2010 WRC Calender Confirmed

by Vince Pettit

The calender for the 2010 World Rally Championship has been agreed following a decision by the WRC commission to approve the application from Bulgaria.

The date had been put forward sometime ago and was the sole FIA candidate rally for 2010, but needed to be approved by an FIA observer attending this year’s Borovets-based event.

The event was put in doubt after a crash killed Italian co-driver Flavio Guglielmin, but after reviewing the FIA report in a meeting in Paris today the commission decided that the rally had met the standard required and will feature in next year’s 13-round calender.

With the date of Rally Bulgaria being the only thing left to decide due to a possible clash with the FIFA World Cup Final the dates are as follows (showing Sunday finishing date):

Round 1.  Sweden 	14 February
Round 2.  Mexico 	7 March
Round 3.  Jordan 	4 April
Round 4.  Turkey 	18 April
Round 5.  New Zealand 	09 May
Round 6.  Portugal 	30 May
Round 7.  Bulgaria* 	11 July
Round 8.  Finland 	01 August
Round 9.  Germany 	22 August
Round 10. Japan 	12 September
Round 11. France 	03 October
Round 12. Spain 	24 October
Round 13. GB 		14 November

* Date to be confirmed

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