMillin acquired a swanky new livery for the 2024 SCORE International season as Monster Energy’s The Beast Unleashed came onboard to sponsor his #23. He ended up finishing San Felipe 250 qualifying on Thursday with what resembled a rat rod with a duct taped #23 on the doors.

McMillin flipped his truck during the reconnaissance lap, navigating through a series of esses before hitting a lump in the ground leading into a lefthand turn and doing two rolls before landing on his roof. The McMillin Racing team removed the body, applied a blank backup shell that left the engine and rear fully exposed save, used duct tape to apply the numbers along the doors, and sent him out. Despite this, he managed to get back on track and complete a lap.

“There was a small mound and I didnt see it,” said McMillin. “I wasn’t going very fast but it just spit me over one or two times. The guys and Roger (Rogelio Pereira Jr.) got it back to the pits and got the truck running again and we went out there and put down a pretty conservative but good lap. The truck seems fine. We will take a good look at it and get ready to race on Saturday.”

Alan Ampudia narrowly edged out defending SCORE Trophy Truck champion Bryce Menzies and Toby Price for pole. Price had swept both qualifying sessions of the 2023 season at San Felipe and the Baja 400, but opted for a more conservative strategy this time around due to the course’s challenging terrain. Defending winner Luke McMillin, Dan’s brother, qualified fourth ahead of Christopher Polvoorde, the latter racing a new Mason all-wheel drive truck.

Mint 400 winner Adam Householder was twentieth in TT.

Jason McNeil, last year’s outright SCORE Four-Wheeler champion, continued his momentum by setting the fastest time in Trophy Truck Spec, just barely beating EJ Herbst. McMillin was not the only rollover of the day as Ryan Hancock did so, but he also reached the finish.

The same could not be said for Mavrick Gaunt, whose crash prevented him from setting a time. Five other trucks did not even make the start like Rob MacCachren, who had “some unforeseen issues” that kept from from doing so, meaning he will start at the rear in his first race back in a Jimco AWD TT for Fastball Racing.

Ampudia will be the first Four-Wheeler to start the race on Saturday at 9:00 AM local time.

Qualifying results

PositionNumberDriver of RecordClassTimeMargin
110Alan AmpudiaTrophy Truck5:49.583Leader
21Bryce MenziesTrophy Truck5:50.955+ 1.372
346Toby PriceTrophy Truck5:51.101+ 1.518
483Luke McMillinTrophy Truck5:54.279+ 4.696
594Christopher PolvoordeTrophy Truck5:55.000+ 5.417
621Tavo VildósolaTrophy Truck5:56.468+ 6.885
770Kevin ThompsonTrophy Truck6:01.463+ 11.880
889Mike WalserTrophy Truck6:05.056+ 15.473
941Justin LoftonTrophy Truck6:05.939+ 16.356
101LGus VildósolaTrophy Truck Legends6:09.441+ 19.868
1138Eric HusteadTrophy Truck6:09.498+ 19.915
1297Gabriel TorresTrophy Truck6:13.638+ 24.550
1334Broc DickersonTrophy Truck6:15.244+ 25.661
14200Jason McNeilTrophy Truck Spec6:18.113+ 28.530
15263EJ HerbstTrophy Truck Spec6:18.939+ 29.356
1651Steve JackTrophy Truck6:20.467+ 30.884
1737LRolf HellandTrophy Truck Legends6:21.165+ 31.582
18219Thor HerbstTrophy Truck Spec6:21.686+ 32.103
1923Dan McMillinTrophy Truck6:22.013+ 32.430
20204Cade GarciaTrophy Truck Spec6:24.111+ 34.528
2158Tracy GrafTrophy Truck6:24.490+ 34.907
22273Jordan BrenthelTrophy Truck Spec6:25.245+ 35.662
23285Justin DavisTrophy Truck Spec6:25.864+ 36.281
2465LGreg AdlerTrophy Truck Legends6:26.883+ 37.300
2516Cameron SteeleTrophy Truck6:27.648+ 38.650
2678Tracy PooleTrophy Truck6:27.787+ 38.204
2782Sam BaldiTrophy Truck6:29.579+ 39.996
28242Bryce SwaimTrophy Truck Spec6:29.999+ 40.416
3985Mikey LawrenceTrophy Truck6:30.104+ 40.521
30297Jorge SampietroTrophy Truck Spec6:30.184+ 40.601
3124Adam HouseholderTrophy Truck6:30.531+ 40.948
3261LDavid PayneTrophy Truck Legends6:33.377+ 43.794
33211Timothy WilsonTrophy Truck Spec6:34.023+ 44.440
3426Dave TaylorTrophy Truck6:34.293+ 44.710
3533Roberto Romo Jr.Trophy Truck6:34.516+ 44.933
36260Santiago CreelTrophy Truck Spec6:36.000+ 46.417
372Chad BroughtonTrophy Truck6:36.745+ 47.162
38241Stephen BealTrophy Truck Spec6:38.971+ 49.388
39249Chase SwansonTrophy Truck Spec6:39.034+ 49.451
4087Dallas LutrellTrophy Truck6:40.529+ 50.946
4119Tim HerbstTrophy Truck6:42.000+ 52.417
42207Mason CullenTrophy Truck Spec6:43.310+ 53.727
43228Ryan HancockTrophy Truck Spec6:44.063+ 54.480
44245Ethan HagleTrophy Truck Spec6:44.855+ 55.272
45259Matt WinslowTrophy Truck Spec6:44.905+ 55.322
46240Chris MillerTrophy Truck Spec6:45.784+ 56.201
47236Michael MarsalTrophy Truck Spec6:46.326+ 56.743
48294Vincent MunozTrophy Truck Spec6:47.492+ 57.909
4947Kit StokesTrophy Truck6:48.900+ 59.317
5063Ruben TorresTrophy Truck6:49.022+ 59.439
51282Brent FoxTrophy Truck Spec6:49.796+ 1:00.213
52264Arnoldo GutierrezTrophy Truck Spec6:50.515+ 1:00.932
53205Joe DelucieTrophy Truck Spec6:51.420+ 1:01.837
5453LWade PorterTrophy Truck Legends6:52.029+ 1:02.446
55247Kevin ShieldsTrophy Truck Spec6:52.469+ 1:02.886
56257Ernesto FigueroaTrophy Truck Spec6:53.894+ 1:04.311
57277Pete TovarTrophy Truck Spec6:54.763+ 1:05.180
58203Mitch McNeilTrophy Truck Spec6:54.860+ 1:05.277
5966Chris HertschTrophy Truck6:57.400+ 1:07.817
6085LClay LawrenceTrophy Truck Legends6:58.314+ 1:08.731
61209Jose RuvalcabaTrophy Truck Spec6:59.679+ 1:10.960
62250Dustin SwansonTrophy Truck Spec6:59.689+ 1:10.106
63284Jose ContrerasTrophy Truck Spec7:00.680+ 1:11.970
64266David ZieglerTrophy Truck Spec7:00.876+ 1:11.293
65299Charles DorranceTrophy Truck Spec7:01.450+ 1:11.867
66224Miles WyattTrophy Truck Spec7:03.000+ 1:13.417
67246Ben HagleTrophy Truck Spec7:04.000+ 1:14.417
68213Josh BeyerTrophy Truck Spec7:05.888+ 1:16.305
69201Scott McNeilTrophy Truck Spec7:06.880+ 1:17.297
70238Elijah KigerTrophy Truck Spec7:10.992+ 1:21.409
71289Tanner RustTrophy Truck Spec7:15.063+ 1:25.480
72212Bud PecoyTrophy Truck Spec7:15.798+ 1:26.215
73244Oliver FlemateTrophy Truck Spec7:16.062+ 1:26.479
DNF258Mavrick GauntTrophy Truck SpecDNFN/A
DNS274Jason BabcockTrophy Truck SpecDNSN/A
DNS27Jonathan BrenthelTrophy TruckDNSN/A
DNS80Josh DanielTrophy TruckDNSN/A
DNS262Mick MagherTrophy Truck SpecDNSN/A
DNS11Rob MacCachrenTrophy TruckDNSNA
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